All-American Jersey Show 2021

November 8, 2021 @ Louisville, KY

Ted Dement, IL

The All-American Jersey Show 2021 has concluded with Hirds Colton Dream selected as Senior & Grand Champion for Keightley-Core & Borba, KY. The show was held November 8 in Louisville, KY, with Judge Ted Dement, IL and Associate Trent Kilgus, IL. Cowsmo captured the show with photos and results thanks to our Premier sponsor Zoetis!

Grand & Senior Champion

Grand Champion
Hirds Colton Dream (Colton), 1st Cheese Merit Cow, Keightley, Core & Borba, KY

Reserve Grand Champion 
Krohlow Comerica Anna (Comerica), 1st Aged Cow, Milksource Genetics, WI

HM Grand Champion 
Sugar Brook Bartender Bridgett (Bartender), 1st 4-Year-Old, Kueffner & Fraley, MD

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Hirds Colton Dream (Colton), 1st Cheese Merit Cow, Keightley, Core & Borba, KY

Reserve Senior Champion 
Krohlow Comerica Anna (Comerica), 1st Aged Cow, Milksource Genetics, WI

HM Senior Champion 
Sugar Brook Bartender Bridgett (Bartender), 1st 4-Year-Old, Kueffner & Fraley, MD

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Homeridge T Annette (Tequila), National Jersey Jug Futurity Winner, K&D Nickels, T Freson, S Stanford & M Sell, WI

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Milk & Honey Vaden Fern-ET (Vaden), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Vierra Dairy Farms, CA

HM Intermediate Champion
Summer Breeze Tequila Gayle (Tequila), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old,  Vierra Dairy Farms, CA

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Rivendale Joel Keep Her Secret-ET (Joel), 1st Fall Calf, Michael Heath, Mark Iager, & Will Iager, MD

Reserve Junior Champion
Four-Hills Joel Badger 67489-ET (Joel), 1st Spring Yearling, Peter Vail & Budjon Farms, WI

HM Junior Champion
SV Tequila Topsy Tango-ET (Tequila), 2nd Fall Calf, Vierra Dairy Farms, CA

GJPI Champion

GJPI Senior Champion
Hirds Colton Dream, Keightley-Core and Borba, KY

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder
Pacific Edge, OR

Reserve Premier Breeder
Ernest Kueffner & Terri Packard, MD

Premier Exhibitor
Vierra Dairy Farm, CA

Reserve Premier Exhibitor
Misty Meadows  Dairy, OR

Premier Breeder Heifer Show
Schulte Bros., Iowa

Premier Exhibitor Heifer Show 
Budjon and Peter Vail, WI

Premier Performance Winner
Hirds Colton Dream, Keightley-Core & Borba, KY

Reserve Premier Performance Winner
Ent-LLR-MPH Nu Chaos-ET (Nuance), Michael Heath, Mark Iager & Will Iager, MD

Spring Calf (51)

1. Double Shawt Premier Shine (Premier), Carly & Rebecca Shaw, MD
2. Ratliff Kid Rock Rubies-ET (Kid Rock), Pacific Edge & Roc-Pit Genetics, OR
3. Roc-N-Roll Billiejean (Kid Rock), Kristy Ellsworth & Madeline Decker, PA
4. Crestbrooke VIP Meme-ET (VIP), Patrick Gourley, OR
5. KCJF/Lucky Lady Joel Dreamchaser-ET (Joel), Keightley & Core, Jackson Powers and Frank & Diane Borba, KY
6. Crestbrooke VIP Melanie-ET (VIP), Pacific Edge & Roc-Pit Genetics, OR
7. Crestbrooke Casino Miss Guided-ET (Casino), Crestbrooke Jerseys, WI
8. Bolle-Acres Fireman Passion (Fireman), Max, Carrie Jo, Lane, Sophie & Ellie Bollenbacher, IN
9. Discoverys Andreas Jubilant-ET (Andreas), Lisa Demmer, WI
10. Miss Joyride Merica (Joyride), Jackson & Embry Powers and Austin & Abbey League, KY

Winter Calf (41)

1. Kevetta Nuance V-Max-ET (Nuance), Triple T, M. Heath & R. Pierick, MD
2. J-Kay Fizz Phoenix (Fizz), Clark Morgan and Grant Cope, OH
3. SVHeaths Volt Jesse (Volt), Emma Paulson, Mandy Sell, Scott Stanford, WI
4. Arethusa Gentry Vineyard (Gentry), David Zubikowski, NY
5. Ratliff Lo LaLaLa Dancer (Lolalala), Ron & Christy Ratliff, KS
6. Vierra Premier Saphire-ET (Premier), MB Dores, Roc-Pit & Pacific Edge, OR
7. Big Guns VIP Victory-ET (VIP), David Schirmer, MD
8. Stadview Colton Vintage (Vintage), Stadview, Franchise & Kueffner, MN
9. Hard Core Kid Rock Lollipop (Kid Rock), Willow Upchurch, IL
10. Dashs Delusion (Joel), Matthew & Elizabeth Gunst, WI

Fall Calf (42)

1. Rivendale Joel Keep Her Secret-ET (Joel), Michael Heath, Mark Iager, & Will Iager, MD
2. SV Tequila Topsy Tango-ET (Tequila), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
3. Four-Hills Magic Goodess (Magic), Jacob Belton, Mason Blankenship, Neal Smith, TN
4. Shulte Bros Colton Fergalicious-ET (Colton), Kaleb, Cole, Carter Kruse & Gene Henderson, IA
5. Kailas Great Rock-N-Roll (Rockstar), Hailey & Addison Fischer, WI
6. DKG Justice Suzanne (Justice), John, Donna, Trevor, Lane, & Blake Greiwe, OH
7. Rivendale Colton VIV Babe-ET (Colton), Doug Petzel & Meagan Grammer, OH
8. Miss Franchise Colton Venice (Franchise), Bos Dairy LLC, Enhanced, Glamourview & Franchise, OH
9. Four-Hills Kidrock Glorious-ET (Kidrock), Megan Hill, VT
10. J-More Engineer Maybeline-ET (Engineer), Rosa Finley, CA

Summer Yearling (34)

1. Schulte Bros Colton Fabulous-ET (Colton), Peter Vail & Budjon Farms, WI
2. Lehearth Tequila Dior (Tequila), Nolan Lee Kummer, PA
3. Cooper Farm N Penny (GT50K), Evan T Cooper, IN
4. Discoveries Jedi Jypsy (Jedi), Glamourview, Iager & Walton, MD
5. Big Guns VIP Vanessa-ET (VIP), Bos Dairy LLC, NM
6. Big Guns Colton Violet-ET (Colton), Celeste Clark, PA
7. Gordona VIP Cora (VIP), Phil Gordon, JP, JL, AL, KM, WM, & MP, IN
8. Tierneys Reviresco Abigail (Reviresco), Kathryn Marie Bosley, NY
9. Sunups Mav Sunny (Maverick), Mia and Natalie Berry, OR
10. RBR-FRM Fizz I-Fancy (Fizz), Jacob & Addison Raber, IL

Spring Yearling (22)

1. Four-Hills Joel Badger 67489-ET (Joel), Peter Vail & Budjon Farms, WI
2. Ravineside Venetian Gypsy (Venetian), Lauren E Reed, PA
3. Bolle-Acres Gentry Fashion (Gentry), Blaine Warburton, PA
4. Marlau Andreas Jeannette (Andreas), Bos Dairy LLC, NM
5. Milksource Reviresco Molly (Reviresco), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
6. Meadowridge Vitality Star (Vitality), Mark, Kaitynn, Tani Riebe & Alleah & Alexa Anderson, WI
7. Schulte Bros Colton Fancy Lady (Colton), Franchise, Enhanced Genetics & Bos Dairy LLC, OH
8. Discoveries Chrome Jags (Chrome), Lisa Demmer, WI
9. Drentex Grandious Mamiemia (Grandious), Austin Nauman & Kylie Konyn, WI
10. GOJ Corissa Dan Corona (Dan), Sara Hoewischer Family, OH

Winter Yearling (22)

1. Cold Run Joel Wild Card (Joel), Peter Vail & Budjon Farms, WI
2. Arethusa Gentry Chevelle-ET (Gentry), RCD Jerseys & Ernie Kueffner & Terri Packard, MD
3. HC-Rader Gentry Saba (Gentry), Shelby M Rader, PA
4. Underground Milkshake Maddog-ET (Tequila), CLF LLC, FL
5. Stadview Gentry Velocity (Gentry), Bos Dairy LLC, NM
6. Stadview Tequila Mango Tango-ET (Tequila), Stadview Jerseys, MN
7. MM-T Pockets Game On-ET (Vaden), Jason Pareo, NM
8. Tierneys Gentry Latte (Gentry), Tierney Farm & Kathryn & Patrick Bosley, NY
9. Red Dirt Andreas Butters (Andreas), Red Dirt Genetics, OK
10. Meadowridge Andreas Huckleberry (Andreas), Michael, Kaitynn, Tani Riebe & Alleah & Alexa Anderson

Junior Best Three Females (4)

1. Four Hills, VT
2. Madison Fisher, PA

Milking Yearling (27)

1. DU Sillon Premier Krunchie-ET (Premier), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
2. Arethusa Andreas Sunlight-ET (Andreas), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
3. Arethusa Gentry Verbena-ET (Gentry), Brent Rocha & MIke Podschadly, OR
4. Colton Cameo (Colton), Aubrey, Alaina & Arden Topp, Amelia & Abigail Baumer, OH
5. Unique Victorious Lovely (Victorious), Mason Pires, CA
6. Viral Sugar (Viral), Michael Rider, KY
7. Rivendale Gentry Freya-ET (Gentry), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
8. GVLA Rummy Of Jordyn (Krimson 117), Lily Altic, MO
9. Rivendale Gentry Flora-ET (Gentry), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
10. Underground Lollipop Laralei-ET (Chrome), Maci & Camryn Crothers, NY

Summer Junior 2-Year Old (25)

1. Kevetta Colton Deliah (Colton), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
2. KCJF Colton Shakira (Colton), Keightley & Core, Jackson Powers & Diane & Frank Borba, KY
3. Cowbell Casino Dorsay (Casino), Chase R Rozler of Cowbell Acres, NY
4. Kirbyville Colton Sparkler (Colton), River Valley Farm, IL
5. Pacific Edge Gentry Drake (Gentry), Brent L Rocha, OR
6. Paullyn Victorious Maya (Victorious), River Valley Farm, IL
7. JX By-Jenn Tequila Fancy (Tequila), Caleb Peterson, MO
8. Kunde Victorious Lydia (Victorious), Ron & Christy Ratliff, Trustees, KS
9. Cimarrons Victorious Dasher (Victorious), David A Jones, OK
10. Discoverys Applejack Junebug (Applejack), Lisa Demmer, WI

Junior 2-Year-Old

1. Rivendale VIP Eloise (VIP), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
2. Whitdale Gentry Graceful-ET (Gentry), Peter Vail & Budjon Farms, WI
3. Big Guns Andreas Velvet-ET (Andreas), Peter Vail & Budjon Farms, WI
4. South Mountain Fizz Chablis-ET (Fizz), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
5. Unique HP Enchanting-ET (Kwynn), T&L Cattle & Mike Berry, OR
6. Ent-LLR-MPH Nu Chaos-ET (Nuance), Michael Heath, Mark Iager & Will Iager, MD
7. Ratliff Pistol Annie (Pistol) , Ron & Christy Ratliff & Trustees, KS
8. Random Luck Joel Applause (Joel), Red Dirt Genetics, OK
9. Kleins Fizzs Fozz (Fizz), Trey & Bryce Klein, IN
10. Rivendale Colton Dahlia-ET (Colton), Daniel Yorton, MD

Senior 2-Year-Old

1. Rivendale VIP Faye-ET (VIP), Keightley-Core & Borba, KY
2. Pacific Edge Premier Diva-ET (Premier), Brent Rocha, OR
3. Ratliff Money Vixen (Money), Ron & Christy Ratliff, KS
4. South Mountain Andreas Rascal-ET (Andreas), RCD Jerseys & Ernie Kueffner, Terri Packard, MD
5. Kilgus Tequila Briana-ET (Tequila), Jim & Janet Kappers, MN
6. Cowbell Viral Ringrooma-ET (Viral), Franchise, D. Jordan, & M.&W. Iager, OH
7. J.P.L Joel Adealia (Joel), Vierra Dairy, CA
8. KCJF/Lucky Lady Dream Gone Viral-ET (Viral), Jeff and Alta Mae Core, KY
9. Cowbell Shoes Cleopatra (Blue Suede Shoes), Chase Rozler of Cowbell Acres, NY
10. Rivendale Colton Fantasy (Colton), Frank & Diane Borba and Keightly Core, KY

Junior 3-Year-Old

1. Milk & Honey Vaden Fern-ET (Vaden), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
2. BJ Texas Madrid (Texas), Megan & Sarah Hill, VT
3. Mer-James Fizz Figgy Azalea (Fizz), Peter Vail & Budjon Farms, WI
4. Stoney Point VIP Faith (VIP), Doeberiener & Bowen & Michael Heath, OH
5. Ho-Crawf Andreas Joplin (Andreas), Taylor, Erin & Sophie Leach, KS
6. Ratliff Ladd Vicki (Ladd), Ron & Christy Ratliff, KS
7. Pacific Edge Fireman Poloma (Fireman), Joey Rocha, OR
8. Raliff Money Delirious (Money), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
9. Reich-Dale Gunman Secure-ET (Gunman), Hayden Reichard, PA
10. Lawtons Game Changer Hype (Game Changer), Ryan Lawton, NY

Senior 3-Year-Olds

1. Summer Breeze Tequila Gayle (Tequila), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
2. Top Gene Joel Pastel (Joel), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
3. Josclaud Victorious Pixar (Victorious), Joe & Sarah Rocha & Brent Rocha, OR
4. Svheaths Tequila Chloe-ET (Tequila), Kash-In Jerseys & Kamryn Kasbergen, CA
5. Svheaths VIP Rio (VIP), Isabella Pires, Mason, Austin & Dominic Dores, CA
6. JX Cold Run Andreas Vineyard {5} (Andreas), Glamourview – Iager & Walton, MD
7. Schulte Bros Teq My Lady-ET (Tequila), Franchse, D. Jordan, Iager M&W, Bewley O&C, OH
8. Starrcrest Premier Adelaide (Premier), Kristy & James McAvoy, BC
9. Underground Tootsie Twizzler (Tootsie), Justin & Claire Burdette, Lindsay Bowen, & Kevin Dobereiner, PA
10. KCJF Colton Razzle-ET (Colton), Brittany Core, KY

4-Year-Old (19)

1. Sugar Brook Bartender Bridgett (Bartender), Kueffner & Fraley, MD
2. Royalty Ridge-RF Gentry Fabulous-ET (Gentry), Tatum Grace Lancaster, OR
3. Elliotts Fizz Charade-ET (Fizz), Patrick Marvin Gourley, OR
4. Pacific Edge MG Wish Granted {5} (Magic Genie), R&R Dairy, OR
5. Campbell TB Verb Rhyanna-ET (Verbatium), Diley Jerseys & Willams Jerseys, OH
6. Cowbell Dragon Reckless (Dragon), Rozler Graham – Cowbell Acres, NY
7. Arethusa Premier Ventosa-ET (Premier), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
8. SV Fizz Cupid-ET (Fizz), Michael Heath & Spring Valley Farm, MD
9. Meadowridge Vitality Strawberry (Vitality), Mark Riebe, Tani Kaitynn, & Aleah and Alexa Anderson, WI
10. Oakhaven Oliver Vista-P (Oliver), Joseph Ziegler & Oakhaven Jerseys, OH

5-Year-Old (14)

1. Lone Pine Joel JugoJuice 9807 (Joel), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
2. Svheaths Tequila Jolie (Tequila), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
3. South Mountain Premier Sprite (Premier), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
4. Glenview Colton Faith-ET (Colton), Dillon Cotter, PA
5. WF Valentine Lokie (Valentine), Reagan Jackson, VA
6. Meadowridge Bang Bang Polly (Bang Bang), Michael Riebe, WI
7. Billings Applejack Morning Glory-ET (Applejack), Spencer Vance & Jacob Schucker, KS
8. Ratliff Dually Atlee-ET (Dually), Ron & Christy Ratliff, KS
9. TJ/RV Getaway Vera 1587-ET (Getaway), TJ Classic Jerseys & Allison & Lane Francis, OH
10. KC Reviresco Babbles (Reviresco), Elise Carpenter, KY

Aged Cows

1. Krohlow Comerica Anna (Comerica), John Vosters & James Ostrom, WI
2. Edgelea Tequila Sheraton (Tequila), Peter Vail & Budjon Farms, WI
3. Random Luck Surprise Me (Valentino), Red Dirt Genetics, On the Go Farm & Random Luck, OK
4. Lake-Point Premier Valyria (Premier), Grant, Grace, Hannah & Ellie Fremstad, WI
5. Hillacres Vitality Jasmine (Vitality), Caroline & Nicole Arrowsmith, PA
6. Green Diamond Comerica Valarie-ET (Comerica), David Ryder, OR
7. J-Kay Excitation Fuzzy (Excitation), Clark Morgan & Grant Cope, OH
8. Lylestanley Deacnp Francine 1975-P (Deacon), Red Dirt Genetics, OK
9. Esperanza GA Vivian (Getaway), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
10. IOF Marcus Action Fayna (Action), Elise Carpenter, KY

Lifetime Cheese Merit

1. Hirds Colton Dream (Colton), Keightley, Core & Borba, KY
2. Random Luck T Heather (Tequila), Red Dirt Genetics, OK
3. South Mountain Voltage Radiant-ET (Voltage), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
4. Pacific Edge Matrix Zorra (Matrix), Brent Rocha, OR

Senior Best Three Females (4)

1. Pacific Edge, OR
2. Random Luck, WI