All-Western Jersey Nominations 2018

December 1, 2018 @

The 2018 All-Western Jersey nominations are now available with full show results and photos. This years competition came in with over 10 more entries then last years competition with increases in both the Holstein and Jersey entries.  This along with the quality of the competition makes it one of the strongest competitions in the last couple of years. Continuing to exceed all expectations entries came from all the Western provinces with BC Spring, Calgary Dairy Classic, Leduc Dairy Congress, Vancouver Island Holstein show, IPE Summer Show and the Westerner Showcase all playing a large role in bringing nominations to the competition.

The Judges from all the above noted shows will vote by ballot and the winners of the competition will be posted online by the end of January.  The winners will also be featured in the Spring issue of the 2019 issue of Cowsmopolitan.

Thanks to the Western exhibitors for supporting this long running competition and good luck!

All-Western Holstein nominations 2018
All-Western Super Cow nominations 2018

Jersey Calf (2)

Krahn Girls Shwdown Never Forget (Sr Calf)
1st & Junior Champion Interior Provincial Exhibition
1st & Reserve Junior Champion Westerner Championship
Bred by: Ryan A Lancaster
Exhibited by: Mosnang Holsteins Ltd., AB

Tazo Joel Bailee (Sr Calf)
2nd & HM Junior Champion Westerner Championship
3rd North Okanagan Spring & Interior Provincial Exhibition
Bred & Exhibited by: Taya & Zoey Hamming, BC

Coytee EW Victorious Nite (Junior Calf)
3rd Westerner Championship
Bred & Exhibited by Tom Hofstra, AB & Ella Wright, SK

Jersey Yearling (2)

Lost Elm Impression Mallory (Jr Yearling)
1st & Junior Champion Westerner Championship
Bred by: Jason Lutthrop, WI
Exhibited by: Nick Isenschmid, MB

Mosnang Straight Tequila Night(Summer Yearling)
1st & Junior Champion Calgary Dairy Classic
1st Westerner Championship & Interior Provincial Exhibition
Bred & Exhibited by Markus Hehli, AB

Jersey Intermediate Cow (6)

Bulrush Matt Prada (Jr 3yr Old)
2nd Westerner Championship
14th World Dairy Expo
Bred by: Linda Horner & Bulrush Holsteins, MB
Exhibited by: Unique Stock Farm, AB

Coytee EW Strait Tequila Nite (Sr 3yr Old)
1st, Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion Westerner Championship
1st Calgary Dairy Classic
Bred by: Tom Hofstra & Ella Wright, AB
Exhibited by: Robella Holsteins, SK & Zimmer Holsteins, AB

Lone Pine Impression Passion (Jr 3yr Old)
1st Westerner Championship
Bred by: Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., AB
Exhibited by: Sterling Park, AB. Now owned by Letarte Holsteins, QC

Lone Pine Megapower Tsunami (Sr 2yr Old)
1st Reserve Intermediate & HM Grand Champion Westerner Championship
Bred & Exhibited by:  Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., AB

Sunny Hill Notepad Arangatang (Jr 2yr Old)
1st Interior Provincial Exhibition
2nd Westerner Championship
Bred & Exhibited by: Mike & Gina Haambuckers, BC

Tazo Premier Elly (Sr 2yr Old)
2nd Westerner Championship
Bred by: Taya & Zoey Hamming, BC
Exhibited by: Sterling Park, AB

Jersey Senior Cows

Clanman Celebrity Status (Mature Cow)
1st & Grand Champion Westerner Championship
Bred & Exhibited by: Steven & Marie Smith, MB

Lampada Tequila Bobby Joy (4yr Old)
1st Westerner Championship & 2nd Calgary Dairy Classic
Bred & Exhibited by: Jon & Christina Fornwald, MB