Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2018 Holstein Show

March 9-10, 2018 @ Carlisle, UK

Selwyn Donald, NZ

The Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2018 Holstein Show has concluded at the Borderway Mart in Carlisle, UK, hosted by Harrison & Hetherington. New Zealand judge, Selwyn Donald, tapped out production class winner Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody from Yasmin Bradbury as Grand Champion. Cowsmo will be providing live coverage of the shows thanks to the generous sponsorship of UK Dairy Expo.

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Holstein Heifer show here
Holstein Intermediate Cow show here
Holstein Senior Cow show here

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The Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2018 Holstein Show takes place March 9-10 at the Borderway Mart in Carlisle, UK, hosted by Harrison & Hetherington. New Zealand judge, Selwyn Donald, tapped out production class winner Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody from Yasmin Bradbury as Grand Champion. Cowsmo will be providing live coverage of the shows thanks to the generous sponsorship the UK Dairy Expo. 

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Blydale Lynn Fitz All (Fitz), 1st Senior Yearling, Firstlook, TLC & Woodhey Holsteins

Reserve Junior Champion
Sahara Drummer Sara (Drummer), 2nd Senior Yearling, Maverick Holsteins

HM Junior Champion
Knowlesmere Solomon Diamond 2 (Solomon), 1st Autumn Yearling, A&J Whittaker & Knowlesmere

Intermediate Holstein Champion

Intermediate Champion
Riverdane Ashlyns Gold (Gold Chip), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Evening Holsteins

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Praire Saloon Lustre ( Saloon), 1st Junior 3yr Old, AH Wilson & Son

HM Intermediate Champion
Shoreline Bossman Trudy (Bossman), 2nd Senior 3yr Old, C & AJ Woodhouse

Holstein Senior Championship

Senior & Grand Champion
Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody (Goldwyn), 1st Production Cow, Yasmin Bradbury

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Knowlesmere Jordan Diamond (Jordan), 2nd Production Cow, A & J Whittaker & Knowlesmere

HM Senior & HM Grand Champion
Feizor Knowledge S Melody 3 (Knowledge), 1st Mature Cow, Wormanby Farms & S&A Morley


Holstein Autumn Calf – 1st September 2017 To 30th November 2017 (10)

1. VeTech Atwood Elegance 2 (Atwood), Robert Veitch
2. Tynevalley Unix Katrina (Unix), Tynevalley Genetics
3. Ingleden County Carolyn 2 (County), Messrs Williamson
4. Lynholme Upright Florette (Upright), W & A Watson
5. Denmire Eric Thistle (Eric), Messrs Dennison
6. Absolute Emmy Sue (Emilio), Absolute Genetics
7. Lynholme Doorman Promises (Doorman), W & A Watson
8. Maverick Flaming Hot (Solomon), Maverick Holsteins
9. Peak Gold Detour Rhapsody (Detour), Yasmin Bradbury
10. Barony Jethro Thelma (Jethro), SRUC Barony

Holstein Summer Calf – 1st June 2017 to 31st August 2017 (11)

1. Nobold Tlc Dempsey Jenn (Dempsey), Nobold & TLC Holsteins
2. Firstlook Jackpot Sol Abrianna (Solomon), Firstlook & Jackpot Holsteins
3. Ingleden Goldwyn Charline (Goldwyn), Messrs Williamson
4. Blydale Atwood Fran (Atwood), S & T Wake
5. Wormanby Fitz Ricki (Fitz), Wormanby Farms Ltd
6. Auchensala Diamondback Rox 2 (Diamondback), Auchensala Genetics
7. Ve-Tech Beemer Laurie (Beemer), Robert Veitch
8. Lakes Allclass Ella (Allclass), TW Atkinson & Son
9. Peak Doorman Camilla (Doorman), Yasmin Bradbury
10. Drointon Fitz Melissa (Fitz), A & A Gilliland

Holstein Spring Calf – 1st March 2017 to 31st May 2017 (15)

1. Denmire Expander Roxy 81 (Expander), Messrs Dennison
2. Denmire Expander Marie 454 (Expander), Messrs Dennison
3. Knowlesmere Solomon Sep (Solomon), A&J Whittaker & Knowlesmere
4. Baltier SF Beemer Abrakadoodle (Beemer), Scott Forsyth
5. Jones PC CM Byway (Byway), Laura Scott Forsyth
6. Stubbins Dalliance Lucie (D’alliance), James Billington
7. Ingleden County Galilee 2 (County), Messrs Williamson
8. Muir Solomon Eliza (Solomon), W & A Watson
9. Shoreline Diamondback Katherine (Diamondback), C & AJ Woodhouse
10. Panda Shooting Star (AltaSuperstar), Panda Holsteins

Holstein Winter Yearling – 1st December 2016 to 28th February 2017 (5)

1. Davlea Doorman Ashlyn 2 (Doorman), BL Davies & Son
2. Shoreline Zeber Helen (Zeber), C & AJ Woodhouse
3. Blydale Miss GC (Gold Chip), S & T Wake
4. Holmland Woodcatt Solomon Bee (Solomon), G &M/S Fisher
5. Panda Chocolate Drizzle (Doorman), Andrew Sutton

Holstein Autumn Yearling – 1st September 2016 to 30th November 2016 (6)

1. Knowlesmere Solomon Diamond 2 (Solomon), A&J Whittaker & Knowlesmere
2. Nobold TLC Miss Firecracker (Armani), Nobold, TLC & Brent Crothers
3. Hipsley Solomon Alicia (Solomon), Andrew Sutton
4. Littlebridge Atwood Chancel (Atwood), JL Miles & Sons
5. Cairbre Superpoll Diane (Superpoll), Hailstone & Cairbre Holsteins
6. Langpark Byjet (Byway), R&S Bradley

Holstein Senior Yearling – 1st March 2016 to 31st August 2016 (6)

1. Blydale Lynn Fitz All (Fitz), Firstlook, TLC & Woodhey Holsteins
2. Sahara Drummer Sara (Drummer), Maverick Holsteins
3. Knowlesmere Jones Sol A No1 (Solomon), A&J Whittaker & IG Jones
4. Absolute Doorman Tangfastic(Doorman), Elitehaven Genetics
5. Hurcott Cinderdoor Pocohontis (Cinderdoor), PB Sutton & Partners
6. Littlebridge Goldwyn Sonya (Goldwyn), JL Miles & Sons

Holstein Milking Yearling (13)

1&BU.    Logan Integral Jodie (Integral), Brian Yates
2.    Berryholme Gold Chip Maude 2 (Gold Chip), Berryholme & Sam Balise
3.    Logan Doorman Ambrosia 4 (Doorman), Brian Yates
4.    Dowervale Bradnick Whitetime 503 (Bradnick), DW & CE Jones
5.    Errolston Gw Ricki (Windbrook), B&V Davidson
6. Davlea Silver Erle (Silver), BL Davies & Son
7.    Knowlesmere Solomon Diamond (Solomon), A&J Whittaker & Knowlesmere
8.    Ingleden Atwood Rosie (Atwood), Messrs Williamson
9.    Wormanby Snowy Marq (Snowy), Wormanby Farms
10.    Roebridge Mardi-Gras Alicia 6 (Mardi-Gras), James Billington

HolsteinSenior 2yr Old (11)

1&BU. Knowlesmere Meriden Izzy (Meridian), A & J Whittaker & Knowlesmere
2. Sterndale As Rae (Aftershock), WJ Nadin & Co
3. Petteril Mincio Priscilla (Mincio), Evening Holsteins
4. Wiltor Silver Centerpiece (Seaver), DW & CE Jones
5. Feizor Elude K Melody (Elude), A & Jackson & P Halhead
6. Whinchat St Cup Farrah 2 (Stanley Cup), Riverdane & Whinchat
7. Riverdane Dusty Ashlyn (Golddust), Riverdane Holsteins
8. Evening Seaver Mischief (Seaver), Evening Holsteins
9. Halloverhill Spring Champagne (Altaspring), T Riley
10. Milliedale Commander Rhapsody (Commander), Millie Wardle

Holstein Junior 2yr Old (13)

1& BU.    Wyndford Doorman Atlee 2 (Doorman), DW & CE Jones
2.    Firstlook Blacklabel Lb Afligem (Armani), Firstlook & Blacklabel Holsteins
3.    Nortonhill Silver Destina (Silver), B&V Davidson & D Wilcox
4.    Peak Gold Mogul Rhapsody (Mogul), Yasmin Bradbury
5.    Nobold Windbrook Licorice (Nobold & TLC Holsteins
6.    Peak Doormans Rhapsody (Doorman), G & M Rudd
7.    Panda Chocolate Dreams (Golden Dreams), Panda Holsteins
8.    Davlea Athens Raven (Athens), BL Davies & Son
9.    Knowlesmere Doorman Starlight (Doorman), A & J Whittaker & Knowlesmere
10.    Parkend Atwood Starlet (Atwood), Brian Weatherup & Partners

Holstein Junior 3yr Old (10)

1&BU.    Praire Saloon Lustre (Saloon), AH Wilson & Son
2.    Blydale El Niro Missy (Sid), S & T Wake
3.    Carldanton Brokaw Adeen (Brokaw), Riverdane & Carldanton
4.    Blythbridge Jessy D2cou (Atwood), Blyth Farms
5.    Witherslack Lauthority Kate 9 (Lauthority), JD & CI Inman
6.    Whiteflat Hs Honey (Saturn Red), Mungo Bryson
7.    Parkend Gwa Betsy (Atwood), Brian Weatherup & Partners
8.    Kepculloch Atwood Snowboots (Atwood), Auchensala Genetics
9.    Clwch Tom Eira (Tom), Tom Williams
10. Dalevalley Atwood Embrace (Atwood), A & E Lawrie

Holstein Senior 3yr Old (6)

1&BU.    Riverdane Ashlyns Gold (Gold Chip), Evening Holsteins
2.    Shoreline Bossman Trudy (Bossman), C & AJ Woodhouse
3.    Davlea Bradnick Alicia (Bradnick), BL Davies & Son
4.    Muir Damion Eliza (Damion), W & A Watson
5.    Bentleyford Atticus Lilac (Atticus), Nobold & TLC Holsteins
6.    Errolston Dj Scant (Juan), B & V Davidson

Holstein 4yr Old (8)

1&BU.    Davlea Goldsun Raven (Goldsun), BL Davies & Son
2.    Davlea Lauthority Lulu (Lauthority), BL Davies & Son
3.    Riverdane Snow Rosabel (Snowmaster), Riverdane Holsteins
4.    Evening Atwood Baby (Atwood), Evening Holsteins
5.    Lambroda Gold Chip Margot (Gold Chip), M & R Harper
6.    Blaengar Amazing Bubble (Altaamazing), Tom Williams
7.    Riverdane Affection Elegance ( Affection), Riverdane Holsteins
8.    Ingleview Glauco Ruth (Glauco), R & E Butterfield

Holstein 5yr Old (6)

1.    Evening Stanley Cup Jennifer (Stanley Cup), Evening Holsteins
2&BU.    Sterndale Snow Wyn Rae (Showman), WJ Nadin & Co
3.    Priestland 5446 Shot J Rose (Shottle), McLean Family
4.    Nobold Gw Jenn ( Windbrook), Nobold & TLC Holsteins
5.    Washfold Mary 215 (Mr Drham Sam), Riverdane & Washfold Holsteins
6. Wigboro L Altarush Durose ( Altarush), Smith Farm Ltd

Holstein Mature Cow (7)

1&BU.    Feizor Knowledge S Melody 3 (Knowledge), Wormanby Farms & S&A Morley
2.    Illens Atwood Australia (Atwood), Blyth Farms
3.    Neatishall Decker Rosina (Decker), Riverdane & N&L Sercombe
4.    Warnelview Winners Silverwings (Winners), Evening Holsteins
5.    Berryholme Sid Yvonne (Sid), Berryholme Holsteins                           6.    Errolston Bolivia Ricki (Bolivia), B & V Davidson
7.    Wormanby Atwood Linda (Atwood), Wormanby Farms Ltd

Holstein Production Class (6)

1&BU.    Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody (Goldwyn), Yasmin Bradbury
2.    Knowlesmere Jordan Diamond (Jordan), A&J Whittaker & Knowlesmere
3.    Berryholme Infloence Linda 3 (Infloence), Berryholme Holsteins   4.    Errolston Miss Maui (Captain), B & V Davidson
5.    Denmire Goldwyn Marie 111 (Goldwyn), Messrs Dennison
6.    Halloverhill Rosette 87 (Bolivia), T Riley