All American Milking Shorthorn Nominations


The All American Nominations Are In! This year there was a record 105 individual entered in the American Milking Shorthorn Society All American contest.  Congratulations to the nominees and good luck in the All American contest.

Spring Heifer Calf (7)

GMC Othello Lacey-ET, Brooke Clark, Cornish Flats, NH
Jon-Ann Red Rub Rosethorn-EXP, Alex Bonavita, Meshoppen, PA
Easter Rbook Bombay Georgie Easter Brook, Juneau, WI
Halpin Mars 4th Samantha Ropp of Halpin Farms, Kempton, IL
B-D-F Pappy Jackie   Dallas Butts of B-D-F Farms Cory, IN
Buckeye Knoll Nitor Pizazz-EXP Hannah Rhoades, Greenville, OH

Winter Heifer Calf (7)

Jon-Ann Prince Roseastar, Alex Bonavita, Meshoppen, PA
Buckeye Knoll Plmamazing-EXP, Sarah Rhoades, Greenville, OH
Elron Megadeth Wind-EXP, Halie Gruenwald, Lost Nation, IA
Cherrywood Pat Katherine-EXP, Nicholas Achen, Ambia, IN
Heavenly AJ Chance Roxi, Janean Boss, Monticello, WI
Cor-Star Lovely Lady-EXP-ET, Cory Salzl, Eden Valley, MN

Summer Yearling (3)

Blue Spruce RR Myas Macey-EXP Ashley Hawvermale of Blue Spruce Farms, Wooster, OH Halpins Ashley 2nd Andrew Rice of Halpin Farms, Kempton, IL Cherrywood Liriano Maggie-EXP Jacob Achen, Ambia, IN

Spring Yearling (5))

Ri-Valley Mega Love David Riley, Williamsfield, OH
North Stars Go Speckles ET Joel Schmitz, Eden Valley, MN
Bonanza-B Megadeth Ruby David Luck, Onalaska, WI
Sageser Red Ruben Nickel Morgan Sageser, Shelbyville, KY
Cherrywoods Kclay Ruben-ET Roxann Achen, Ambia, IN

Winter Yearling (4)

Sunseet Ruby Noveau-ET Morgan Pelanek, Sauk City, WI
Cold Spring Logic Patience Courtney Gould of Cold Spring Farm, Salisbury, MA
B-D-F Presley Leah Dallas Butts of B-D-F Farms, Cory, IN
Oak Pride Sam Hilda Madison Knepp, Mohrsville, PA

Fall Yearling (6)

Arb-Flo-Spr Haven Billow-EXP Jamie Arbaugh, Union Bridge, MD
Hasheiders Poker 223 Colby Hasheider, Sauk City, WI
Halpins Marble Andrew Rice of Halpin Farms, Kempton, IL
Kellog Bay Liriano Nettie-EXP Ashlynn Foster, Middblebury, VT
North Stars Brittany Christopher Pederson, Braham, MN
Jerbie Logic Hawaii Justin Merrill Downsville, NY

Yearling in Milk (2)

Maunesha Creeks Poker Miracle Mena Schmitt, Sun Prairie, WI
Garys Liriano Sasparilla-EXP Barbara Bemis, Westfield, MA

Junior Two Year Olds (7)

Lands-Brook Chippewa Monica Landsgard of Lands-Brook Farm, St. Olaf, IA
Pine-Valley L Fairy Tale-EXP Jessica James Mineral Point, WI
Halpin Mars 3rd Aryn Arbaugh, Union Bridge, MD
GMC Logic Payton Brooke Clark Cornish Flats, NH
Halpins Rosalie 2nd-EXP Andrew Rice of Halpin Farms, Kempton, IL

Senior Two Year Old (4)

Blue Spruce Famous Mallory Brooke Clark, Cornish Flats, NH
Millcreek Frolic Ambrosia Treven Andrews, Mansfield, PA
B-D-F Lothario Tammy Dallas Butts of B-D-F Farm, Cory, IN
Sunny Kuhn Sams Brandy Stetson Burmeister, Caroline, WI

Junior Three Year Old (4)

Lands-Brook Champagne-EXP-ET Monica Landsgard of Lands-Brook Farms, St. Olaf, IA
Pine Valley Logic Zainey Jessica James, Mineral Point, WI
Kulp-Gen Sam Carrie-ET Tucker Peterson, Mountian Gorve, MO
Cherrywood Elizabeth II, Roxann Achen, Ambia, IN

Senior Three Year Olds (5)

Mi-San Acres O Lust-ET David Riley, Williamsfield, OH
Innisfail ST Lady 859-EXP Bradley Byers, Milo, IA
GMC Logic Redrose Lindsey Clark, Cornish Flats, NH
Sageser Clay Penny Morgan Sageser, Shelbyville, KY
Glenrich Emper 10 EXP Christy Dawn Mote, Union City, IN

Four Year Old (4)

Lands-Brook Christalyn Jordan Landsgard of Lands-Brook Farms, St. Olaf, IA
Jon-Ann Ruebn Rosepetal-EXP Alex Bonavita, Meshoppen, PA
Hard-Core Million Razzi Dallas Butts of B-D-F Farms, Cory, IN
Halpins IH Samantha Ropp of Halpin farms, Kempton, IL

Five Year Old (1)

MPS Moonshine Still 175 Bradley Byers, Milo, IA

Aged Cow (3)

Way-Lu Clay Prissy-EXP Kyle Benter, Brownstown, IN
Innisfail Ru Lily 6070-EXP Bradley Byers, Milo, IA
Glenrich Cindy 3rd Cindy Lee Mote, Union City, IN