All-American Jersey Show 2019

November 11, 2019 @ Louisville, KY

Keith Topp, OH

Grand Champion of The All American Jersey Show goes to Edgelea Tequila Sheraton, the winning 4-year-old owned by Budjon, Vail & Jordan! The show was held November 11 in Louisville, KY! Keith Topp, OH and his associate judge, Grant Cope, OH sorted through the classes for the day.


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Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Edgelea Tequila Sheraton (Tequila), 1st 4-Year-Old, Budjon Farms, Peter Vail and David Jordan, WI

Reserve Grand Champion
River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET (Excitation), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Misty Meadow Dairy, OR

HM Grand Champion
SVHeaths Tequila Jolie (Tequila), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Allen & Wayne Stiles and Michael Heath, MD

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Edgelea Tequila Sheraton (Tequila), 1st 4-Year-Old, Budjon Farms, Peter Vail and David Jordan, WI

Reserve Senior Champion
RRF Comerica Daisy (Comerica), 1st Aged Cow, Ben, Andy, and Grace Sauder, IL

HM Senior Champion
Faigle Farm Tequila Tic (Tequila), 1st 5-Year-Old, Blake Crothers and Hickory Emerson, NY

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET (Excitation), 1st senior 3-year-old, Misty Meadow Dairy, OR

Reserve Intermediate Champion
SVHeaths Tequila Jolie (Tequila), 1st junior 3-year-old, Allen & Wayne Stiles and Michael Heath, MD

HM Intermediate Champion
Stoney Point Gunman Maddie (Gunman), 2nd senior 3-year-old, Brent Rocha & Mike Podshadly, OR

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Pacific Edge Premier Kahlua-ET (Premier), 1st summer yearling, Brent Rocha, OR

Reserve Junior Champion
Top-Quality Freaky Big Mudder (WD-40), 1st senior calf, Robert Nagel, NY

HM Junior Champion
M-Signature Savannah (Tequila), 2nd senior calf, Landree Fraley, Duane Cole, and Mason Mazzaro, PA

GJPI Grand Champion

Grand Champion

KCJF Colton Dancer (Colton), Keightley & Core, KY

Reserve Grand Champion

Starfields Classis Cosmopolitan (Classis), Utah State University, UT

GJPI Junior Champion

GJPI Junior Champion
Homeridge T Annetee (Tequila), 4th winter yearling, Nickels, Freson, Sell, and Stanford, WI

Reserve GJPI Junior Champion
South Mountain Champagne Fizz (Fizz), 8th summer yearling, Buster Goff, MN

Junior Calf (35)

1. Big Guns Andreas Vegas Bomb-ET (Andreas), Borba, Swale, Putt, Iager, and Schirm, OH
2. (B&O) Meadow Ridge Jedi Goldie (Jedi), Roger Riebe, WI
3. Whitdale Gentry Graceful-ET (Gentry), Grace Depew, NY
4. Maplebranch Andreas Jessies Girl (Andreas), Austin & Craig Thomas, IN
5. LC Barnabas Annie (Barnabas), Erin & Sophie Leach, KS
6. HC-Rader Hired Gun Getaway (Hired Gun), Shelby Rader, PA
7. Big Guns Andreas Vintage-ET (Andreas), Kara Hale and Joe & Sarah Rocha, OR
8. DKG Applejack Violet (Applejack), Mill Valley Farms, OH
9. Red Dirt Premier Frosted Flakes (Premier), Red Dirt Genetics, OK
10. Ma-Be Showdown Tootsie (Showdown), Madelyn Beyer, IN


Intermediate Calf (35)

1. Budjon-Vail Jordan C Shaneese-ET (Colton), Carly & Rebecca Shaw, MD
2. Big Guns Andreas Vienna-ET (Andreas), Lillian Finke, OH
3. (B&O) Pacific Edge Premier Diva (Premier), Brent Rocha, OR
4. LLR Premier Tango-ET (Premier), Hawbaker, Bruchey, and Sweet Peas, MD
5. DKG Colton Cookie (Colton), Mill Valley Farms, OH
6. Big Guns Gentry Vegas (Gentry), Madison Fisher, PA
7. Gypsy Hill Black Apple Cameo (Black Apple), Claire Hlavaty, PA
8. SV Heaths Applejack Layali (Applejack), Marshal Warburton & Blaine Foster, PA
9. Maker VIP Peppermint (VIP), Lady Lane Farm, OR
10. Leahs Casino Lights (Casino), Alexandria Newbold & Isabella Santore, OH

Senior Calf (42)

1. (B&O) Top-Quality Freaky Big Mudder (WD-40), Robert Nagel, NY
2. M-Signature Savannah (Tequila), Landree Fraley, Duane Cole, and Mason Mazzaro, PA
3. South Mountain Ajack Revival (Applejack), Kueffner, Packard, and Hellenbrand, MD
4. South Mountain AJ Ramblin Rose (Applejack), Kueffner, Packard, Hellenbrand, and Corbett, MD
5. Underground N Mamie Neala-ET (Vaden), Sanders, Berry, and Engleking, CA
6. Campbell TB Gunman Elsa (Gunman), Delon Mortimer & Braden Anderson, UT
7. Rosewood Fizzy Kocktail (Fizz), Rosewood / Maplebranch, IN
8. J-Kay Colton Fiona (Colton), James Morgan Family, Grant Cope and Emma Agner, OH
9. Goff Premier 36370-ET (Premier), Peyton, Adyson, and Buster Goff, NM
10. Hammerdown Applejack Melanie (Applejack), Joe Nash and Jamie Black, NY

Summer Yearling (27)

1. (B&O) Pacific Edge Premier Kahlua-ET (Premier), Brent Rocha, OR
2. DKG Exclamation Patty (Exclamation), Mill Valley Farms, OH
3. Lost-Elm Tequila Margie (Tequila), Jason Luttropp, WI
4. Tierneys Gunman Athena (Gunman), Kathryn Bosley, NY
5. Smart Premonition Avery Alpha (Premonition), Joe & Amanda Nash and Phillip Topp, NY
6. Dream-Valley Gentrys Party (Gentry), Michael Bosley, PA
7. La-Foster Hilton Abbey-ET (Hilton), Ryan Lawton and Haley Foster, NC
8. South Mountain Champagne Fizz (Fizz), Buster Goff, MN
9. Rosewood Tequila Hangover (Tequila), Rosewood / Maplebranch and Caylee James, IN
10. SV Heaths Tequila Judon (Tequila), Duane Cole, Mason Mazzaro, Scott Stanford, and Emma Paulson, OH

Junior Yearling (35)

1. SVHeaths Gentry June-ET (Gentry), Misty Meadows Dairy, OR
2. Underground Nat Mamie Nikki-ET (Vaden), Shelby Rader, PA
3. Impression Stormy (Impression), Landree & Dakota Fraley, PA
4. Twin County Showdown Eutospa (Showdown), Willow Voegtlen, PA
5. Air America Lollipops Lily-ET (Vaden), Avery Starr, CA
6. HC-Hearts Desire Fizz Lucky-TW (Fizz), Ernie Kueffner & Terri Packard, MD
7. Drentex Gamechanger Sunbeam (Gamechanger), Carly Shaw, MD
8. Ms Germaine Colton Gidget (Colton), Malissa Reed, MI
9. Reich-Dale Tequila Shore (Tequila) Sabrina Clark, PA
10. (B&O) Bolle-Acres Andreas Passion (Andreas), Bolle-Acres and Kevin Reichard, IN

Winter Yearling (19)

1. J-Kay Fizz Punky (Fizz), Jim & Kay Morgan, OH
2. Cold Run Andreas Betty Blowtorch (Andreas), Cold Run Jerseys and William & Meagan Grammer, OH
3. Townside Norman Kookie (Norman), RK Genetics, WI
4. Homeridge T Annetee (Tequila), Nickels, Freson, Sell, and Stanford, WI
5. Glamourview Response Kruzer-ET (Response), Glamourview – Iager & Walton, MD
6. Glamourview Premier Spade (Premier), Glamourview – Iager & Walton, MD
7. Wingerts Roman Daphne (Roman), Haley Foster, NC
8. Bolle Acres Innovation Fancy (Innovation), Bolle-Acres, IN
9. Roggua Robbindale Just One Look (Tequila), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
10. Grayclay Topeka Cheerio (Topeka), Tim, Barb & Kyle Natzke, WI

Junior Best Three (6)

1. Big Guns Jerseys – Madison Fisher, PA
2. Mill Valley Farms, OH
3. South Mountain Jerseys – Kueffner & Packard, MD
4. Spring Valley & Heath Jerseys, MD

Milking Yearling (29)

1. (B&O, BU) KCJF Velocity Dreamtime (Velocity), Jackson Powers and Keightley & Core, KY
2. Underground Tootsie Twizzler (Thorn), Burdette, Doebereiner & Bowen, PA
3. SVHeaths Tequila Chloe-ET (Tequila), Kash-In Jerseys, CA
4. Esperanza Rhiana (Valentino), Peyton & Tanner Morrison, MN
5. Mish-Ro VIP Shabbat Shalom (VIP), Michelle Morian, PA
6. Meadowridge Georgio Dolly (Georgio), Roger Riebe, WI
7. Reich-Dale Tequila Show-Me-ET (Tequila), Shaylin Reichard, PA
8. Avonlea CF Vanity At Bushlea (Colton), Randy Drinkall Family, MN
9. Magic Genie Vanna (Magic Genie), Williams Jerseys & Erin Williams, OH
10. Terra Rose Colt Gucci-ET (Colton), Grant Yoder, PA

Junior 2-Year-Old (31)

1. Norse Star Balin Layla (Balin), Kash-In Jerseys, CA
2. (B&O) Musqie Joel Villetta-ET (Joel), Musqie Valley, Franchise, Gammon & Jordan, OH
3. KCJF Colton Dancer (Colton), Keightley & Core, KY
4. Stookey Holm Colton Truffle (Colton), Mallarie & Jordan Stookey, IN
5. Ratliff Irwin Duchess (Irwin), Ron & Christy Ratliff, KS
6. Sugar & Spice Fizz Vallory (Fizz), Landon Fairman, PA
7. Guymont Colton Switch (Colton), Keightly & Core Jerseys and Crestbrooke, KY
8. SVHeaths Joel Javonne (Joel), Rivendale Farms, PA
9. Despresverts Joel Glamour ET (Joel), Joshua Arp, OH
10. Topekas Miss Pink of Starstuck (Target), Grant Dohle, MO

Senior 2-Year-Old (22)

1. (BU) M-Signature Estancia (Colton), Jeff & Alta Mae Core, KY
2. LLR Tequila Excitement (Tequila), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
3. Campbell TB Verb Ryhanna ET (Verb), Diley Jerseys & Williams Jerseys, OH
4. River Valley Excitation Radiant ET (Excitation), Ron & Christy Ratliff, KS
5. (B&O) Elliotts Vitality Cisco (Vitality), Ernest Kueffner & Terri Packard, MD
6. SV Heaths Shotzky Rayjay (Shotskey), Ryan Poole, MD
7. Stoney Point Andreas Becca (Andreas), Pacific Edge Genetics, OR
8. TC 2246 Victorious Sweet (Victorious), Kevin Lutz, NC
9. Stoney Point Fizz Freefall ET (Fizz), Shaylin Reichard, PA
10. My O My Adventourous ET (My-O-My), Grant Dohle and Addison Goldenburg, MO

Junior 3-Year-Old (21)

1. (BU, B&O) SVHeaths Tequila Jolie (Tequila), Allen & Wayne Stiles and Michael Heath, MD
2. Lone Pine Joel Jugojuice 9807 (Joel), Franchise, R&R Dairy, and David Jordan, OR
3. Royalty Ridge Riversong Hazel (Joel), Ryan & Freynie Lancaster, OR
4. Ratliff Colton Pearl (Colton), Ron & Christy Ratliff, KS
5. KCJF Colton Can Be It (Colton), Brittany Core, KY
6. Arethusa Colton Kendra (Colton), Brent Rocha, OR
7. Meadow Ridge Bang Bang Polly (Bang Bang), Roger Riebe, WI
8. SVHeaths Tequila Java (Tequila), Pitterle, Staring, Weiger, and Spring Valley, WI
9. Brenby Getaway Mocha (Getaway), Haley Foster and Ryan Lawton, NC
10. DKG Motion Jolly (Motion), Mill Valley Farms, OH

Senior 3-Year-Old (20)

1. River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET (Excitation), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
2. Stoney Point Gunman Maddie (Gunman), Brent Rocha & Mike Podshadly, OR
3. Triple-T-Heath Getaway to Cancun-ET (Getaway), Natalie & Mia Berry, OR
4. DKG Rita Relentless Sugar (Relentless), Mill Valley Farms, OH
5. SV Excite Holiday (Excitation), Spring Valley Farm Jerseys, MD
6. Starfields Classis Cosmopolitan (Classis), Utah State University, UT
7. Spatz Cattle Co, PA
8. J-Kay Applejack Felice (Applejack), Jim & Kay Morgan, OH
9. Four-Hills Velocity Gloriana (Velocity), Megan Hill, VT
10. Ratliff Tequila Radience (Tequila), Ron & Christy Ratliff, KS

4-Year-Old (21)

1. (BU) Edgelea Tequila Sheraton (Tequila), Budjon Farms, Peter Vail and David Jordan, WI
2.TJ Classic Premier Misty (Premier), Allison Francis and TJ Classic Jerseys, OH
3.Ma Brown Vitality Raquette (Vitality), Diley Jerseys and Williams Jerseys, OH
4.Lyon Ajack Bay (Apple Jack), Glamourview – Iager & Walton, MD
5.Ratliff Indiana Cadence-ET (Indiana), Ron and Christy Ratliff, MS
6.Pacific Edge Million Dollar Cat (Million), R and R Dairy, OR
7.KCJF Jade Ritzys Romance (Jade), Brady Core, KY
8.Dyffryn Bd Louie Peppermint (Louie), Misty Meadow Dairy, OR
9.Heaths Applejack Willow (Apple Jack), Michael Heath, MD
10.Pacific Edge Matrix Zorra (Matrix), Brent Rocha, OR

5-Year-Old (15)

1. (BU) Faigle Farm Tequila Tic (Tequila), Blake Crothers and Hickory Emerson, NY
2. Chili Nitro Cabo-ET (Nitro), Ben, Andy, and Grace Sauder, IL
3. SSF Boeheim Pace (Boeheim), Charles Luchsinger, NY
4. Genesis Excitement Darby (Excitement), Grace Depew, NY
5. Oeh-My Premier Penelope (Premier), Willow Oehmichen, WI
6. RRF Classic Tequila Dell (Tequila), Lane, Allison, and Callum Francis, OH
7. Arethusa Grand Veanna (Grandious), Spatz Cattle Company & Micheal Heath,PA
8. Ratliff Impression Donner-ET (Impression), Ron and Christy Ratliff, KS
9. Spring Moon Governor Grace (Governor), Grant Dohle, MO
10.Stoney Point Comerica Kathie (Comerica), Kash-In Holsteins and Jerseys, CA

Aged Cow (9)

1. RRF Comerica Daisy (Comerica), Ben, Andy, and Grace Sauder, IL
2. OBJ Blackstone Ada (Blackstone), Forest, Jayme, Kason and Kolbie Ozburn, TN
3. Scottiere Kacey Tequila (Tequila), Ben, Andy, and Grace Sauder, IL
4. SV Impression Holly-ET (Impression), Ben, Andy and Grace Sauder, IL
5. Windy Willow Impression Lori J (Impression), Nicole Sanders and Natalie Berry, CA
6. Aragorn Pat A Cake (Response), Jim and Kay Morgan, OH
7. Spatz Premier Felecia (Premier), Spatz Cattle Company, PA
8. Meadow Ridge Verbatim Claire (Verbatim), Roger Riebe, WI
9. SV Heaths Harry Blondie (Harry), Spring Valley Farm Jerseys, MD

Lifetime Cheese Production (5)

1. JL Vincent Sapphira (Vincent), Ben, Andy, and Grace Sauder, IL
2. Arethusa Tequila Vision (Tequila), Ron and Christy Ratliff, KS
3. Laguna Hired Gun Joanna-ET (Hired Gun), Brent Rocha, OR
4. Dreamroad Tbone Clumsy (Tbone), Keightley and Core, KY
5. Premier Joy Of JCB (Premier), Ron and Christy Ratliff, KS