Alberta Dairy Congress Holstein Show 2021

August 13, 2021 @ Rimbey, AB

Kevin McGriskin, ON

Senior 3-year-old, Heritagegrd Highoctane Cabaret (High Octane) was judge Kevin McGriskin’s choice for the day when he made her Intermediate & Grand Champion of the show! Congratulations Mosang Holsteins and to her new owners, Ferme Jacobs, QC. Cowsmo was on hand providing LIVE video coverage, photos and results thanks to our premier sponsor Unigen! 


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Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Heritagegrd Highoctane Cabaret (High Octane), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Ferme Jacobs, QC

Reserve Grand Champion
Mosnang Unix Lipstick (Unix), 1st Junior 2-Year-Old, Westcoast Holsteins, BC

HM Grand Champion
Wendon Goldwyn Aloha (Goldwyn), 1st Mature Cow, Wendon Holsteins AB

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Heritagegrd Highoctane Cabaret (High Octane), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Ferme Jacobs, QC

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Mosnang Unix Lipstick (Unix), 1st Junior 2-Year-Old, Westcoast Holsteins, BC

HM Intermediate Champion
Wendon Solomon Alby (Solomon), 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Wendon Holsteins, AB

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Luncrest Auspicious-2250-ET (Delta-Lambda), 1st Senior Calf, R&F Livestock, SK

Reserve Junior Champion
Skycrest Lambda Shakira (Delta Lambda), 1st Junior Calf, Sweetridge Farms, MB

HM Junior Champion
Diamondpark Sexy Warrior (Warrior), 2nd Senior Calf, Leighton Slingerland, AB

Junior Calf (8)

1. Skycrest Lambda Shakira (Delta Lambda), Sweetridge Farms, MB
2. Rietben Alligator Electra (Alligator), Rietveld Dairies, AB
3. Mosnang Radio Ballerina (Radio), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
4. Kozak Magnum Rihanna (Magnum), Kozak Holsteins, AB
5. Skycrest Mirand Pegasus (Mirand), Skycrest Holsteins, AB
6. Mosnang I Am Legend (Legend), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
7. Skycrest Mirand Partygirl (Mirand), Darcor Holsteins, AB
8. Matvale Chief Black (Chief), Plum Blossom Farms, SK

Intermediate Calf (12)

1. Riverdown Denver Akaren (Denver), R&F Livestock, SK
2. Rietben Brave Fearless (Brave), Rietveld Dairies, AB
3. Hamming Alligator Marla (Alligator), Hamming Holsteins, BC
4. Willvue-ND Moovin Tavia (Moovin), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
5. Nienhuis Ashby Crush (Ashby), Nienhuis Family Farm, SK
6. Detimdale Arrow Bardo (Arrow), Tim Hofstra, AB
7. RedCarpet Moovnto Dallas-ET (Moovin), Hamming Holsteins, BC
8. Abjuno Sidekick Rieksje 533 (Sidekick), Simone Huisman, AB
9. Abjunio Lydell Sigi 268 (Lydell), Juno Dairy, AB
10. Kenbert Doorman Enjoya (Doorman), Diamond Park Dairy Ltd., AB

Senior Calf (10)

1. Luncrest Auspicious-2250-ET (Delta-Lambda), R&F Livestock, SK
2. Diamondpark Sexy Warrior (Warrior), Leighton Slingerland, AB
3. Wendon Denver Raining (Denver), Wendon Holsteins, AB
4. Skycrest Mirand Orangutan (Mirand), Darcor Holsteins, AB
5. Garay Master Barbarella (Master), R&F Livestock, SK
6. Hamming Master Summer (Master), Hamming Holsteins, BC
7. Milksource Anikas Angell-ET (Doorman), Lucky Hill Dairy, AB
8. Rietben Knowhow Shelby (Knowhow), Rietben Dairies, AB
9. Kozak Sidekick Makenzie (Sidekick), Kozak Holsteins, AB
10. Diamondpark Warrior Bettine (Warrior), Clarence Slingerland, AB

Summer Yearling (5)

1. Gouldhaven T Storm Everest (Thunder Storm), R&F Livestock, AB
2. Mosnang Bomba Jello Shot (Bomba), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
3. Mosnang Dropkick Lockdown (Dropkick), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
4. Thornspyc Swingman Alidah (Swingman), Thornspyc Dairy, AB
5. Diamondpark Haniko Chichai (Haniko), Clarence Slingerland, AB

Junior Yearling (7)

1. Petitclerc Denver Abella (Denver), R&F Livestock, SK
2. Mosnang Unstopabull Chardonnay (Unstopabull), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
3. Sterlingpark Tatoo Aria (Tatoo), Sterlingpark Holsteins, AB
4. Thornspyc Mirand Nicki-P (Mirand), Thornspyc Dairy, AB
5. Jeanlu Avalanche Glisten ET (Avalanche), Clarence Slingerland, AB
6. Nienhuis Royal Brie (Royal), Nienhuis Family Farm, SK
7. Corlane Bardo Arlo (Bardo), Corlane Holsteins, AB

Intermediate Yearling (4)

1. Blondin Thunder Storm Cara (Thunder Storm), R&F Livestock, SK
2. Mosnang Mirand Vamoose (Mirand), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
3. Darcor Dropkick Elsy (Dropkick), Darcor Holsteins, AB
4. Mosnang Dropkick Annette (Dropkick), Mosnang Holsteins, AB

Senior Yearling (4)

1. Loka Jacoby Ice Queen (Jacoby), R&F Livestock, AB
2. Southrise Jordy Chasm, Orville Schmidt, AB
3. Mosnang Calvados Mosquito (Calvados), Willswik Holsteins, BC
4. Diamondpark Haniko Jaida (Haniko), Diamond Park Dairy, AB

Junior Herd (3)

1. Mosnang Holsteins, AB
2. Rietveld Dairies, AB
3. Diamond Park Dairy, AB

Summer 2-Year-Old (4)

1. Skycrest Apple Crisp Lovebomb (Apple Crisp), Ferme Jacobs, AB
2. Mosnang Sidekick Lovesick (Sidekick), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
3. Barrvalley Sidekick Lilac (Sidekick), R&F Livestock, SK
4. Matvale Drastic Dustine (Drastic-P), Arthur Pruim, SK

Junior 2-Year-Old (7)

1. Mosnang Unix Lipstick (Unix), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
2. OCD Solomon Calypso-ET (Solomon), Mellowdale Dairy, AB
3. Skycrest Artist Hailstorm (Artist), Skycrest Holsteins, AB (BO)
4. Corlane Unix Salisbury (Unix), Wendon Holsteins, AB
5. Rietben Silvio Amy (Silvio), Rietveld Dairies & Tyson Rietveld, AB
6. Crestomere Sidekick Valkyrie (Sidekick), Crestomere Holsteins, AB
7. Luck-E America Angel (America), Granite Quarry Farm, AB

Senior 2-Year-Old (8)

1. Wendon Solomon Alby (Solomon), Wendon Holsteins, AB
2. Kozak Seeger Tia (Seeger), R&F Livestock, SK
3. Mosnang Unstopabull Karma (Unstopabull), Mosnang Holsteins, Lovholm Holsteins & Lucky Hill Dairy AB
4. Duckett Sidekick Ozzie-ET (Sidekick), R&F Livestock, SK
5. Crestomere Sidekick Cyrillic (Sidekick), Crestomere Holsteins, AB
6. Crestomere Doc Do Little (King Doc), Crestomere Holsteins, AB
7. Rietben Golddust Colleen (Golddust), Rietveld Dairies, AB
8. Corlane Brash Eevee (Brash), Corlane Holsteins, AB

Junior 3-year-old (1)

1. Wendon Goldwyn Prim (Goldwyn), Wendon Holsteins, AB

Senior 3-year-old (8)

1. Heritagegrd Highoctane Cabaret (High Octane), Ferme Jacobs, QC
2. Rietben D Finest (Douglas), Rietveld Dairies, AB
3. Crestomere Defiant Leather (Defiant), Crestomere Holsteins, AB
4. Corlane Devourrc Candycrush (Devour), Corlane Holsteins, AB
5. Skycrest Goldenset Foxygirl (Control), Skycrest Holsteins, AB
6. Crestomere Doorman Callie (Doorman), Crestomere Holsteins, AB
7. Skycrest King Royal Sangria (King Royal), Skycrest Holsteins, AB
8. Godin Jacoby Booze (Jacoby), Plum Blossom Farm, SK

4-Year-Old (6)

1. Pondvue Gold Chip Gretchen (Gold Chip), R&F Livestock, SK
2. Crestomere Solomon Cookie (Solomon), Crestomere Holsteins, AB
3. Mosnang Beemer Reckoning (Beemer), Mosnang Holstein, AB
4. Rietben So Fine (Solomon), Rietveld Dairies, AB
5. Zimmer Sp Mccutchen Axel (McCutchen), Sterlingpark Holsteins, AB
6. Corlane Octane Gizmo (High Octane), Corlane Holsteins, AB

5-Year-Old (2)

1. Mosnang Jacoby Escalade (Jacoby), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
2. Mosnang Bankroll Risotto (Bankroll), Mosnang Holsteins, AB

Mature Cow (6)

1. Wendon Goldwyn Aloha (Goldwyn), Wendon Holsteins AB
2. Wendon Jordan Dixie (Jordan), Wendon Holsteins, AB
3. Crestomere G D Lillie (Gold Dust), Crestomere Holsteins, AB
4. Skycrest Defiant Last Call (Defiant), Skycrest Holsteins, AB
5. Grossville Aftershock Fiona (Aftershock), Rietveld Dairies, AB
6. Thornspyc Loaded Renee (Loaded IMP), Thornspyc Dairy, AB

Premier Awards

Junior Premier Exhibitor
R&F Livestock, SK

Junior Premier Breeder
Mosnang Holsteins, AB

Premier Exhibitor & Breeder
Mosnang Holsteins, AB