Atlantic Fall Holstein Show 2017

October 14th, 2017 at 5PM (starting with Showmanship) @ Truro, NS

Frank Donkers, ON

The Complete Image Gallery from the Atlantic-Fall Holstein Show is now available for you to view, share & purchase photos. Thank you to Atlantic Holstein Promotions for their sponsorship of the LIVE FEED for the show!



The Complete Image Gallery from the Atlantic-Fall Holstein Show is now available for you to view, share & purchase photos.

Atlantic Fall Championship Holstein Cow Show here
Atlantic Fall Heifer Show here
Showmanship & Candids here

Live Feed & Show program

Show program here


Show Information

The Atlantic Fall Holstein Show 2017 takes place October 14, in Truro, NS at the Nova Scotia Exhibition Grounds. The show will begin at 5pm, starting with the showmanship classes.  Official Judge will be Frank Donkers of Woodstock, ON. Cowsmo coverage sponsored by Atlantic Holstein Promotions.

View the LIVE FEED

4-H Junior Champion

Browntown Ice Ice Baby (Windhammer), Porter Weeks

Reserve 4-H Junior Champion
GEG Brewmaster Brooke (Brewmaster), Edward Goodine

HM 4-H Junior Champion
Combination Expander Jaba (Expander), Josie Versloot

Junior Champion

AHD Doorman Silk (Doorman), Mike Stroud

Reserve Junior Champion
Eastside Lewisdale OMG Amaze (Doorman), Bloyce Thompson, Lewis Bros & Peter English

HM Junior Champion 
Cobequid Gold Chip Alize (Gold Chip), Cobequid Holsteins & Wade Dickie

Champion Showman

Champion Showman
Porter Weeks

Reserve Champion Showman
Parker Mann

HM Champion Showman
Riley Vandenheuval

Intermediate Champion

Weeksdale Absolute Vodka (Absolute-Red), 1st Senior 2yo & BU, Elmer Weeks, Frank A. & Diane Borba, Rocky Allen & Ferme Intense

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Bernadale Doorman Lucy (Doorman), 1st Junior 2yo & BU, Bernadale Holsteins

HM Intermediate Champion
Sicy Doorman Brie (Doorman), 1st Milking Yearling, Elmer Weeks & Hi-Calibre Holsteins

Grand Champion

Weeksdale Absolute Vodka (Absolute-Red), 1st Senior 2yo, Intermediate Champion & BU, Elmer Weeks, Frank A. & Diane Borba, Rocky Allen & Ferme Intense

Reserve Grand Champion
Lookout After Spring (Aftershock), 1st Mature Cow, Cobequid Holsteins

HM Grand Champion
Weeksdale Goldwyn Malibu (Goldwyn), 2nd Mature Cow, Elmer Weeks

Pre-Show Candids

Breeders are getting ready to display their best animals in Atlantic Canada!

Junior Showmanship (6)

1. Porter Weeks
2. Parker Mann
3 .Tyler MacLean
4. Owen Stewart
5. Logan Dickie
6. Olivia Bailey

Senior Showmanship (13)

1. Riley Vandenheuval
2. Megan Vanden Kloot
3. Kira Vandenheuval
4. Lane Yuill
5. Josie Versloot
6. Miranda Murphy
7. Chantelle Berry
8. Moira Dickieson
9. MacKenzie Shephard
10. Raine Beckwith

PeeWee Showmanship

Summer Calves (3)

1. Birtentree Doorman Lianey (Doorman), Birkentree Holsteins
2. Lonelymaple Monterey Spring (Monterey), Lonelymaple Holsteins
3. Allegro Expander Empire (Expander), Greenough Family Farms

Junior Calves (8)

1. AHD Doorman Silk (Doorman), Mike Stroud
2. Leighside Solomon Cherry Pie (Solomon), Leighside Farms Ltd
3. Karran MCC Annalee (McCutchen), Trivee Farms Ltd
4. Combination Expander Jaba (Expander), 1st 4H, Combination Holsteins Ltd
5. Lonelymaple Solomon Careless (Solomon), Lonelymaple Holsteins
6. Cobequid Goldchip A-1 (Goldchip), Cobequid Holsteins
7. Cobequid Benefit Lyra (Benefit), Cobequid Holsteins
8. Bellton Lonelymaple Power Lori (Power), Bellton Farms Ltd & Lonelymaple Holsteins

Intermediate Calves (12)

1. Discover Doorman Live (Doorman), Porter Weeks & Weeks Holsteins
2. Corrcroft Jacoby Aisling (Jacoby), Patrick & Kathleen Corrigan
3. Bernadale Brokaw Fanta (Brokaw), Bernadale Holsteins
4. Cobequid It’s Red (Avalanche), Cobequid Holsteins & Porter Weeks
5. Malic Gold Chip Delia (Gold Chip), Cradle & Ferme Blondin
6. Lonelymaple Windbrook Teri (Windbrook), 1st 4-H, Denise MacKenzie & Lonelymaple Holsteins
7. Lonelymaple Atwood Randi (Atwood), Lonelymaple Holsteins
8. Arolene Atwood Baltimore (Atwood), Elmer Weeks & Frank A & Diane Borba
9. Birkentree Mammoth Rada (Mammoth), Birkentree Holsteins
10. Gardenvale Elude Hello (Elude) Gardenvale Farms Inc.

Senior Calves (15)

1. Eastside Lewisdale OMG Amaze (Doorman), Bloyce Thompson, Lewis Bros & Peter English
2. Weeksdale Brady Revenge (Brady), Elmer Weeks
3. Chestico Avalanche Abigail (Avalanche), Chestico Holsteins, Karran Holsteins & Trivee Farms Ltd
4. Bernadale Crown Charlie (Crown), Bernadale Holsteins
5. Browntown Ice Ice Baby (Windhammer), 1st 4-H, Browntown Farms Ltd & Porter Weeks
6. Pierstein Kingpin Royce (Kingpin), Pierre Boulet & Porter Weeks
7. Allegro Doorman Emphasis (Doorman), Greenough Family Farms
8. Geg Brewmaster Brooke (Brewmaster), Edward Goodine
9. Leighside Mascalese Blair (Mascalese), Leighside Farms Ltd
10. Combination Highoctane Lush (High Octane), Combination Holsteins Ltd

Summer Yearling (7)

1. Quality Key To Success (Reginald), Weeksdale Holsteins
2. Eastriver Goldwyn Gaga 390 (Goldwyn), East River Farms & Porter Weeks
3. Chestico Mario L’Oreal (Mario), Chestico Holsteins
4. Cobequid Golden Dreams Cricket (Golden Dreams), Cobequid Holsteins
5. Allegro Elude Firefly (Elude), Greenough Family Farms
6. Eastside Andre OMG (Andre), Bloyce Thompson
7. Shadowave Doorman Diva (Doorman), Shadowave Holsteins Inc.

Junior Yearling (7)

1. Cobequid Gold Chip Alize (Gold Chip), Cobequid Holsteins & Wade Dickie
2. Goulait Doorman Elola (Doorman), Browntown Farms Ltd, Kyle Buma & Porter Weeks
3. Leighside Kingpin Bam Bam (Kingpin), Leighside Farms Ltd
4. Winterbay Doorman Alexis (Doorman), Winterbay Farms
5. Bernadale Lotus Bug (Lotus), Bernadale Holsteins
6. Cobequid Goldchip Angelina (Gold Chip), Cobequid Holsteins
7. Extondale Sid Jawdropper (Sid), Bear Island Holsteins & Miranda Murphy

Intermediate Yearling (3)

1. Pineland Awesome Luck-ET (Awesome-Red), Pineland Farms Inc.
2. Tomcat GC Disturbia (Gold Chip), Bear Island Holsteins
3. Bonnielm Byway Sparkle (Byway), Bonnielm Farm Ltd

Senior Yearling (2)

1. Eastriver Dempsey Deb 117 (Dempsey), Leighside Farms Ltd
2. Bonnielm Rocking Star (Rocking), Bonnielm Farm Ltd

Junior Herd

1. Cobequid
2. Chestico
3. Bernadale
4. Leighside
5. Birkentree
6. Lonelymaple
7. Bonnielm

Junior Premier Breeder


Reserve Junior Premier Breeder

Junior Premier Exhibitor


Reserve Junior Premier Exhibitor

Milking Yearling (7)

1. Sicy Doorman Brie (Doorman), Elmer Weeks & Hi-Calibre Holsteins
2. BU, Cobequid Solomon Sweet (Solomon), Cobequid & Lookout Holsteins & Mark But
3. Browntown CQ Doorman Ritzy (Doorman), Browntown Farms & Cobequid Holsteins
4. Eastside Brady Pippa (Brady), Bloyce Thompson
5. Trivee Dempsey Linda (Dempsey), Trivee Farms Ltd
6. Windyoaks Doorman Destiny (Doorman), Windyoaks Holsteins
7. Idee Doorman Dana (Doorman), James Rhynes & Kyle Reid

Junior 2 Year Old

1. BU Bernadale Doorman Lucy (Doorman), Bernadale Holsteins
2. Browntown Attic Roxette (Attic), Browntown Farms Ltd
3. Winright Goldwyn Scarlett (Goldwyn), Shadowave Holsteins Inc.
4. Browntown Doorman Zamora (Doorman), Browntown Farms Ltd
5. Leighside Goldenflo Lillian (Doorman), Leighside & MacBeath Farms
6. Lonelymaple Dorcy Christina (Dorcy), Lonelymaple Holsteins

Senior 2 Year Old

1. BU Weeksdale Absolute Vodka (Absolute-Red), Elmer Weeks, Frank A. & Diane Borba, Rocky Allen & Ferme Intense
2. Eastside Cassidy Atlanta (Cassidy), Bloyce Thompson
3. Birkentree Impress Kesia (Impression), Birkentree Holsteins
4. Trivee Brady Dotty (Brady), Trivee Farms Limited
5. Allegro Armani Fantasy (Armani), Greenough Family Farms

Junior 3 Year Old (1)

1. Cobequid Dude Charles (Dude), Cobequid Holsteins

Senior 3 Year Old (3)

1. BU Goldenflo Goldchip Lemondrops (Gold Chip), Bernadale Holsteins
2. Canhope Windbrook Benvey (Windbrook), Bonnielm Farm
3. Lonelymaple A Shock Shortcake (Aftershock), Lonelymaple Holsteins

4 Year Old (6)

1. BU Marbri Bruno Lawless (Bruno), Bernadale Holsteins
2. Lellavan Steady Direction (Steady), Lellavan Farms
3. Willis Windbrook Avril (Windbrook), Weeksdale Holsteins
4. Mortal Dempsey Maya (Dempsey), Bonnielm Farm Ltd
5. Browntown Goldchip Zinc (Gold Chip), Browntown Farms Ltd
6. Bernadale Goldwyn Avila (Goldwyn), Bernadale Holsteins

5 Year Old (6)

1. BU Weeksdale Casino Knockout (Sanchez), Elmer Weeks
2. Weeksdale Windbrook Dalia (Windbrook), Elmer Weeks, Rocky Allen, Ensley & Anne Crowe
3. Birkentree Windbrook Lily (Windbrook), Birkentree Holsteins
4. Browntown Attic Silence (Attic), Browntown Farms Ltd
5. Cobequid Sanchez Olivia (Sanchez), Cobequid Holsteins & Ferme Arolene Inc
6. Lonelymaple Steady D Lite (Steady), Lonelymaple Holsteins

Mature Cows (3)

1. BU Lookout After Spring (Aftershock), Cobequid Holsteins
2. Weeksdale Goldwyn Malibu (Goldwyn), Elmer Weeks
3. Lellavan Baxter Fandango (Baxter), Bernadale Holsteins

Breeders Herd

1. Weeksdale Holsteins
2. Cobequid Holsteins
3. Browntown Farms

Premier Breeder

Weeksdale Holsteins

Reserve Premier Breeder

Premier Exhibitor


Reserve Premier Exhibitor

Top Production Cow

Marbri Bruno Lawless (Bruno), Bonnielm Farm Ltd

Top Showperson of the Show

Porter Weeks