Badger Invitational Sale 2021 – Platinum Collection

March 26, 2021 @

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the bi-annual Badger Invitational Sale. The Badger Invitational Sale 2021 – Platinum Collection will take place TONIGHT at 7:00pm on Cowbuyer!

Historically, this event has always been held on campus featuring live lots. Due to the current state of the world, our sale has pivoted to provide a new online experience. The Platinum Collection highlights the rich history of a 40-year tradition, one of the most prestigious collegiate sales in the country. This new model allows our members to utilize and improve their talents in marketing, social media, design, sales and pedigree selection. The catalog is now available on Cowsmo! 

Sale Staff
Chris Hill … 202-255-7907
Kevin Jorgensen … 920-210-3992
Kyle Demmer … 563-451-5376
Brandon Ferry … 608-335-8861
Lynn Harbaugh … 920-420-1524
Chad Ryan … 920-960-1449
Paula Bovre … 920-960-0655 Sale Clerk
Kaleb Kruse … 563-880-7495 Cowbuyer representative

Clerked by Great Northern Land & Cattle Co. Inc.
Point of Contact: Paula Bovre – 920-960-0655


Sale will be broadcasted live via Cowbuyer with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers!
Contact Aaron Ray Tomkins 336-363-4639.




Click HERE to download the PDF or click the image below to view in full screen



Lot 3 – 5 Pregnancies to pick from 
Lot 12 – Buyer’s choice of 5 #1 Delta Lamdas and 5 #1 Denvers 
Lot 20 – 3 VIP Pregnancies 
Lot 38 – 2 Female Pregnancies

Sale Highlights

Lot 53-Analyst Embryos x EX-91 Attitude x Scenic-Edge Mrb Jolynn-Red 2E-93,Unanimous All-American R&W Milking Yearling ’10. All proceeds donated to Badger Dairy Club in memory of David & Adam Preder.

Lot 42- Goldwyn embryos sells- full sisters All-American & All-Canadian Mapeley Goldwyn Julia EX-95!

Lot 6-Choice from the L-Maples Hvezda Calli-Red EX-94 family!

Lot 7-1st Choice of Doorman Granddaughters of EX-96 Barbara sell!

Lot 23-Aristocrat embryos sell from Rosedale PrettyFancy In-Red – Embryos are full sisters to All-American Claim To Fame!


Sale Video Highlights