Arethusa Woodmansee Holstein Tag Sale

July 13-14, 2018 @ Litchfield, CT

$3570 on 52 Lots

The Arethusa Woodmansee Holstein Tag Sale was held July 13-14 in Litchfield, CT, as apart of the Arethusa Avonlea Summer Splash weekend! 52 lots sold for a total of $185,600 averaging $3570. Lot 106, Blexys Avalanche Bacardi-ET, a spring calf from Supreme Champion Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn (EX-96), topped the sale at $12,000. She was purchased by Tim & Sharyn Abbot, VT.

Sale Results

The Arethusa Woodmansee Holstein Tag Sale was held July 13-14 in Litchfield, CT, as apart of the Arethusa Avonlea Summer Splash weekend! 52 lots sold for a total of $185,600 averaging $3570.

Lot 106, Blexys Avalanche Bourbon-ET, a spring calf from Supreme Champion Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn (EX-96), topped the sale at $12,000. She was purchased by Tim & Sharyn Abbot, VT.

Lot 101, Woodmansee Drmn Havoc-ET, is a Doorman fall calf x HHM All-American Hazels Gldwn Hatty-ET (EX-96) x EX-96 Stormi Hazel. She was purchased for $10,000 by Clark Woodmansee & Peter Vail, CT.

Selling for $7600 was Ernest-Anthony Tarra-ET, Lot 120. The EX-94 Windbrook will show as an Aged Cow and is from Ernest-Anthony Tara (EX-92) x EX-94 Tyra x EX-95 Inspiration Tina. She was purchased by Cedar Lane Farm LLC, NJ.

Selling for $7000 was Lot 13, Arethusa Absolute Destiny-ET. The now EX-91 92-MS 4yr Old is out of an EX-94 Goldwyn x All-American Cherown SY Celilah-TW (EX-96). She was purchased by Bobby Johnson, MD.


Buyer's List

LotAnimal NameSelling PriceBuyer NameState
1Arethusa Dempsey Alive-ET$        4,000.00 Clark WoodmanseeCT
2Arethusa Kingboy Attention$        2,500.00 Brook and John CalkinsPA
3Arethusa Boston Alessia$        2,500.00 Tim & Sharyn AbbottVT
4Arethusa Sid Abyss-ET$        5,000.00 Pryme Farms, IncON
5Arethusa Atwood Agave$        2,000.00 Tim & Sharyn AbbottVT
6Arethusa Doorman Almond-ET$        6,400.00 Peter Vail/Budjon FarmsWI
9Arethusa Solomon Apology-ET$        2,600.00 Tim & Sharyn AbbottVT
10Choice from Knowledge Akika$        3,500.00 Cro ValleyON
11Arethusa Atmosphere$        2,500.00 Tim & Sharyn AbbottVT
12Barbaras Atwood Basha-ET$        3,500.00 Ryan KrullIA
13Arethusa Absolute Destiny-ET$        7,000.00 Bobby JohnsonMD
16Arethusa Diamond Mandarin$        2,100.00 Stephanie GeorgeNY   
17Arethusa Kingboy Music$        2,500.00 John StrowdNC
18Arethusa Capital Z Mystery$        2,800.00 SR Holsteins, Jay RobertsenON
19Arethusa Vogue Taylor$        2,000.00 Megan McCoyOH
20Arethusa Goldchip Truffle$        3,200.00 Hill, Hawbaker & UmbelMD
21Arethusa Doorman Temptation$        4,000.00 Tyler and Mike PatenaudeCT
22Arethusa Lexington Truth$        2,000.00 Tim & Sharyn AbbottVT
23Arethusa Absolute N Tonic-ET$        3,100.00 Wenalt Holsteins Inc c/o Ian and Dianne PowellON
24Arethusa Dempsey Virtuous-ET$        3,700.00 Josh Skipton and Hannah SmithMD
25Arethusa Atwood Value-ET$        2,700.00 Chris PorrovecchioMA
26Arethusa Atwood Vanora-ET$        4,500.00 Brett Richter and Scott PlocherIL 
27Arethusa Jacoby Victory-ET$        3,200.00 John StrowdNC
28Arethusa Mccutchen Valonia$        1,900.00 Ridgedale FarmsNY   
30Arethusa Absolute Zaza$        2,800.00 Tim & Sharyn AbbottVT
101Woodmansees Drmn Havoc-ET$     10,000.00 Clark Woodmansee/Peter VailCT
102Vailwood Dm Harrah-ET$        3,500.00 Stephanie GeorgeNY   
103Choice from Sid Harlow$        2,900.00 Chris & Jennifer HillMD
104Ms OK Hallie$        2,500.00 Tim & Sharyn AbbottVT
105Woodmansees Mont Harlda$        2,700.00 Precision GeneticsWI
106Blexys Avalanche Bacardi-ET$     12,000.00 Tim & Sharyn AbbottVT
107Ms Diamondback Bella$        5,500.00 Peter Vail/Budjon FarmsWI
109Ms St Jacobs Crush Barb$        2,900.00 Jocelyn CoteQC
110Woodmansees Drmn Basia-ET$        3,500.00 L. Scott Armbruster JrNJ
111Lizettes HP Drmn Lazarro-ET$        4,000.00 Clark WoodmanseeCT
112Woodmansees Solomon Arizta$        2,000.00 Tammy GossCO
113STJ-CW SS Aple Macintosh-ET$        2,500.00 Jocelyn CoteQC
115Ms Woodmansees Gwn Lexis-ET$        3,000.00 Clark Woodmansee & Maple DownsNY   
116TA-CW Drman Luster-ET$        2,000.00 Tammy GossCO
118Woodmansees Okaf Lonnie-Red$        2,400.00 Tammy GossCO
120Ernest-Anthony Tarra-ET$        7,600.00 Cedar Lane Farm, LLCNJ
121Ms Cling Doorman Clang-ET$        5,600.00 Arethusa, LLCCT
122Ms Cling Solomon Cherish-ET$        4,000.00 Tim & Sharyn AbbottVT
123Pierstein Goldwyn Calamita$        4,000.00 Tim & Sharyn AbbottVT
124Woodmansees Solomon Cameo$        3,000.00 Clark Woodmansee and Howard BinderCT
125How-El-Wood Sid Domina-ET$        2,500.00 Clark Woodmansee and Howard BinderCT
127Woodmansee Crush Darlye$        2,500.00 Tammy GossCO
128Woodmansee Arcelia-Red-ET$        2,000.00 Tammy GossCO
130Woodmansees Sid Laraine$        1,600.00 Sheri BoardmanNY   
131Woodmnasees Crush Heloise$        4,600.00 Peter Vail/Budjon FarmsWI
133Woodmansees Drmn Elsa-ET$        2,800.00 Matt SenecalCT
134Woodmansees Drmn Halia-ET$        2,000.00 Tammy GossCO
$   185,600.00 52 head   3570 avg

Sale Catalog

66 lots will be offered from the heart of the Arethusa & Woodmansee herds. Click HERE to download the PDF or click the image below to view fullscreen.

Sale Schedule

Arethusa Woodmansee Holstein Tag Sale
July 13-14, 2018
Held at Arethusa Farms
2 Webster Road
Litchfield, CT

Arethusa Woodmansee Holstein Tag Sale Facebook Page

Schedule of Events
Friday, July 13, 2018
10:00AM-3:00PM…Open House at Arethusa Farms
10:00AM-12:00PM..Arethusa Woodmansee Holstein Tag Sale Preview
12:00PM-6:00PM…Arethusa Woodmansee Holstein Tag Sale Open
3:00PM…Vineyard Tour-Wine Tasting-Arethusa Cheese Pairing
6:00PM-9:00PM…Arethusa Avonlea Summer Splash Sale Preview
7:00PM…Arethusa ak tavolo “Summer Harvest Dinner”
Saturday, July 14, 2018
8:00AM-11:00AM…Arethusa Woodmansee Holstein Tag Sale Re-Opens
8:00AM…Breakfast at Arethusa a mono
11:30AM…Arethusa Avonlea Summer Splash Sale, followed by post sale dinner & live entertainment featuring “Girls with Guitars”

Courtyard Marriot, Waterbury, CT…203.596.1000
Litchfield Inn, Litchfield, CT…860.567.4203
Tollgate Hill Inn, Litchfield, CT…860.567.1233

Tag Sale Managed By:
Tim Abbott
[email protected]

Sale Hosted By:
Arethusa Farm
[email protected]

Woodmansee Holsteins


Tag Sale Staff

Sales Staff
Tim Abbott…802.238.1142
Clark Woodmansee…860.887.8079
Matt Senecal…401.714.7113
Carly Coon…845.518.2759
Chris Hill…202.255.7907
Norman Nabholz…563.590.3204
Michael Heath…443.375.8048
Nathan Thomas…937.537.0805
Jamie Black…518.353.2602
Tim Coon…845.518.4886
Adam Liddle…518.361.9946
Nick Raggi…443.762.8338
Abe Light…315.651.1599
Andrew Vander Meulen…613.968.1599

Sale Crew
Chris Curtiss…518.978.2800
Anthony Liddle…518.361.2233
Lester Hosking…845.649.2063
Shane Wilson…928.486.5610

Price List

Lot #Animal NameAsking PriceUpdates
1Arethusa Dempsey Alive-ET4000
2Arethusa Kingboy Attention2800Dam is now VG 88
3Arethusa Boston Alessia3000Now Scored VG 85 2 YO Dam is now VG 88 New Breeding 7/1 to Crush
4Arethusa Sid Abyss-ET6000Preg
5Arethusa Atwood Agave3000Now Scored GP 84
6Arethusa Doorman Almond-ET6000
7Arethusa Sid Alter-ET3500Preg
8Arethusa Doorman Alarm-ET4000Preg
9Arethusa Solomon Apology-ET3200Preg Dam is now 3E
10Choice from Knowledge Akika4000
11Arethusa Atmosphere3000Sells OPEN Now Scored VG 86 2 YO
12Barbaras Atwood Basha-ET3500Preg
13Arethusa Absolute Destiny-ET7000Preg Now Scored Ex 91 92 MS
14Choice from Goldsun Molly4000
15Arethusa Tartan Mellow2300
16Arethusa Diamond Mandarin2700Dam is now Ex 92 96 MS
17Arethusa Kingboy Music2500Dam is now Ex 91
18Arethusa Capital Z Mystery3200Preg Dam is now Ex 91 93 MS
19Arethusa Vogue Taylor2000
20Arethusa Goldchip Truffle2300Correct Breeding Bred 4/24 McCutchen PREG
21Arethusa Doorman Temptation4500Preg Now Scored VG 87 2 YO/ 6th Sr 2 YO NYSS 18
22Arethusa Lexington Truth3000Now Scored VG 85 2 YO
23Arethusa Absolute N Tonic-ET3000Preg Now Scored GP 84
24Arethusa Dempsey Virtuous-ET3800Maternal Sister Lot 26 Vanora is now Ex 92 93 MS
25Arethusa Atwood Value-ET3300Sells OPEN Full Sister Lot 26 Vanora is now Ex 92 93 MS
26Arethusa Atwood Vanora-ET5500Now Scored 92 93 MS Note…has been sewn up by vet
27Arethusa Jacoby Victory-ET3200Dam is now scored Ex 93 95 MS
28Arethusa Mccutchen Valonia2200
29Arethusa Capture Zayn2200Dam sells as Lot 30 and is now VG 87
30Arethusa Absolute Zaza3500Preg Now Scored VG 87
31Arethusa Tartan Indigo-TW2800
101Woodmansees Drmn Havoc-ET10000
102Vailwood Dm Harrah-ET2800
103Choice from Sid Harlow2800
104Ms OK Hallie3000Dam is now VG 88
105Woodmansees Mont Harlda3000
106Blexys Avalanche Bacardi-ET12000
107Ms Diamondback Bella4500
108Ms Avant-Garde D Chryssa-ET6500
109Ms St Jacobs Crush Barb3200Preg G Tested 3.12 T
110Woodmansees Drmn Basia-ET3500
111Lizettes HP Drmn Lazarro-ET4500Heifer is 3.51 T Full Sister is VG 87 at 2-1!
112Woodmansees Solomon Arizta2200Dam is now VG 86 and Gdam is Ex 90
113STJ-CW SS Aple Macintosh-ET2800No Goldwyn in her pedigree!
114Ms Dundee Kash-ET2250
115Ms Woodmansees Gwn Lexis-ET4000
116TA-CW Drman Luster-ET3000
117Woodmansees Crush Liona3000Dam is now VG 88
118Woodmansees Okaf Lonnie-Red2200
119Woodmansee Atwd Lyssa-ET2500Full Sisters are VG 88 and VG 86 as 2 YO
120Ernest-Anthony Tarra-ET6500
121Ms Cling Doorman Clang-ET4500
122Ms Cling Solomon Cherish-ET4500
123Pierstein Goldwyn Calamita4700
124Woodmansees Solomon Cameo5000Preg Dam is now VG-88 Ex 93 MS G tested 3.14T
125How-El-Wood Sid Domina-ET2800
126Woodmansees Drmn Treaty-ET3000Bred 7/3 to Gold Chip. Dam is now Ex 94 94MS
127Woodmansee Crush Darlye2500Preg
128Woodmansee Arcelia-Red-ET2500
129Coon-Del Byway Firecracker1800Dam is now Ex 90
130Woodmansees Sid Laraine2000
131Woodmnasees Crush Heloise3500Dam is now Ex 92 G Tested 3.68T
132Woodmansee Ashk Haleya-ET2900Bred 7/3 to Sexed Crush
133Woodmansees Drmn Elsa-ET3000Dam is now Ex 92 G Tested 3.81T
134Woodmansees Drmn Halia-ET2300Dam is now Ex 90
135Choice from Gldwn Sidney4000
136Imperial Ridge Rav Dacia-ET3300Added Lot. Meridian 4 Year Old From Raven Family


Sale Photos

These lots have also been sold:

3, 5, 11, 12, 18, 22, 26, 30

Classification Updates

Arethusa Atwood Vanora EX92 93MS
Lot 26 – Four Year Old

Arethusa Absolute Destiny EX91 92MS
Lot 13 – Four Year Old

Arethusa Absolute ZaZa VG87
Lot 30 – Four Year Old
Lot 29 – Her Capture winter calf SELLS!!!

Arethusa Doorman Temptation VG87
Lot 21 – Sr Two Year Old

Arethusa Boston Alessia VG85
Lot 3 – Jr Two Year Old

Arethusa Archrival Atmosphere VG86
Lot 11 – Jr Two Year Old

Arethusa Lexington Truth VG85
Lot 22 – Sr Two Year Old