All-American National Guernsey Show 2019

September 18, 2019 @ Harrisburg, PA

Chris Hill, MD

The All-American National Guernsey Show is under way in Harrisburg, PA. Chris Hill, MD will be the official judge of the show. Cowsmo will be on hand covering the show thanks to the generous sponsorship from Springhill Holsteins and Guernseys.

Show Sponsor

Thank you to Springhill Holsteins and Guernseys for their generous sponsorship!

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Springhill Joke Finale-ETV (Levi), 1st Fal Yearing Not in Milk, Springhill and Valerie & Jim Spreng, OH

Reserve Junior Champion
Twin County Whats On Tap-ET (Pie), 1st Winter Calf, Landree Fraley, PA

HM Junior Champion
Knapps Apie Time To Show-ET (Pie), 2nd Fall Yearling Not in Milk, Glamourview-Iagen, and Walton, MD

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
H Broke Levi Tayte (Levi), 1st Jr 3-Year-Old, Springhill, OH

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Warwick Mano Ls Sweet-ET (Star),1st Sr 2-Year-Old, Kaila, Karli & Kolbu Stolzfus, PA

HM Intermediate Champion
Springhill Disco Jarica (Dirty), 1st Jr 2 Year-Old, Springhill, Grammer, Wetmore, OH

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Willowbrook Labron Toni (Labron), 1st Aged Cow, Matthew & Wesley Aiken, PA

Reserve Senior Champion
Misty Meadows Rebel Suite (Rebel), 1st 5-Year-Old, Beth Clark, PA

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Willowbrook Labron Toni (Labron), 1st Aged Cow, Matthew & Wesley Aiken, PA

Reserve Grand Champion
H Broke Levi Tayte (Levi), 1st Jr 3-Year-Old, Springhill, OH

HM Grand Champion
Misty Meadows Rebel Suite (Rebel), 1st 5-Year-Old, Beth Clark, PA

Spring Calf (13)

1. Twin County Pies Love Tap-ET (Pie), Landree Fraley, PA
2. Springhill Undenied-ETV (Latimer), Springhill, OH
3. Littlefields Lady Daylight (Man), Jocelyn Widrick, NY
4. Rocky Hill Pistoll Hyhope (Pistoll), Rocky Hill Farm, PA
5. Sniders Lonestar Prize (Lonestar), Bella Sue Gable, PA

Winter Calf (15)

1.Twin County Whats On Tap-ET (Pie), Landree Fraley, PA
2. Jon-Ann Charismas T Cherie (Tampa), Kyle Bonavita, PA
3. Knaps Apie Twisted Tea-ETV (Pie0, Knapp Guernseys & Kelly Johnson, PA
4. Pine Grove Crunch Ritsy (Crunch), Cindy Bates & Lorrie Dietz, OH
5. Worwick Manor Sexy Baby-ET (Pie), Kaila, Karli & Kolby Stolzfus, PA

Fall Calf (21)

1. Springhill Tiller Urban-ETV (Tiller), Springhill, OH
2. Warwick Manor Ls Allie-ET (Star), Edward Crossland, MD
3. Springhill Tiller Uggs-ETV (Tiller), Springhill, Lilly Den Farm, D Withngton, OH
4. Misty Meadows P Sebdue-ETV (Perfecto), Beth Clark, PA
5. Mist Meadows P Sultry-ETV (Perfecto), Addison Goldenburg, PA

Summer Yearling (15)

1. Misty Meadows Mentor Suitc (Mentor), Beth Clark, PA
2. Warwick Manor Ls Prize-ETV (Star), Karli Stolzfus, PA
3. Rocky Hill Senator Lavana (Senator0, Jeffrey & Gayle Benedict, PA
4. Misty Meadows All In Snatch (All In), Kyle Bonavita, PA
5. Sniders Hp Gg Junio-ETV (Latimer), Emily Stuff-Meyers, PA

Spring Yearling (10)

1. Warwick Manor Latimer Chu (Latimer), Karli Stoltzfus, PA
2. Springhill Lonestar Tallade (Lonestar), Springhill, OH
3. Misty Meadows Suitor Jezab (Suitor), Beth Clark, PA
4. Trotacre Astoid Annie (Astoid), Mylie Pistorious, PA
5. Littlefields Lady Derby (Man), Jocelyn Widrick, NY

Winter Yearling (4)

1. Sniders Hp Gg Aztec-ETV (Pie), Eion Snider, PA
2. Trotacre Erinie Selana, Cara Troter, PA
3. Knapps Mission Twilight-ETV (Mission), Adien Mcmurray, PA
4. Misty-Glo Gd All The Cards-ETV (Goldust), Ashton Stiles, PA

Fall Yearling Not in Milk (10)

1. Springhill Joke Finale-ETV (Levi), Springhill and Valerie & Jim Spreng, OH
2. Knapps Apie Time To Show-ET (Pie), Glamourview-Iagen, and Walton, MD
3. Springhill L Usher-ETV *Levi), Springhill, Lessee: Kyle Erickson, OH
4. Knapps Pies Making Magic-ET (Pie), Landree Fraley, PA
5. Hearts Desire Pistoll Peppe (Pistoll), Donette Eliott Fisher, PA

Milking Yearling (1)

1. Green Slopes A1 Brooklyn (A1), Macy McDonlad Walason, PA

Jr 2-Year-Old (6)

1. Springhill Disco Jarica (Dirty), Springhill, Grammer, Wetmore, OH
2. Rutters Bros Top Notch Cali (Notch), Kelly Johnson, PA
3. Hollow View Alvin Paula (Alvin), Elise Wolf & Keivin Stolzfus, PA
4. Sniders Agitate Karli (Agitate), Allie Snider, PA
5. Littlefields Legend Dreamy (Legend), Allison Littlefield Widrick, NY

Sr 2-Year-Old (6)

1. Warwick Mano Ls Sweet-ET (Star), Kaila, Karli & Kolbu Stolzfus, PA
2. Misty Meadows Fireworks Si (Fireworks), Beth Clark, PA
3. Poppydale Latimer Sprice-ET (Latimer), Eric Craig, NY
4. Clover-Patch Boman Laura (Boman), William Rumovicz, New Berlin, NY
5. Sniders G Diry Betcha (Dirty), Allie Snider, PA

Junior 3-Year-Old (8)

1. H Broke Levi Tayte (Levi), Springhill, OH
2. Warwick Manor Miss America (Kojack), Kaila, Karli & Kolby Stoltzfus, PA
3. Ja-Wa Levi Lily-ETV (Levi), Alyssa Ross, NY
4. Indian Acres Bucky Peony (Bucky), Ashley Elise Sears, MA
5. Rocky Hill Grumpy Zola-ET (Grumpy), Tucker McMurray, PA

Sr 3-Year-Old (3)

1. Oakland Latimer Prestidge (Latimer), Bella Sue Gable, PA
2. Springhill Fame Udele-ETV (Fame), Kaila, Karli & Kolby Stolzfus
3. Littlefields Vlf Prada Diva (Prada), Sharon Littlefield and Allison Littlefield Widrick, NY

4-Year-Old (5)

1. Springhill Mentor Jamaica E (Mentor), Kaila, Karli & Kolby Stolzfus, PA
2. Sniders Mentor Wildcat (Mentor), Chase Cessna, PA
3. Walnut Lane Grand Jury Gen (Jury), Jocelynn McMurray, PA
4. Toolite Crunch Hailey (Crunch), Kristen Widrick, NY
5. Hi Field Alvin Rose (Alvin), Macy McDonald Walason, PA

5-Year-Old (4)

1. Misty Meadows Rebel Suite (Rebel), Beth Clark, PA
2. Sniders Advocate Access (Adcocate), Eion Snider, PA
3. Femmara Lightning Trixie (Lightning), Joesph H Piskorowski & Kevin Stoltzfus, PA
4. Knapps Prada Jabbla (Prada), Isaiah Baker, PA

Aged Cow (3)

1. Willowbrook Labron Toni (Labron), Matthew & Wesley Aiken, PA
2. Sniders Super Lux Andee (Lux), Andee Syndicate, PA
3. Hi Field Big Ben Blossom (Ben), Macy McDonald Walason, PA

100,00 lb Cow (2)

1. Sniders Garrett Ashanti-ET (Garrett), Aaron Gable, PA
2. Warwick Manor Brady Koby (Brad), Kaila Stolzfus, PA

Best 3 Females (2)

1. Kendy Gable
2. Sharon Littlefield

Produce of Dam (4)

1. Chris Lang
2. Beth Clark
3. Chris Lang
4. Beth Clark

Dam & Daughter (6)

1. Beth Clark
2. Matthew Aiken
3. Kendy Gable
4. Macy Walason
5. Sharon Littlefield

Exhibitors Herd (4)

1. Kevin Stolzfus
2. Kendy Gable
3. Beth Clark
4. Sharon Littlefield