40th Anniversary Celebration Sale 2021

May 29, 2021 @ Fond du Lac, WI

2021 marks 40 years of dairy sales for Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., Inc.! TODAY the 40th Anniversary Celebration Sale 2021 will be held at the Great Northern Sales Arena to commemorate this monumental achievement. The sale will feature both Jerseys and Holsteins with several Red & White Holsteins selling. Sale order, updates & the catalog are now available on Cowsmo! 

As with many of the sales over the years, this line up offers something for everyone:

  • Special group of show-age heifers with 7 spring calves, 7 winter calves, 8 fall calves and 8 summer yearlings
  • Excellent cows as well as potential Excellents sell
  • Fresh cows milking up to 161lbs a day with many of these from parlor-freestall operations
  • Promising young cows by the breed’s hottest sires like Tatoo and King Doc will be offered
  • 6 IVF sessions from some of the elite genomic heifers of the breed!

Sale Schedule 
May 29th
10:30am … Preview Cattle & Enjoy Great Northern Hospitality
11:45am … Announcements
12:00pm … SALE TIME

Sale Manager
Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., Inc.
Rick & Paula Bovre, mgrs
[email protected]

Sale Contacts
Rick Bovre … 920.960.0487
Chris Hill … 202.255.7907
Kevin Jorgensen … 920.210.3992
Brandon Ferry … 608.335.8861
Lynn Harbaugh … 920.420.1524
Chad Ryan … 920.960.1449
Darrell Worden … 715.571.0833
Jordan Siemers … 920.946.8525
Yvonne Preder … 920.918.1948
Jeff Brantmeier … 920.205.4976
Ben Buske … 920.988.2296
Jared Buske … 920.238.0901
Tyler Endres … 608.333.3579
Brady Engquist … 612.961.9992
Kylie Nickels … 920.253.1520
Dawson Nickels … 920.253.1521
David Petersheim … 608.632.4289
Jon Powers … 920.350.2985
Paula Bovre … 920.960.0655


Sale will be broadcasted live via Cowbuyer with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers!
Contact Aaron Ray Tomkins 336-363-4639.




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Sale Updates

Sale Highlights

Watch for further updates on Facebook and the Great Northern Sales Arena!