All-American Junior Jersey Show 2022

November 4, 2022 @ Louisville, KY

Brandon Ferry, WI Associate: Madison Fisher, MD

Zoetis 300x300The All American Junior Jersey Show 2022 has concluded in Louisville, KY with Paullyn Victorious Maya (Victorious), being named Grand Champion. Congratulations to River Valley Farm- Ben, Andy, Blessing & Grace Sauder.  The official judge for the day was Brandon Ferry, WI alongside with his associate Madison Fisher, MD. Cowsmo was on-hand capturing the action with real time photos and results thanks to our Platinum Sponsor Zoetis! 


Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Paullyn Victorious Maya (Victorious), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, River Valley Farm- Ben, Andy, Blessing & Grace Sauder, IL

Reserve Grand Champion
Seacord Howacres Tesla (Colton), 1st 5-Year-Old, River Valley Farm – Ben & Andy, Blessing & Grace Sauder, IL

HM Grand Champion
Meadowridge Vitality Strawberry (Vitality), 2nd 5-Year-Old, Alleah Anderson, WI

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Seacord Howacres Tesla (Colton), 1st 5-Year-Old, River Valley Farm – Ben & Andy, Blessing & Grace Sauder, IL

Reserve Senior Champion
Meadowridge Vitality Strawberry (Vitality), 2nd 5-Year-Old, Alleah Anderson, WI

HM Senior Champion
DC Comerica Sasscee (Comerica), 1st 4-Year-Old, Lillah Utterback, MD

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Paullyn Victorious Maya (Victorious), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, River Valley Farm- Ben, Andy, Blessing & Grace Sauder, IL

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Cowbell Casino Dorsa (Casino), 2nd Junior 3-Year-Old, Chase R of Cowbell Acres, NY

HM Intermediate Champion
Impression Misty-ET (Impression), 1st Milking Yearling, Caroline Arrowsmith, PA

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Four-Hills Velocity Precious-ET (Velocity), 1st Spring Yearling, Emory Bewley, PA

Reserve Junior Champion
Schulte Bros Colton Frankie (Colton), 2nd Spring Yearling, Kaleb, Cole & Carter Kruse & Gene Henderson, IA

Honorable Mention Junior Champion
Hi Poits-Llf Cheers Lovely Lies (Cheers), 1st Fall Calf, K & M Poitras, MA

Spring Heifer Calf (35)

1. Z-Class Frothy Cappuccino-ET (Ferdinand), Mason Ziemba, NY
2. Freedom Lane Kid Rock Goldie-ET (Kid Rock), Lauren Albright, OH
3. Schulte Bros Do The Griddy-ET (Andreas), Regan Pries & Cale BAker, IA
4. Hoegger FF K-Rock Diamond-ET (Kid Rock), Aubree Hoegger, TX
5. Millers VIP Savanah (VIP), Rhea & Brycen Miller, IN
6. Big Guns Reviresco Ve-ET
7. Roc-N-Roll Shameless Snapchat (Victorious), Bob Nagel, NY
8. Roc-N-Roll Partygirl (Frank), Kaylee Knapp, PA
9. Yortons Maestro Dani (Maestro), Daniel Yorton, MD
10. Meadowridge Maestro Mimi (Maestro), Mark, Kaitlynn, & Tani Riebe & Alleah & Alexa Anderson, WI

Winter Heifer Calf (39)

1. Miss Gayles Grace-ET (Reviresco), Kendall Thomas, OH
2. Hc-Rader Gentry Sage (Gentry), Shelby Rader, PA
3. BGKK Ferdinand Vinta (Ferdidnand), Emma Paulson, WI
4. Ratliff Vibe Daisy (Vibe), Sophi Leach, KS
5. Kochstar Fizz Mad Obsession (Fizz), Brock Hoskins, WI
6. Schulte Bros Colton (Colton), Jason & Jared Pareo, NM
7. Dalady Luck Bontino Deb (Bontino), Quinlan Davis, NY
8. Medallion Megapower Rhinestone (Megapower), Spencer Carson & Kinnley Ackley
9. LLR VIP Trippin-ET (VIP), Blaine Warburton, PA
10. Meadowridge Dually Blackberry (Dually), Mark, Kaitlynn, Tani Riebe & Alleah & Alexa Anderson

Fall Heifer Calf (34)

1. Hi Poits-Llf Cheers Lovely Lies (Cheers), K & M Poitras, MA
2. Annettes VIP Annie-ET (VIP), Caroline Powers, WI
3. Schulte Bros Colton Cheerio (Colton), Kaleb, Cole & Carter Kruse, IA
4. Triple K-M Swagger Java (Swagger), Kaelyn, Kenadee, Keegan Weigel & Melissa Sprecher, WI
5. Roc-N-Roll Surreal-ET (Kid Rock), Lauren Reed, NY
6. Au-Sum View Velma (Gentry), Aubree Route, PA
7. Cowbell Velocity Meridian (Velocity), Anna Cappelina & Katharin Knowlton, VA
8. Vierra Reviresco Icon (Reviresco), Ava Hebgen, WI
9. DKG Victorious Jackpot (Victorious), Blake Greiwe, OH
10. Blackview Andreas Poppy (Andreas), Alexis Lamoreaaux & Quinn Watts, MI

Summer Yearling Heifer (21)

1. Kash-In Joel Knockin Boots-ET (Joel), Sophia Bollenbacher, WI
2. Win-Top Mamacita (Gentleman), Jasenko Gavranovic & Hannah Nelson, MN
3. Meadowridge Maestro Silky (Maestro), Mark, Kaitlynn, Tani Riebe & Alleah & Alexa Anderson, WI
4. Spatz Bontino Foster (Bontino), Claire Hlavaty, PA
5. Vierra Shotgun Rider-ET (Kid Rock), Ava, Ivy, & Liv Hebgen, WI
6. Starrock VIP Status (VIP), Krahn Girls & MD Pride, OR
7. Hc-Rader VIP Gail (VIP), Shelby Rader, PA
8. Shots VIP Shot On Da Rocks-ET (VIP), Landree & Dakota Fraley, PA
9. Johnsonacres Blkapl Beloved (Black Apple), Regan Johnson, NH
10. Wf Reckless Sassafras (Reckless), Lillian & Olivia Fink, OH

Spring Yearling (23)

1. Four-Hills Velocity Precious-ET (Velocity), Emory Bewley, PA
2. Schulte Bros Colton Frankie (Colton), Kaleb, Cole & Carter Kruse & Gene Henderson, IA
3. Cowbell Colton Nut Hatch (Colton), Krahn Girls & MD Pride, OR
4. Sterlings Joel Stella (Joel), Ella Hlavaty,  PA
5. High Meadows Magic Trick-ET (Magician), Cole Ziehm & Brock Liddle, NY
6. Windy Knoll View Cancan (Magician), Brinkley Burdette, PA
7. Johnsonacres Casino Betonit (Casino), Regan Johnson, NH
8. Zbw Masons Kid Rock Chacha (Kid Rock), Mason Ziemba, NY
9. Big Guns Krock Vixen-ET (Kid Rock), Wyatt Schmitt, Franchise & David Jordan
10. Bolle-Acres Fireman Passion (Fireman), Sophie Bollenbacher, IN

Winter Yearling (11)

1. Schulte Bros Gentry Clarabelle-ET (Gentry), Zach, Blake & Mitch Schulte, IA
2. Sbf Jeronimo Andi (Jeronimo), Regan Johnson, NH
3. DKG Gentry Secret (Gentry), Donna John, T.BL. Greiwe, & G.G.M Hageman, OH
4. Haybail Kid Rock Packin A Punch (Kid Rock), Kaitlyn, Bailey, & Bryan Bedient, NY
5. Krahn Girls Tequila Festivity (Tequila), Clancey Krahn, OR
6. Dashs Delusion (Joel), Matthew & Elizabeth Gunst, WI
7. Milkrich Dominate Nachos (Dominate), Brooke, Summer, Shyanne Hammann, WI
8.Krahn Girls Fizzy Nevada (Fizz), Clancey Krahn, OR
9. Meadowridge Black Apple Kale (Black Apple),  Mark, Kaitlynn, Tani Riebe & Alleah & Alexa Anderson, WI
10. Heaven Scent Jamacian Me Crazy{5} (Engineer 401), Ryan, Sutton, & Elizabeth Lawton, NY

Milking Yearling (15)

1. Impression Misty-ET (Impression), Caroline Arrowsmith, PA
2. Graybill Victorious Valentina (Victorious), Eli Graybill, IL
3. Kilgus Dirk Misty (Dirk), A&J Raber, L, C & W Schweigert, IL
4. Her-Man Joel Dream (Joel), Herby & Amanda Lutz & Hobbs, SC
5. Woodmohr Gentry Victor (Gentry), Krahn Girls, OR
6. Oakhaven Maverick Tobe (Maverick), Joseph Ziegler & Oakhaven Jerseys, OH
7. Random Luck Pistols N Jin (Pistol), Amber Siegert & Cooper Barber, IA
8. Destiny Chrome Vera (Chrome), Graeson Brickner, PA
9. Strathburn Beslea Gen Elsinore-ET(Gentry), Kaitlyn Bedient, Bryan Bailey, NY
10. Triple H Bang Bang Oh Boom (Bang Bang), Brooke & Summer Hammann, WI

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old

1. Kilgus Fizz Deborah (Fizz), Carla Kilgus, IL
2. Sarahs Scent VIP Skittles-ET (VIP), Olivia Finke, OH
3. Meadowridge Rainman Astor (Rainman), Mark, Kaitlynn, Tani Riebe & Alleah & Alexa Anderson, WI
4. Four-Hills Andreas Baby Girl-ET (Andreas), Sarah & Megan Hill,VT
5. Lc Rockstar Maeve (Rockstar), Taylor, Erin, & Sophie Leach, KS
6. Vz Tequila Honey Boo Boo 1156 (Tequila), Harper VanZyverden, MO
7. Lc-Rat Muskteer Jasmine {6} (Musketeer), Samantha Heinzmann, IL
8. Gd Tequila Dolce (Tequila), Almost Paradise Farms, IN
9. Emerald City Gentry Dash (Gentry), Lane Riggleman, MD
10. Fineline-Vu Andreas Kiss (Andeas), AnnaMarie & Carter Settles, IN

Junior 2-Year-Old (2)

1. K&M Victorious Glad-ET (Victorious), Carla Kilgus, IL
2. SLJ Colton Geneva (Colton), Treasure Clark, MO
3. Gordons Applejack Dream Girl (Applejack), Phil, Abigail, Kately, William & Matthew Gordon, IN
4. Rivendale Rockstar Violet (Rockstar), Tristen Upchurch, IL
5. WF Oliver Linguini-P (Oliver), Regan Jackson, VA
6. LC Chrome Vogue (Chrome), Erin & Sophie Leach, KS
7. Underground Elsas Envy-ET (Engineer 401), Mason Ziemba, NY
8. Ledel Fizz Lil Bit {6} (Fizz), Madison Hesler, OH
9. Stormview Phillips Chrome Luck (Chrome), Landon Mowen, IL
10. Kcjf Evolve Diamond (Evolve), Aiden Lawrence, KY

Senior 2-Year-Old (14)

1. Kilgus Victorious Mea (Victorious), Carla Kilgus, IL
2. Kilgus Casino Teal (Casino), Gigi Polikowsky, MN
3. Wf Terpster Blessing (Terpster), Reese & Brinkley Burdette, PA
4. Kilgus Victorious Ryl (Victorious), Kamber Kilgus, IL
5. Colton Cameo (Colton), Aubree, Aiden & Alaina Topp, OH
6. Norse Haven Sultan Bristol (Sultan), Grace, Hannah & Ellie Fremstad, WI
7. Kilgus Victorious Mist (Victorious), Carla Kilgus, IL
8. Sterlings Victorious Sunset (Victorious), Natalie & Mia Berry, OR
9. Lawtons Gentry Flash (Gentry), Ryan Lawton & Isaac Folts, NY
10. Ratliff Matt Valiant-ET (Matt), Eli Graybil, IL

Junior 3-Year-Old (17)

1. Paullyn Victorious Maya (Victorious), River Valley Farm- Ben, Andy, Blessing & Grace Sauder, IL
2. Cowbell Casino Dorsa (Casino), Chase Rozler of Cowbell Acres, NY
3. JX Proud Heritage Die-Hard Juju {4} (Die-Hard), Emma Vos, WI
4. Four-Hills Lola Guns N Roses (Lolalala), Sarah & Megan Hill, VT
5. Kleins Fizzs Fozz (Fizz), Bryce Klein, IN
6. Graybill Joyride Ida (Joyride), Ethan & Eli Graybill, IL
7. Rivendale Colton Dah (Colton), Daniel Yorton, MD
8. Ufashion Comerica Petunia (Comerica), Allison & Lane Francis, UFashion, TJ Classic, OH
9. Rollingriver KM Fiddle In Band (VIP), Kamrie Mauer, MN
10. Woodmohr V Glorious (Victorious), Bob Nagel, NY

Senior 3-Year-Old (10)

1. ZBW Masons Fizzy Cola (Fizz), Mason Ziemba, NY
2. Cowbell Shoes Cleopatra (Blue Suede Shoes), Chase Rozler of Cowbell Acres, NY
3. Her-Man Colton Dizzy-ET (Colton), Herby, Amanda & Hobbs Lutz, SC
4. Reich-Dale Gunman Sirius (Gunman), Hayden Reichard, PA
5. Random Luck B Amused (Barnabas), Matthew & Allison Thompson, WI
6. Cowbell Chrome Roxbury-ET (Chrome), Graham Rozler of Cowbell Acres, NY
7. M-Signature Viola (Colton), Ellie Bollenbacher, IN
8. Kilgus Colton Ginger-ET (Colton), Carla Kilgus, IL
9. SAR Chrome Frisky (Chrome), Skiparilla/French, VA
10. Bevens-Creek Joel Jar (Joel), Rachel Anderson, OH

4-Year-Old (14)

1. DC Comerica Sasscee (Comerica), Lillah Utterback, MD
2. Ho-Crawf Andreas Joplin (Andreas), Taylor, Erin & Sophie Leach, KS
3. Kilgus Metallica Marsha (Metallica), Carla Kilgus, IL
4. Meadowridge Triple Crown Fae (Triple Crown), Alleah Anderson, WI
5. DKG Impression Spice (Impression), Lane Greiwe, OH
6. OBJ Colton Presley (Colton), Forest, Jayme, Kason & Kolbie Ozburn, TN
7. Gordons VIP Graceful (VIP), Abigail Gordon, IN
8. SVHeaths Tequila Chloe (Tequila), Kamryn Kasbergen, CA
9. Reich-Dale Gunman Secure (Gunman), Shaylin Reichard, PA
10. BJ Texas Madrid (Texas), Sarah & Megan Hill, VT

5-Year-Old (10)

1. Seacord Howacres Tesla (Colton), River Valley Farm – Ben & Andy, Blessing & Grace Sauder, IL
2. Meadowridge Vitality Strawberry (Vitality), Alleah Anderson, WI
3. Rolling Spring Premier Lucille (Premier), Evan Jauquet, WI
4. Labels Out Glamour Girl (Premier), Brooke Calkins, PA
5. Reich-Dale Joel Spot On (Joel), Hayden Reichard, PA
6. TNT Texas July (Texas), Mason Ziemba & Megan Hill, NY
7. Cowbell Dragon Reckless (Dragon), Graham Rozler of Cowbell Acres, NY
8. Kilgus Vic Grand (Victorious), Carla Kilgus, IL
9. HLF Ladd Ginger (Ladd), Rachel Anderson, OH
10. Townside Tequila Brita (Tequila), Kaitlyn Riebe, WI

Aged Cow (9)

1. LC Success Abilene (Success), Taylor, Erin & Sophie Leach, IL
2. Oeh-My Valentino Pati (Valentino), Matthew & Allison Thompson, WI
3. Meadowridge Bang Bang Polly (Bang Bang), Alleah Anderson, WI
4. WF Valentino Lokie (Valentino), Regan Jackson, VA
5. Mi Wil Vitality Zoom {6} (Vitality), Maelee & Treasure Clark, MO
6. Four-Hills Velocity Gloriana (Velocity), Sarah & Megan Hill, VT
7. TwinCounty Coltons Breakout (Colton), Aubree Hoegger, TX
8. TJ/RV Getaway Vera 1587 (Getaway), Allison & Lane Francis, OH
9. Kilgus JV Glow (Verdict), Carla Kilgus, IL