All-American National Guernsey Show 2023

September 20, 2023, 8AM @ Harrisburg, PA

Judge Jenny Thomas

Premier National Junior Shows 2023The All-American National Guernsey Show has concluded in Harrisburg, PA with Judge Jenny Thomas, OH selecting Dix Lee Gladheart Fiona (Kojack), 1st senior 3-year-old, owned by Edward Crossland as the Grand Champion! Cowsmo was ringside capturing all the action thank to the generous sponsorship of the All American Dairy Show. Live video was provided by 127 Creative and streamed on our show pages as well as YouTube!

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YouTube video


GRAND CHAMPION Mt Ararat Farms Inc.
SENIOR CHAMPION EMM Sales & Service, Inc.
BEST BRED & OWNED Mercer-Northwest Guernsey Breeders Association
PREMIER BREEDER Village View Guernseys
PREMIER EXHIBITOR Village View Guernseys
FIRST PLACE Genetics Link
Hollow View Farm
Solid-Gold Holsteins – Mike & Cindy Weimer & Family
Warwick Manor Farm
South Creek Acres

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Dix Lee Gladheart Fiona (Kojack), 1st senior 3-year-old, Edward Crossland

Reserve Grand Champion
Gladheart Beau Desi-ET (Lambeau),1st junior 2-year-old, Edward Crossland

HM Grand Champion
Sniders Lonestar Prize (Lonestar), 1st 4-year-old, Bella Gable

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Sniders Lonestar Prize (Lonestar), 1st 4-year-old, Bella Gable

Reserve Senior Champion
Springhill Gotcha Evi (Gotcha), 1st aged-cow, Dennet Withington

HM Senior Champion
Sniders Rebel Adelee-ETV (Rebel), 1st 5-year-old, Bella Gable

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Dix Lee Gladheart Fiona (Kojack), 1st senior 3-year-old, Edward Crossland

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Gladheart Beau Desi-ET (Lambeau),1st junior 2-year-old, Edward Crossland

HM Intermediate Champion
Warwick Manor Cosmo Dutton (Cosmo), 2nd junior 2-year-old, Kolby Stoltzfus

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Rocky Hill Reputation Juliet (Reputation), 1st summer yearling,Marah Ripley

Reserve Junior Champion
Misty Meadows Razor Jaycie (Razor), 1st winter yearling, Beth Clark & Chris Reichard

HM Junior Champion
Misty Meadows Lonestar Sattire-ETV (Lonestar), 1st fall calf, Beth Clark & Chris Reichard

Spring Calf (15)

1. Clover-Patch Hurricane Lin-ET (Hurricane), Will Rumovicz
2. Twincounty Tap Me In-ET (American Pie), Landree Fraley
3. Rutter Bros UR A Sweetie-ETV-P, Kelly J Johnson
4. Knapps APie Talent (American Pie), Travis Richardson & Kelly Johnson
5. WMF WCF United (Ultra), Friendship Farm Whalen

Winter Calf (16)

1. Jon-Ann Prada Ziggy (Prada), Kyle Bonavita
2.  Warwick Manor Indigo Chimmy (Indigo), Karli Stotzfus
3. Dairyman James Dean 5328 Cassia-ET (James Dean), Patricia McMurray
4. Unos JD Unite-ETV (James Dean), Katie Kutscher
5. Ealy Highland Brogdon Lassie (Brogdon), Conner Elay

Fall Calf (13)

1. Misty Meadows Lonestar Sattire-ETV (Lonestar), Beth Clark & Chris Reichard
2. Jacoris Latimer Schatzi (Latimer), Kalina Rhoads
3. Rutter Bros James Dean Camryn (James Dean), Kelly Johnson
4. Rocky Hill Legends Say So (Legend), Elijah McCarty
5. WMF WCF Drone Unreal (Drone), Genetic Link

Summer Yearling (15)

1. Rocky Hill Reputation Juliet (Reputation), Marah Ripley
2. Warwick Manor JCP Crown Royal (JC Penny), Karli Stoltzfus
3. Misty Meadows Drone Macadamia (Drone), Beth Clark & Chris Reichard
4. Littlefields Judgement Halo (Judgment), Kirsten Widrick
5. Rocky Hill Copper Shay-ETV(Copper), Larsen Swan

Spring Yearling (8)

1. Springhill Helios Jassy (Helios), Kristy Ackley
2. Twincounty Tappys Tribute-ETV  (American Pie), Landree Fraley
3. Misty Meadows Mentor Sprite-ETV (Mentor), Beth Clark & Chris Reichard
4. Den Be Brett Maddie (Brett), Betsy Musser
5. Gladheart Drone Meagan-ET (Drone), David T. Henisee

Winter Yearling (9)

1. Misty Meadows Razor Jaycie (Razor), Beth Clark & Chris Reichard
2. Knapps RB Drones Taylor-ETV (Drone), Cindy & Kelly Johnson
3. Maple Bottom L Picture Perfect ( Lone Star), Lily Ansell
4. Twincounty Tappys Trifects-ETV (American Pie), Landree Fraley
5. Sniders Michelangelo Justine (Michelangelo), Allie Snider

Fall Yearling (4)

1.Twin Brook Ace Kiss Me Kate (Copper), Jocelynn McMurray
2. Knapps Top Notch Spot of MBF (Notch), Clara Baker
3. Sniders Copper Jentri (Copper), Blaire Gable
4. Den Be Java Fiona-P (Java), Cassandra Musser Rassua

Junior Best Three

  1. Beth Clark & Chris Reichard
  2. Elijah McCarty
  3. Landree Fraley
  4. Kelly Johnson
  5. Sniders Homestead

Milking Yearling (2)

1. Hallow View Spartacus Sybil (Spartacus), Elsie Wolff & Kevin Stoltzfus
2. Warwick Manor Lexus Anise (Drone), Karli & Kolby Stoltzfus

Summer Junior 2-year-old (4)

1. Littlefields Boman Daylily (Boman), Jocelyn Widrick
2. Warwick Manor Cosmo Stephanie (Cosmo), Anovadale Acres
3. Tomahawk Claim Ernie Natalia (Ernie), Breann Poole
4. Green Slopes Haywire Bojangles (Haywire), Lane Oldham

Junior 2-year-old (3)

1. Gladheart Beau Desi-ET (Lambeau), Edward Crossland
2. Warwick Manor Cosmo Dutton (Cosmo), Kolby Stoltzfus
3. Jon-Ann Charismas Champagne-ET (American Pie), Kyle Bonivita

Senior 2-year-old (3)

1. PR-Thayer View Latimer Carly (Latimer), Jocelynn McMurray
2. Valley Gem Malts Carmel Drizzle (Pilot), Dr. Joseph Piskorowski & Kevin Stoltzfus
3. Hersheys Catnip Team Meadow (Randall), Dennet Withington

Junior 3-year-old (7)

1. Sniders HP Latimer Krystal (Latimer), Bella Gable
2. Sniders Alymo Willa (Alymo), Blaire Gable
3. Eternal Flame Swan Song (Jack), Jacob Enyart
4. Hearts Desire Preston (Preston), Donnette Fisher
5. Green Slopes Haywire (Haywire), Adria Russell

Senior 3-year-old (4)

1. Dix Lee Gladheart Fiona (Kojack), Edward Crossland
2. HI Guern View Divas Desire (Axel), Karli & Kolby Stoltzfus
3. Knapps RH American Tribute ETV (American Pie), Steve Linkowski
4. Anovadales Levi Vera (Levi), Anovadale Acres

4-year-old (4)

1. Sniders Lonestar Prize (Lonestar), Bella Gable
2. Sniders Kipling Brea (Kipling), Allie Snider
3. Littlefields Latimer Divine (Latimer), Kirsten Widrick
4. Springhill HP GG Unique-ETV (Tiller), Isaiah Baker

5-year-old (2)

1. Sniders Rebel Adelee-ETV (Rebel), Bella Gable
2. Millborne Copper Tootsie (Copper), Anovadale Acres

Aged Cow (3)

1. Springhill Gotcha Evi (Gotcha), Dennet Withington
2. Sniders Arsenal Hallie (Arsenal), Brooks Snider
3. Springhill GG Pricline (Lonestar), Amelia Russell

Production Cow (2)

1. Warwick Manor Chris Carly (Chris), Karli Stoltzfus
2. Rocky Hill Prada Holiday (Prada), Elijah McCarty

Best Three Females (1)

1. Sniders Homestead

Produce of Dam (2)

  1. Elijah McCarty
  2. Jim Frentz

Dam and Daughter (4)

1. Anovadale Acres
2. Elijah McCarty
3. Carl Thayer
4. Lane Henisee

Exhibitor's Herd (2)

1. Sniders Homestead
2. Warwick Manor

Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor

Sniders Homestead Farm