Arrowhead Dispersal & Guest Consignors Sale 2019

September 13, 2019 @ Teeswater, ON

The Arrowhead Dispersal & Guest Consignors Sale Catalog is now available on Cowsmo! The sale takes place TODAY Friday, September 13, 2019 at 11:30am at Trinal Holsteins in Teeswater, ON. The Sale will be managed by Brubacher Sales.

Sale Manager
Brubacher Sales
Brent Walker … 519-994-3252 Auctioneer 
Dennis Martin … 519-654-7833

Sale Contacts
Jim Doan … 519-777-9389 Auctioneer
Andrew DenHaan … 705-440-6010 Pedigrees
Ken Horst … 519-292-1393
Kervin Horst … 519-357-5557
Kent Raim … 970-985-8113
Bryan Zehr … 519-501-5497
Adam Hodgins … 226-930-0166

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Sale Updates

Please see the website for up to date information and sale photos: or

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Sale Flyer