5th Annual Hanover Brown Swiss Show

August 16, 2013 @

Bruce Sayles, ON

This years show was held in conjunction, once again with the Hanover Fall Fair

This years show was held in conjunction, once again with the Hanover Fall Fair weekend. The day brought bright blue skies with a light breeze, perfect showtime weather.

There was a nice size ringside audience on hand to watch the capable judge Bruce Sayles place 51 head of Brown Swiss. There were 15 open show exhibitors and 12 in the Junior Show. The numbers dropped from last years 62 animals due to weather conditions for harvest the last couple weeks.

The quality of animals displayed was top shelf with Fred and Marion Hopkins of Edencrest exhibiting both Grand and Reserve Champion. The Grand Champion banner was presented to the first place 5 year old Lacy with Reserve Champion being presented to the first place 3 year old Libby.

Jeff Nurse of Monteith Farms captured Junior Champion with their first place Summer Yearling heifer followed by Troy and Norvall McConnell of Norbella with their first place Intermediate Yearling.

Premier Exhibitor was presented to Edencrest and Premier Breeder banner was presented to May Farm.

The Hanover Fall Fair will be celebrating it’s 150th year in 2014. Plans are being made for a special event.

A big thank-you to everyone. Exhibitors, sponsors, fair board and all the spectators, till next year thanks again.


Junior Champion
Monteith Marauder Eden (Marauder), Summer Yearling, VB Premier Marauder, Jeff Nurse, ON

Reserve Junior Champion
Norbella Supreme Popcorn (Supreme), Intermediate Yearling, Old Mill WDE Supreme, Norbella, ON

Grand Champion
Edencrest Cartoon Lacy (Cartoon), 5 Year Old, R Hart Cartoon, Fred Hopkins, ON

Reserve Grand Champion
Edencrest OM Supreme Libby (Supreme), 3 year Old, Old Mill WDE Supreme, Fred Hopkins, ON

Junior Calf (9)

1. Blanhaven Total Sweetie (Total), E&J Blanchard, ON
2. Edencrest Parker Remy (Parker), Fred Hopkins, ON
3. Gubelman Brookings Denver (Brookings), Earst Gubelman, ON
4. Norbella TD Smiley (TD), Norbella, ON
5. Far Hope Gold Lass (Goldwyn), Jim Farell, ON
6. Dortholme Ultra B (Braiden), John Dortmans, ON
7. Gubelman Alibaba Disco (Alibaba), Earst Gubelman, ON
8. Gubelman Brookings Detroit (Brookings), Earst Gubelman, ON
9. Maycio B Flower (Braiden), May Farm & S Empey, ON

Intermediate Calf (4)

1. Keviott Acres Motown Annie (Motown), Kevin Elliot & Charlene, ON
2. Glenislay Amaretto Fire (Amaretto), Andrew & Amanda Den Haan, ON
3. Gubelman Brookings Sarah (Brookings), Earst Gubelman, ON
4. Swisslane Brookings Miska (Brookings), Katja Rechsteiner, ON

Senior Calf (3)

1. Norbella Jongleur Pazazz (Jongleur), Norbella, ON
2. Keviott Acres MVP Zazzy (MVP), Kevin Elliot & Charlene, ON
3. Fosters Class Crystal (Supreme), John Dortmans, ON

Summer Yearling (8)

1. Monteith Marauder Eden (Marauder), Jeff Nurse, ON
2. Norbella Wondermint Prize (Wondermint), Norbella, ON
3. Batesdale Wurl Tequila (Wurl), Dan Bates, ON
4. Norbella Wondermint Puddles (Wondermint), Norbella, ON
5. Southbrae Goldmine Angel (Goldmine), John Dortmans, ON
6. Norbella Galaxy Debra (Galaxy), Norbella, ON
7. Maycco B Fall Finest (Mark), May Farm, ON
8. Nor-Bert W Mint Tea (Wondermint), John Dortmans, ON

Junior Yearling (5)

1. Norbella Paul Eve (Wondermint), Norbella, ON
2. Towpath Teaton Sky (Teaton), John Dortmans, ON
3. Bartstar Parker Solo (Parker), David & Melissa Lawrence, ON
4. Dunrovin Amaretto Flash (Amaretto), Dunrovin Acres, ON
5. Edencrest Grand Slam Annie (Grand Slam), Fred Hopkins, ON

Intermediate Yearling (5)

1. Norbella Supreme Popcorn (Supreme), Norbella, ON
2. Edencrest Wondermint Adele (Wondermint), Fred Hopkins, ON
3. Batesdale Wurl Roxalot (Wurl), Dan Bates, ON
4. Farhope M Salty (Mark), Jim Farrel, ON
5. Monteith Showline Gold Fawn (Gold Mine), Jeff Nurse, ON

Junior 2 year old (2)

1. Southbane Shebang Allegra (Shebang), John Dortmans, ON
2. Dunrovin Frontier Crystal (Frontier), Dunrovin Acres, ON

Senior 2 year old (2)

1. Shenel Tressel Splenda (Tressel), E & J Blanchard, ON
2. Batesdale Daniel Elyse (Daniel), Dan Bates, ON

3 year old (5)

1. Edencrest OM Supreme Libby (Supreme), Fred Hopkins, ON
2. Maycco Fantell (Wondermint), Andrew & Amanda Den Haan, ON
3. Batesdale Devonte Flora (Devonte), Dan Bates, ON
4. Dunrovin Acres Wondermint Freedom (Wondermint), Dunrovin Acres, ON
5. Maycco Friday (Elegant), May Farm, ON

4 year old (1)

1. Gubelman Special Danish (Special), Earst Gubelman, ON

5 year old (3)

1. Edencrest Cartoon Lacy (Cartoon), Fred Hopkins, ON
2. Gubelman Vigor Dizzy (Vigor), Earst Gubelman, ON
3. Edencrest Supreme Reba (Elegant), Fred Hopkins, ON

Aged Cow (4)

1. Batesdale Wurl Namoi (Wurl), Dan Bates, ON
2. Maycco Finelee (Pearless), May Farm, ON
3. Maycco Fantana E (Emory), May Farm, ON
4. Maycco Lady Fantasee (Emory), May Farm, ON

Best Udder

1. Edencrest Cartoon Lacy (Cartoon) R Hart Cartoon, Fred Hopkins, ON
2. Edencrest OM Supreme Libby (Supreme) Old Mill WDE Supreme, Fred Hopkins, ON

Best Bred and Owned Class

1. Edencrest Cartoon Lacy (Cartoon) R Hart Cartoon, Fred Hopkins, ON
2. Edencrest OM Supreme Libby (Supreme) Old Mill WDE Supreme, Fred Hopkins, ON

Progeny of Dam Class
1. Andrew & Amanda Den Haan
2. Norbella
3. Fred Hopkins
4. May Farm

Dam and Daughter Class
1. Earst Gubelman
2. E&J Blanchard
3. May Farm

Best Senior Three Females
1. Fred Hopkins
2. May Farm
3. Earst Gubelman

Best Herd of Five Females
1. Fred Hopkins
2. May Farm

Premiere Breeder
1. May Farm
2. Fred Hopkins

Premiere Exhibitor
1. Fred Hopkins
2. May Farm