California Spring R&W Holstein Show 2014

April 25, 2014 @ Turlock, CA

Brian Carscadden, ON

Pictures are now up for viewing as well as results from the show!

Photo Gallery

full R&W Holstein photo gallery here

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Paulo-Bro SP Shari-Red-ET (Regiment), Ruann Dairy
Reserve Grand Champion
Miss RJ Lydon Cassy-Red-ET (Lydon), Jarrett Zoneveld
Honorable Mention
Scientific Pico Doll –Red-ET ( Picolo-Red), Elise Regusci

Senior Champions

Senior Champion
Paulo-Bro SP Shari-Red-ET (Advent), Christian Cunningham
Reserve Senior Champion
Miss RJ Lydon Cassey-RED-ET (Lydon), Sarah Zonneveld

Junior ChampionsFall Yearling 2012 (5) 1)Ruann Barnie Ama 20888-Red ( Rainyridge Barnie-ET) Ruann Dairy 2)New-Star Barbwire Prize ( Hylite Barbwire-Red-ET) Christian and Sutton Paulson 3)Paulo-Bro Papoose 9472-Red ( Tiger Lilly Land-Red-ET) Tyler Dunn 4)Lima Kelly Barbwire ( Hylite Barbwire-Red-ET) R&D Borba 5)RWD-Five Debonair Famcy-Red ( Scientific Debonair-Red-ET) Cort Rowley - See more at:

Junior Champion  
Calori-D Ladd Lulu-P-Red (Ladd-P), Calori D Holsteins
Reserve Champion
Our Favorite RLNR Truth-Red (Redliner) Borba & Borba
Honorable Mention
Hez Destry Holissa (Destry), Brandon Almeida

Intermediate Calf (1)

1. K-Nissen Presley Spot-Red (Presley), Katherine Nissen

Fall Calf (8)

1. Exels Lavaslegend Ace-Red ( Lavas Legend), Brandon Almeida
2. BBM Colt 45 La Candi Red (Colt 45), Vermehlia Genetics
3. Ms Airosa Lady Lava-Red –ET (Destry), Airosa Dairy
4. Ruann Cre Charity 35477-Red ( Ruann Crescent 3080 Red-ET), Ruann Dairy
5. Ms Giltex Satchel PBam-Red (Satchel P), Gabby Gregorio

Summer Yearling (3)

1. Our Favorite RLNR Truth-Red (Redliner), Borba & Borba
2. Top–di-Mark S Doll Red-ET (Satchel P), Elise Regusci
3. Dar-Lynda Lottie Moon Red (Destined), Joseph Azevedo


Spring Yearling (5)

1. Ruann Cre Dorinda- 30375 –Red ET (Ruann Crescent-3080-Red ET), Ruann Dairy   2. MS Barbwire Rosebud–Red ET (Barbwire), Aspen Silva
3. Cameron-Ridge Rizzy–Red (Fantasy), Christian Cunningham
4. OCD Hvezda Lucky-Red-ET (Hvezda), Cort Rowley
5. Dar-Lynda Lade De 50823-Red (Destined), Joseph Azevedo

Winter Yearling (6)

1. Calori-D Ladd Lulu P-Red (Ladd-P), Calori D Holsteins
2. TK-WAY Princess Carol-Red (Prince), Waymire and Kamper
3. Vermehlia Autmn-Red-ET (Picolo), Emma Leigh Mast
4. Ruann Cres Merla-21242-Red-ET (Ruann -3080-Red-ET), Ruann Dairy
5. Vermehlia Appletini-Red (Picolo), Eva Van Dyk

Fall Yearling 2012 (5)

1. Ruann Barnie Ama 20888-Red (Barnie-ET), Ruann Dairy
2. New-Star Barbwire Prize (Barbwire), Christian and Sutton Paulson
3. Paulo-Bro Papoose 9472-Red (Tiger Lilly Land-Red-ET), Tyler Dunn
4. Lima Kelly Barbwire(Barbwire), F&D Borba
5. RWD-Five Debonair Famcy-Red (Debonair), Cort Rowley

Junior 2 Year Old (2)

1. Frozenes Barbwire Milli-Red (Barbwire), Hunter & Ashley Glass, Charlie & Lukas Jon
2. &  BU  RJ-Tex Glacier AJ Tidy-Red (Glacier), Robert Teixeira

Senior 2 Year Old (2)

1. & BU  Scientific Pico Doll-Red-ET (Picolo), Elise Regusci
2.  K-Nissen Rockin Apple-Red (Red Rock), Katherine Nissen

Senior 3 Year Old (3)

1. Paulo-Bro-SP Deuc Sasha-Red (Deuce), Tyler Dunn

4 Year Old (3)

1. Miss RJ Lydon Cassey-RED-ET (Lydon), Sarah Zonneveld
2. Eskdale Deb Lucile (Debonair), Airosa, Binder, and Melvold
3. Ruann Constance-334-Red (Reality), Ruann Dairy

5 Year Old (3)

1. Paulo-Bro SP Shari-Red-ET (Advent),   Christian Cunningham
2. Androscoggin-I Redlight-Red (Advent), Exels Holsteins
3. Ruann Constance-85666-Red-ET (Regiment), Ruann Dairy

Aged Cows (2)

1. Cache Acres Advt Reezy-Red-ET (Advent), McIsaac & Plocher
2.  Lazy-A Jordan Sand-Red-ET (Jordan), Joey Rocha