All-Western Jersey Winners 2018

January 2019 @

The 2018 All-Western Jersey Winners have been announced! See the photos and information online now!

Jersey Calf (3)

Unanimous All-Western
Krahn Girls Shwdown Never Forget (Sr Calf)
1st & Junior Champion Interior Provincial Exhibition
1st & Reserve Junior Champion Westerner Championship
Bred by: Ryan A Lancaster
Exhibited by: Mosnang Holsteins Ltd., AB

Reserve All-Western
Tazo Joel Bailee (Sr Calf)
2nd & HM Junior Champion Westerner Championship
3rd North Okanagan Spring & Interior Provincial Exhibition
Bred & Exhibited by: Taya & Zoey Hamming, BC

HM All-Western
Coytee EW Victorious Nite (Junior Calf)
3rd Westerner Championship
Bred & Exhibited by Tom Hofstra, AB & Ella Wright, SK

Jersey Yearling (2)

Unanimous All-Western
Lost Elm Impression Mallory (Jr Yearling)
1st & Junior Champion Westerner Championship
Bred by: Jason Lutthrop, WI
Exhibited by: Nick Isenschmid, MB

Reserve All-Western
Mosnang Straight Tequila Night(Summer Yearling)
1st & Junior Champion Calgary Dairy Classic
1st Westerner Championship & Interior Provincial Exhibition
Bred & Exhibited by Markus Hehli, AB

Jersey Intermediate Cows (6)

Unanimous All-Western
Coytee EW Strait Tequila Nite (Sr 3yr Old)
1st, Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion Westerner Championship
1st Calgary Dairy Classic
Bred by: Tom Hofstra & Ella Wright, AB
Exhibited by: Robella Holsteins, SK & Zimmer Holsteins, AB

Reserve All-Western
Lone Pine Megapower Tsunami (Sr 2yr Old)
1st Reserve Intermediate & HM Grand Champion Westerner Championship
Bred & Exhibited by:  Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., AB

HM All-Western (TIE)
Lone Pine Impression Passion (Jr 3yr Old)
1st Westerner Championship
Bred by: Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., AB
Exhibited by: Sterling Park, AB. Now owned by Letarte Holsteins, QC

HM All-Western (TIE)
Bulrush Matt Prada (Jr 3yr Old)
2nd Westerner Championship
14th World Dairy Expo
Bred by: Linda Horner & Bulrush Holsteins, MB
Exhibited by: Unique Stock Farm, AB

Also Nominated:
Sunny Hill Notepad Arangatang (Jr 2yr Old)
Bred & Exhibited by: Mike & Gina Haambuckers, BC

Tazo Premier Elly (Sr 2yr Old)
Exhibited by: Sterling Park, AB


Jersey Senior Cows (2)

Clanman Celebrity Status (Mature Cow)
1st & Grand Champion Westerner Championship
Bred & Exhibited by: Steven & Marie Smith, MB

Reserve All-Western
Lampada Tequila Bobby Joy (4yr Old)
1st Westerner Championship & 2nd Calgary Dairy Classic
Bred & Exhibited by: Jon & Christina Fornwald, MB