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December 6, 2014 @

A successful day took place at the The Borderway Black and White Sale on December 6th, 2014.  See Sale results & averages

Sale Update

The 2014 Black & White once again demonstrated that the event is the UK’s Premier Elite Dairy Sale.

Buyers from every corner of the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe travelled to Borderway for what many breeders had described as the “best” in the events twenty eight year history.

With a top price of 14,000gns a joint breed Jersey record of 8,500gns and Holstein Yearlings averaging £4403 pounds the event lived up to its pre sale build up.

Topping the trade at 14,000gns was Denmire Doorman Marie Anne 8 consigned by the Dennison family.  This close to perfect heifer was the second highest GTPI heifer in the sale and sold with multiple bull and embryo contracts.  She was sired by Doorman and bred from the Former #1 GTPI Cow in Europe Denmire Goldwyn Marie 102 VG87 2yr.   She was purchased by Hugh Dwyer, Co Kerry, Rep. of Ireland.

Equalling the Jersey breed record price set back in 2006 at the EX Factor sale was TLC Vintage Tequila consigned by Tom Lomas and selling for 8,500gns to Elite Street Jerseys, Co Cork, Rep. of Ireland.  Auctioneer Glyn Lucas said “this is the best Jersey to ever sell outside North America and her new owners will now play an important role in further development of the Jersey breed”  Sired by Tequila and bred from the most prolific cow family in Jersey history, known simply as the Veronicas.

The highest index heifer in the sale was Churchvale Balisto Ambrosia 2 consigned by Richard Thomas, Kidwelly, Dyfed.  She had a GLPI+3422 and a GTPI+2485 making her the #1 GLPI & #4 GTPI Heifer in the UK.  She sold with multiple bull and embryo contracts to many of the leading genetic companies around the globe.  She was sired by Balisto and bred from the All American Tri-Day Ashlyn family.  She now joins the herd of S. Dibble, Tiverton, Devon for 10,500gns.

The highest ever gPLI animal to sell in the UK was Fabrick Shotglass Bacardi with a gPLI+£602, currently #3 on the UK Index Charts.  She was consigned by the Fabrick Partnership, Isle of Man and sold for 7,500gns to D. Gordon, Kilkeel, N.Ireland.  She was sired by Shotglass and was bred from the Mattie G family from Eastview Holsteins in the USA.

Holmland Holsteins have sold at almost every Black & White sale since 1987 and this was probably their finest offering to date with six very classy females averaging £5000.  Topping the Holmland group was an amazing show heifer, Holmland Atwood Marie bred from four Excellent 94 dams with over 400 ton of milk.  The Yates family from the Logan herd in Castle Douglas paid 7,200gns for this fancy Marie.

Topping the Red & White trade was Lillyhall Mahogany Rox Red consigned by Matthew & Ruth Harper, Maryport, she sold for 7,000gns to new comer Ally Cook, Ruthwell, Dumfries.  Rox Red was a daughter of last year’s Agriscot Champion Tegan Advent Mahogany EX90 who sold for 11,000gns in the 2009 Black & White.

Topping the Brown Swiss trade was Inspired Galaxy J Lo consigned by Brown Swiss Genetics.  J Lo displayed all the qualities necessary to develop into a big time two year old, she was sired by Galaxy and was due February to Jongleur.  Her grand dam was Reserve Champion at the European Show in Verona in 2004 and her dam is one of the rising stars in the Kedar Brown Swiss herd in Dumfries.  J Lo was purchased by R Darlington, Buxton Derbyshire for 3,500gns.  The Kedar herd is planning a special Brown Swiss sale on April 16th 2015 when 60 of their award winning animals will go on sale.

Commenting after the sale auctioneer Glyn Lucas from Harrison & Hetherington said “I would like to thank the consignors and buyers for making the sale such a massive success.  The 2014 sale has been the best in Black & White sale history with a 95% clearance and very healthy average I would like to wish everyone much success with their animals and I’m looking forward to welcoming many of them back in March for our fourth UK Dairy Expo”.

Sale Average

5 Holstein Heifers in Milk £3675.00
7 Holstein In-Calf Heifers £3570.00
17 Holstein Yearling Heifers £4403.82
47 Holstein Heifer Calves £3596.25
6 Jersey Heifers £3535.00
2 Brown Swiss Heifers £2467.50
1 Viking Red 1st Choice Heifer £1890.00
22 Embryo Lots £417.90
Braedale Goldwyn Semen £357.00

Sale Details

With less than a week to go before the first heifer in the Black & White sale graces the sale ring the question is “What are you going to buy?”  The 2014 edition of this landmark event has an exceptional offering of some of the very best animals in the world today giving you the opportunity to own the best in the business.

Featuring National Show winners, daughters of National Champions, the highest PLI Heifer to ever sell in the UK, the highest GTPI & GLPI  Heifer to ever sell in the UK, the #1 Type Heifer in Europe, big time milking two year olds, classy Brown Swiss, fancy Jerseys and a Viking Red the Black & White line up has never been so attractive.  The one common thread that binds all of these extraordinary opportunities is the power of the cow family, it is the backbone to every world class heifer and they all feature in the UK’s Premier Elite Dairy Sale.

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For those breeders who unfortunately cannot join us next weekend you can still watch the sale live and if you want to use our new online bidding service please register at least 48 hours prior to the event. Full details are on the website here

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