Autumn Select Tag Sale 2021

October 8-9, 2021 @ Russell, ON

The Autumn Select Tag Sale 2021 was deemed a success with a sale average of $4,387. The buyers list is listed below.

Sale Contacts
Terry Smygwaty … 613-794-8616
Holly Smygwaty … 613-791-8616
Mark Smith … 613-297-8806

Sale Schedule of Events

Friday, October 8th
9:00am – 1:00pm … Cattle Viewing
1:30pm … Sale begins

Saturday, October 9th
4:00pm … Sale closes NO BID OFFS


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Buyers List

Sale Updates

Classification Highlights

Fresh classification results at Smygwaty Holsteins!

1st Lactation

  • Lot 1: Smygwatys Solomon Daphne VG86
  • Smygwatys Doorman Fly Girl VG86
  • Lot 25: Breeze Hill Mile High Godzilla VG86
  • Latland Crispy Cinderdoor VG86
  • Smygwatys Kingboy Emily VG85
  • Smygwatys Lautrust Allie VG85
  • Smygwatys Octane Raspberry VG85
  • Smygwatys Doorman Bedeque VG85
  • Lot 6: Smygwatys Unix Lauryn VG85
  • Smygwatys Kingboy Lemon GP84
  • Lot 29: Smygwatys King Doc GP83
  • Lot 22: Mapleley Unix Julianne GP83

2nd Lactation

  • Smygwatys Control Alaska VG87
  • Lot 26: Tiara Auston Matthews VG86
  • Tiara Chip Autumn VG86
  • Smygwatys Doorman Taco VG85
  • Smygwatys Uno Anne VG85
  • Lot 21: Bonaccueil Taniata High Octane VG85

3rd Lactation

  • Gold-Barbara Bette EX91
  • Breeze Hill Luminescent Dusty EX90
  • Smygwatys Chelios Neon VG88
  • Pinehaven Brodrick Bess VG87

4th Lactation

  • Lot 20: Smygwatys Doorman Della EX91-3E
  • Lot 4: Pinehaven Doorman Brooklyn EX92-2E
  • Smygwatys McCutchen Lesley C EX-2E
  • Lot 10: Sandy Crest Wheat Beer VG87

Sale Highlights

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SMYGWATYS SOLOMON DAPHNE – 39 days fresh with 40kg. A Summer Junior 2-year-old and daughter out of Epic Dot EX-95 3E, she is backed by 4 generations of Excellent leading back to Chief Adeen!