Air-Osa Dairy Extravaganza Sale 2015

Thursday February 12, 2015 @ 4pm @ Air-Osa Dairy - Pixley CA

$5593 Average

The Airosa Dairy Extravaganza sale was held in great fashion Thursday, February 12th before a huge crowd of dairy enthusiasts in Pixley, CA.

Sale Prices

The Airosa Dairy Extravaganza sale was held in great fashion Thursday, February 12th before a huge crowd of dairy enthusiasts in Pixley, CA.

With an impressive $609,650,000 gross on 112 lots, the sale averaged $5,593 on live lots. The Holstein lots in the sale averaged $5,789, while the Jerseys averaged $4,363.

Topping off the evening as the overall high seller, and the top Holstein lot at $23,000 was Lot 2. Consigned by Trifecta Genetics of Hilmar, CA, Trifecta U Regina 73941876 is a November 2014 +2594GTPI Reflector out of a VG86 +2443GTPI Numero Uno 2 Year Old. She was the selection of Sexing Technologies of Navasota, TX.

Following as the second high seller at $19,500 was Lot 8, Ms Apple Adra-ET, a September 2014 Atwood daughter of KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX96-3E. A potential 8th generation EX, Adra was consigned by Apple Partners of Lanark, IL and purchased by Mike Deaver of Edgerton, WI.

Third high seller was Lot 44 at $18,200. Air-Osa-Exel B Devine is a +2537GTPI December 2014 Bombero from a VG85 +2345GTPI Mogul who sold in the sale for $11,000, out of a VG89 Planet from the Dellia family. Devine was consigned by Airosa and VanExel of Tipton, CA. Sexing Technologies of Navasota, TX also took Devine home.

The top Jersey consignment of the sale was Lot 107 at $8,600. Leonardo Bros Marvel Layla-ET is a September 2013 Marvel from 2x CA Spring Show Champion GR Islander Bazaar Lolita EX94. She was the consignment of Desiree Leonardo of Selma, CA.

Other sale highlights include:

Lot 7, Miss Beauty Golden Belle-ET, $14,000, a September 2014 Goldwyn from show-winning Ms Exels Dundee Beauty EX95-3E

Lot 60, Mel-Tina Attitude Zappy, $13,700, a March 2014 Attitude from a VG 86 Advent, from the Zandra family
Lot 9, Ms Kisst Apple Chip-ET, $13,000, a September 2013 Gold Chip from the Million Dollar Apple EX96-3E herself, a potential 8th generation EX
Lot 1, Sunview Event Sundance-ET, $12,200, a potential 13th generation EX or VG September 2014 +2574GTPI Main Event from the VG87 #2 RC cow of the breed, with the second dam being Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk EX
Lot 46, Ms Cranehill Destiny-ET, $12,000, a June 2014 Brokaw from an EX Shottle, back to the Dellia family
Lot 43, Air-Osa-Excel M Dee-ET, $11,000, a VG85 +2345GTPI Mogul fresh in December, out of a VG89 Planet, back to the Dellia family
Lot 74, a March 2014 Atwood, $10,800, from an EX92 Dundee, than an EX92 Broker
Lot 29, Heritage-E Renos Revenge, $9,900, a June 2014 Aftershock from a VG88 Windbrook 2 year old, then an EX91 Goldwyn and an EX91 Durham.

Sale Day Photos

Sale Order

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Final Updates

Airosa Dairy Extravaganza – UPDATES

Lot 1          Steve Berland would like to talk to new owner about embryos

Lot 2          Dam now scored VG-86 at 2-05

Lot 3          Air-osa Atwood Real19444-ET Born: 10/27/14 REG: 840003125501684

Lot 4          DAM: Grand Champion CA State Holstein Show 2014

Lot 9          Bred 2/8 to 200H6657 – Gen-I-Beq Attico-Red

Neg. Bruceloosis, BVD, Leukosis, TB and Anaplasmosis

Lot 10        See Photo Update Sheet

Dam:  Res. Jr. All-American 2014

2nd Jr 2 Year Old International Jr Holstein Show 2014

Lot 11        OUT

Lot 13        Aspirated 2/10 – 7 Oocytes

Lot 16        Bred 2/8 to 29H17573 – Seagull-Bay Silver

Lot 20        Dam now scored VG-85-2YR. Tested A2/A2

Lot 21        Bred 2/6 to 200H6480 – Val-Bisson Doorman

Lot 23        OUT

Lot 25        Dam: Highest R&W Cow 365 day Milk and Protein Record.

Lot 27        OUT

Lot 31        GTPI +2307G +563M +41F .07%F +28P +.04%P +423NM +2.7PL 2.1DPR 5.3%DCE +2.15T +2.02UDC +1.64FLC

Lot 34        OUT

Lot 35        OUT


Dam now scored VG-89 EX92-MS 1st Lactation

DAM: 2-08 3x 365D 45,490 3.6% 1625 3.0% 1374

No Mogul, Dorcy, Planet, Goldwyn! Extreme Production!

Lot 36: GTPI +2270G +2128M +50F -.10%F +59P -.02%P +499NM +1.9PL -.8DPR 5.8%DCE +1.81T +1.51UDC +.18FLC

Lot 37: GTPI +2285G +1574M +50F -.03%F +50P +.01%P +468NM +1.5PL -.4DPR 6.8%DCE +2.14T +1.83UDC +.78FLC

Lot 39        OUT

Lot 43        See Photo Update Sheet. Now scored VG-85 VG-MS.

DAM: 2-0 365D 34,890 4.2% 1467 3.1% 1082

Aspirated 2/10 at 62 Day in Milk – 3 Oocytes.

Lot 44        GTPI +2537G +1526M +57F .00%F +39P -.02%P +624NM +5.4PL 2.3DPR 5.2%DCE +2.98T +2.29UDC +1.47FLC

Dam now scored VG-85 VG-MS

Lot 45        Now scored VG-85 VG-MS

Lot 47        Costa-View Kingboy 56591 Reg: 84000312844149

GTPI +2401G +1092M +38F -.01%F +33P -.01%P +512NM +5.0PL 2.0DPR 6.4%DCE +2.61T +2.20UDC +1.84FLC

Lot 49        5th Dam: Markwell Thor Renee-ET VG-87 CAN

2-02 2 348 27,269 4.2 1153 3.8 1025

Lot 50        Genie-J Mint19327-ET at sale. Buyer can choose from all 3 calves.

7th Dam: Markwell Thor Renee-ET VG-87 CAN

2-02 2 348 27,269 4.2 1153 3.8 1025

Lot 53        Wedgwood Doorman Teresa REG: CAN12089029

Lot 55        Now scored VG-86 VG-MS. See Photo Update Sheet

1st Test: 28 DIM 108 lbs 5.2% Fat 4.5% Protein

Lot 56        GPTA +3.05T +2.23UDC +3.24FLC

Lot 57        Pregnant Due 10/15/15 to Sexed Kingboy

Lot 60        Mel-Tina Attitude Zappy *RC REG: 143203458

Lot 61        Substitute (Full Sister). Poly Atwood 23149-ET REG #72126590

Born: 12/3/12

Fresh: 12/2/14 Last Test: 96 lbs 4.1%Fat 2.6%Protein 16,000 SCC

Lot 63        Dam now scored EX-90 91-MS. GTPI +1976, +1.93Type.

Lot 66        Dam now scored VG-87

Lot 67        See Photo Update Sheet

Lot 72        CHOICE OF 2 CALVES: 72 & 72B

72B: Air-osa SV Jeni 19288-ET Born: 9/16/14

Dam now scored EX-93

DAM: 6-1 365D 34,890 4.2% 1467 3.1% 1082

Lot 73        See Photo Update Sheet

Lot 74        3rd Dam: VG-88CAN 3-4 363D 26,464 3.1%F 816F 3.1%P 809P

Lot 82        Bred 2/9 to 7H10506 – Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood

Lot 85        Dam now scored 3E-91 at 9-11. Sister by Destry now scored VG-88 at 2-11.

Full Sister was 2nd Winter Calf Western Spring National.

Lot 88        Bred 1/20/15 to 7H12016 – Air-osa-MLE Malone-Red

Lot 89        OUT

Lot 91        OUT

Lot 92        She is RED!

Lot 93        DAM: Now EX-90

Lot 94        Born 9/15/14 Reg #74270067

Lot 96        See Photo Update Sheet. Dam now scored GP-81 VG-MS.

Lot 98        OUT

Lot 99        SEE TEAR SHEET

Lot 100      SEE TEAR SHEET Born: 1/15/15

Lot 103      Maternal Sister: Miss Triple-T Serenity EX-93

1st 4 Yr Old & HM Grand Champion Royal Winter Fairy 2014

All-Canadian 4 Yr Old 2014

Res Jr Champion Royal Winter Fair 2011

Lot 106      Bred 1/13 to 1J711 – Sweetie Plus Iatolas Bold

Lot 107      Bred 2/1 to 76J156 – Tower Vue Prime Tequila-ET

Lot 108      Sired by All Lynns Louie Valentino-ET

Lot 109      Neg. Brucellosis, BVD, Leukosis, TB and Anaplasmosis

Lot 112      OUT

Lot 115      OUT

Lot 116      3rd Dam: EX-90

Lot 117      6th Dam: EX-90

Lot 120      Bred 2/6 to 7J1344 – Wilsonview IF Matt

Lot 122      SEE TEAR SHEET

Lot 123      SEE TEAR SHEET

Highlights & Preview Photos

Details & Schedule of Events

Make your way to California for the Air-Osa Dairy Extravaganza Sale! 100 Lots of Holsteins & Jerseys will sell!

Sale begins at 4pm PST on Thursday, February 12th with Live video feed & real time bidding at HERE

Complete catalog can be found HERE

Updated information on Lots can be found HERE

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February 10th & 11th  3-6pmAir-Osa Dairy Extravaganza Sale 2015
Sale cattle viewing and California hospitality
February 12 – Sale Day
2-4 pm – Pre-Sale Social & Cattle Viewing
4:00 pm – Air-Osa Extravaganza Sale begins!

Added lots

Lot 99 Air-Osa Cashmoney 18848
Lot 100 Female (Pending)
Lot 122 Clquato-RH Queens Quest
Lot 123 Jerland SH Armani Genoa-ET
To view more information on these lots click here 




Consignment Highlights

Lot 29 – Heritage-E Renos Revenge
(a 06/14 Aftershock out of Hammertime Windbrook Reno VG-88.  2nd dam is Milksource Goldwyn Rhea-ET EX-91, next dams EX-91 and VG-88).
Consigned by: N&J Sarbacker & M&L Evangelo.

YouTube video

Lot 40 - S-S-I Caspian 6608 9492-et


Lot 52 - S-S-I-Deyja Jazstar 9525-et


Air-Osa Dairy Extravaganza Sale 2015

Air-Osa Dairy Extravaganza Sale 2015

Sale Contacts

Sale Co-Managed by:

Joey Airoso   559-967-5258   |   [email protected]  
Matthew Evangelo   559-816-4224  |  [email protected]

Chris Hill    202-255-7907 | [email protected]

Norm Nabholz   563-590-3204    |  [email protected]

Sale Staff:
Joey Airoso             559-967-5258
Matt Evangelo        559-816-8224
Ken Melvold            559-906-1714
Chris Hill                 202-255-7907
Hank Van Exel      209-810-0880
Gil Teixeira             209-985-0367
Ryan Matheron     209-652-3511
Jason Danhof         715-305-0522
Ray LeBlanc            802-249-2155
Norm Nabholz       563-590-3204
Robert Yeoman     405-880-2209
Mike Deaver           608-207-0344
Mike Moretti           707-477-9190
Nick Sarbacker       608-698-2855
Adam Van Exel       209-366-3610
Anthony Souza       559-805-5469
Mike Berry               517-282-6476
Robert Teixeira      209-495-0367
Howard Binder      303 717-6377
Nathan Thomas      937-537-0805
Kevin Jorgenson    920-210-3992
John Schefers         320-260-5436
David Macedo         559-901-7081

Sale Location & Accomodations

Air-Osa Dairy
11275 Road 96
Pixley, CA

Hotel Headquarters:
Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino
Lemoore, CA
Rate: Tuesday & Wednesday night: $199/night  & Thursday night: $99/night

All reservations are to be made through Lauren Evangelo by January 24, 2015.  Rooms can be cancelled 48 hours prior to check in.

Lauren’s Contact Information:
 707-338-5247   |   [email protected]

Sale is held in conjunction with World Ag Expo