All Britain Calf Show 2014-Holsteins

Sunday 19th October 2014 @ Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcester

Mr David Booth

Riverdane SVS Atlee has been awarded Champion Calf at the All Britain Calf Show 2014 by Judge David Booth. See full results and pictures on line now.  View complete galleries here!

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Champion – Riverdane SVS Atlee (Saloon), Riverdane Holsteins, Western

Reserve –  Carhall Brady Elizabeth (Brady), Jackson & Parkinson, Lancashire

Hon. Mention – Firstlook Aftershock Ricki, (Aftershock), Steph Whittaker & James Doherty, Shropshire

Holstein Calf born after 1st Feb 2014 (23)

1. Wyndford Aikman August 31, (Aikman), Wilfred Maddocks Ltd, Isle of Man
2. Lynholme Cute Wishes, (McCutchen),  P D & B S Lawrence, Lancashire
3. Coachgate Ashlyn Fanny 4, (Ambition), JR & JE Griffiths, Yorkshire
4. Ards Diamond Barbie, (Diamond), Ards Holsteins
5. Woodhey TLC Brady Lust, (Brady), P & R Robinson
6. Woodcatt Explode Irene, (Explode), D R & H M Horsley
7. Woodmarsh Doorman Zandra 3, (Doorman), A H Wilson & Son
8. Panda April Fools Gold, (McCutchen) Westwood Farms
9. Wiltor Galaxy Dreamstar, (Galaxy), Wiltor Holsteins
10. Knowlesmere Windbrook Chancel, (Windbrook), A & J Whittaker

Holstein Calves born between 1st Dec 2013 & 31st Jan 2014 (22)

1.Nobold Lauthority TLC Rosie (Lauthority), Mr M Roberts & Mr T Lomas, Staffordshire
2. Hillbarn Goldfish Rose 7 (Goldfish), Mr Jack Watts, Shropshire
3. Boltonmanor Saloon Ann 15 (Saloon), M & D Stable, Lancashire
4. Drointon Alexander S Petrelle (Alexander), J Doherty, S Whittaker & Black Label, Isle of Man
5. Ingleden Goldfish Galilee (Goldfish), Messrs Williamson, Border & Lakeland
6.  Riverdane Doorman Spotless (Doorman), Riverdane Holsteins, Western
7. Priestland 5615 Fever Dellia (Fever), Priestland Holsteins, Northern Ireland
8.  Panda After Eight Gold (Aftershock), Westwood Farms, Devon
9. Dovetrent Spectrum Queenie Red (Spectrum), Holdcroft & Sons, Derbyshire
10. Letterkenny Explode Laurie (Explode), Miss Alison Hunter, Scotland South

Holstein Calf born between 1st October & 30th November 2013 (23)

1. Firstlook Aftershock Ricki, (Aftershock), Steph Whittaker & James Doherty, Shropshire
2. Ards Atwood Ashlyn, (Atwood), Ards Holsteins, Northern Ireland
3. Peak Destry Berthe, (Destry), Jackson & Halhead, Lancashire
4. Lynholme Alexander Mary, (Alexander), P D & B S Lawrence, Lancashire
5. Jackpot Fever Dawnette, (Fever), Mr Jack Watts, Isle of Man
6. Dovetrent Jordan Queenie, (Jordan), Holdcroft & Sons, Derbyshire
7. Mostragee Silver Invite, (Silver), Mostragee Holsteins, Northern Ireland
8. Otterwyn Windbrook Softee, (Windbrook), Mr M House, South West
9. Puertomadryn Braxton Etta, (Braxton), DT & MA Jones & Son, North Wales
10. Aireburn Verve Kitty, (Verve), Frances Griffiths, Yorkshire

Holstein Calf born between 1st August & 30th September 2013

1. Riverdane SVS Atlee (Saloon), Riverdane Holsteins, Western
2. Evening Damion Stella 3 (Damion), JH & LA Wilson, Border & Lakeland
3. Boltonmanor Lavenguard Sadie 5 (Lavenguard), M & D Stable, Lancashire
4. Priestland 5564 Fever Farrah (Fever), Happy Holsteins, Northern Ireland
5. Kepcullouch Goldwyn Mary (Goldwyn), Ms Jane Steel, Scotland South
6. Onco Goldfish Sherry (Goldfish), Oncoland Ltd, South Eastern
7. Chedhunt Winbrook Mayqueen (Windbrook), Mr M House, South West
8. Denmire Bridgend  Lauthority Honey (Lauthority), Sally Howarth, Yorkshire
9. Frontline Meridian Echo (Meridian), A & D Mackellar & C Creeper, Staffordshire
10. Sterndale Explode Ashlyn (Explode), Designer Holsteins, South Eastern

Holstein Calf born between 1st June & 31st July 2013

1. Sterndale Shadow Anna (Shadow), Belle Genetics, Border & Lakeland
2. Logan Braxton Ambrosia (Braxton), Mr Brian Yates, Scotland South
3. Kingtonmagna Lovejoy Blomke 18 (Lovejoy), A J Hinks, South West
4. Heavenly Explode Atlee (Explode), Heavenly Holsteins, Lancashire
5. Greening Oralie 2nd (Atwood), D & S Cope, Shropshire
6. Riverdane Brady Ghost (Brady), M Day, North East
7. Shanael Goldsun Ricki (Goldsun), Shanael Farms Ltd, West Midlands
8. Withamhall Baxter Cherry (Baxter), DB & H Miles, South & Wiltshire
9. Blydale Atlantis Tulip (Atlantis), Mr Sam Wake, Central Counties
10. Tynewydd Sid Lulu 2 (Sid), Mark & Caroline Davies, South Wales

Holstein Calf born between 1st April & 31st May 2013

1. Carhall Brady Elizabeth (Brady), Jackson & Parkinson, Lancashire
2. Knowlesmere Shadow Diamond (Shadow), A & J Whittaker, Shropshire
3. Vetech Braxton Elegant (Braxton), Vetech Holsteins, Northern Ireland
4. Furness Alexander Beauty (Alexander), A A E Lawrie, Scotland South
5. Broadfold Sid Oralie (Sid), Miss Sally Howarth, Yorkshire
6. Crystalclear Goldwyn Fran (Goldwyn), Mr Sam Wake, Central Counties
7. Woodcatt Cosmo Lila 2 (O-Cosmopolitan), DR & HM Horsley, Border & Lakeland
8. Riverdane Explode Springsteen (Explode), Riverdane Holsteins, Western
9. Glasson Meridian Balise (Meridian), Designer Holsteins, South Eastern
10. Dovetrent Windbrook Queenie (Windbrook), Holdcroft & Sons, Derbyshire

Littlestar Award

Jonathon Woodhouse – Lancashire

Dick Stapleton Award

Richard Bostock – Staffordshire

Overall Top Team

1. Lancashire
2. Border & Lakeland
3. Shropshire

Showmanship Team Award

1. Border & Lakeland
2. Lancashire
3. Shropshire

Top Team Award for Calves

1. Lancashire
2. Northern Ireland
3. Shropshire

Tidy Lines Award

1. Border & Lakeland
2. Shropshire
3. East Midlands

Top Stand

1. Border & Lakeland
2. South & Wiltshire
3. East Midlands

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