2014 IDW National Jersey Show

January 22, 2014 @

Michael Heath, Maryland, USA

Brunchilli Sambo Priscilla owned by Brunchilli Jerseys goes home with the Grand Champion title of the 2014 IDW National Jersey Show!

Champion Results

Junior Champion
Brunchilli Reagan Rose, Brunchilli Jerseys, NSW
Reserve Junior Champion
Hazel Vale Prime Maybelle-ET, Hazel Vale, VIC
Honourable Mention
Brunchilli Tequila Rebecca, Brunchilli Jerseys, NSW

Intermediate Champion
Riverside GG Noelene, Riverside Jerseys, VIC
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Green Pines Sovereign, Green Pines Jerseys, VIC
Honourable Mention
Rivendell Sambo Halle, Rivendell Jerseys, NSW

Champion Cow

Brunchilli Sambo Priscilla, Brunchilli Jerseys, NSW
Reserve Champion Cow
Pasadena Comerica Olive, J Falls, NSW
Honourable Mention
Prom View Jenny 170, Viewfort, Empire & Merseybank Jerseys, VIC

Grand Champion

Brunchilli Sambo Priscilla, Brunchilli Jerseys, Finley, NSW

Exhibitor Encouragement Award
Erin Ferguson, Toolamba, VIC

Premier Breeder
Brunchilli Jerseys
Premier Exhibitor
Brunchilli Jerseys

Class 01 (6) Heifer born on or after 01/07/13

1.  Southern Star Governor Finch (Governor), Southern Star, VIC
2. Kings Ville Lassie 23 (Glitz), R & K Anderson, VIC
3. Homelands Tequilas Vanilla (Tequilas), PW Hentschke & WK Schutz, VIC
4. Nimerald Red Path Nancy (Red Path), P Buckley, NSW
5. Broadlin Mermaid 3067 (Aberian), Broad Family, VIC

Class 2 (6) Heifer born 01/01/13 to 30/06/13

1. Hazel Vale Prime Maybelle-ET  (Tequila), Hazel Vale, VIC
2. Hazel Vale Tequila Maybelle-ET (Tequila), Hazel Vale, VIC
3. Rivendell Glory Annabell (Glory), Rivendell Jerseys, NSW  19-02-2013
4. Hazel Vale Prime Benita-ET (Tequila), Hazel Vale, VIC
5. Gold Label Tequila Dream  (Tequila), B & J Gavenlock, NSW

Class 3 (6) Heifer born 01/07/12 to 31/12/12

1. Brunchilli Reagan Rose (Reagan), Brunchilli Jerseys, NSW
2. Bralock Governor Merle (Governor), B & J Gavenlock, NSW
3. Rivendell Tequila Crystal (Tequila), Rivendell Jerseys, NSW
4. Froglands Lucifer Blonde (Bu Lucifer), B Pedretti, VIC
5. Killarney Grove Tequila Rose (Tequila), P Buckley, NSW

Class 4 (6), Heifer, Dry born 01/01/12 to 30/06/12

1. Shirlinntequila Starbright 3 (Tequila), B & V Wilson & Family, NSW
2. Riverside I’m A Gun  (Hired Gun), Riverside Jerseys,VIC
3. Rivendell Hired Gun Violet (Hired Gun), Menzies Farms & M Templeton, NSW
4. Brunchilli Reagan Noelene (Reagan), Brunchilli Jerseys, NSW
5. Glencraig Tequila Pamela (Tequila), S Salway, NSW

Class 5 (5), Heifer, Dry born 01/07/11 to 31/12/11

1. Brunchilli Tequila Rebecca (Tequila), Brunchilli Jerseys,  NSW
2. Bralock Merch Merle (Merchant), B & J Gavenlock, NSW
3. Stoneleigh Park Action Belle (Action), Burnett Family, VIC
4. Topshelf Tequila Veronica (Tequila), Topshelf Jerseys, NSW
5. Homelands Astound Silvermine 5 (Fabulous), PW Hentschke & WK Schutz, VIC

Class 6 (1), Brunchilli Tequila Rebecca

1.  Boggabilla Althea F27 (Fernwood), W Rundle, VIC

Class 7 (1),Cow, Dry, born prior to 01/01/10

1.  Boggabilla Lorna D56 (Governor), W Rundle, VIC

Jersey Futurity Class (6)

1. Riverside GG Noelene (Governor), Riverside Jerseys, VIC
2. Corrievale Rural Etta (Rural), AF Mackenzie, VIC
3. Broadlin Bubbles 2744 ( Spirit), S Reid & B Egan, VIC
4. Jireh Rural Corvet (Rural), C & P Mackenzie, VIC
5. Broadlin Bubbles 2729 (Fabulous), Broad Family, VIC

Class 8 (10), Heifer, 2yrs in Milk, born 01/07/11 to 30/06/12

1. Bralock Mexicano Merle (Tequila), B & J Gavenlock, NSW
2. Bushlea Fames Fernleaf (Senior), Bushlea Farms, VIC
3. Cairnbrae Valentino Estelle (Valentino), AG & JA Carson, VIC
4. Buffel Vale Renegade Maybelle (Buffel), Fresh Start, VIC
5. Bushlea Merchant Fernleaf (Merchant), Bushlea Farms, VIC

Class 9 (10), Heifer, 2 1/2 yrs in Milk, born 01/01/11 to 30/06/11

1. Brunchilli Bowtie Belle (Bowtie), Brunchilli Jerseys, NSW
2. Wallacedale Eclipes Marie (Eclipes-P ), Wallace Family, VIC
3. Homelands Sleeping Beauty (Jamaica), PW Hentschke & WK Schutz, VIC
4. Shirlinn Emerson Snowflake (Sambo), B & V Wilson & Family, NSW
5. Shirlinn Governor Eve (Governor), B & V Wilson & Family, NSW

Class 10 (10), Cow, 3yrs in Milk, born 01/07/10 to 31/12/10

1. Riverside GG Noelene 2 (Governor ), Riverside Jerseys, VIC
2. Rivendell Sambo Halle (Sambo), Rivendell Jerseys, Nowra, NSW
3. Jugiong Leonie 6223 (Celebrity), Nicholson Family, VIC
4. Gold-Bar Excite Martha’s Joy (Excitation), Bluechip Genetics & Gold-Bar Jerseys, VIC
5. Winganna Come Party (Comerica), McFlemm, NSW

Class 11 (10), Cow, Senior 3 in Milk, born 01/01/10 to 30/06/10

1. Green Pines Sovereign (Blackstone), Green Pines Jerseys, VIC
2. Brunchilli Request Belle (Request), Brunchilli Jerseys, NSW
3. Shirlinn Ilb Babe (Brett), B & V Wilson & Family, NSW
4. Bushlea Reagan Fernleaf 2 (Reagan), Bushlea Farms, VIC
5. Brunchilli Opportunity Loretta (Opportunity), Brunchilli Jerseys, NSW

Class 12 (10), Cow, 4yrs in Milk, born 01/07/09 to 31/12/09

1. Prom View Jenny 170 Blackstone), Viewfort, Empire & Merseybank Jerseys, VIC
2. Riverside Comerica Lady (Comerica), Riverside Jerseys, VIC
3. Glenarron Girlie 30 (Glenarron), Nicholson Family, VIC
4. Prom View Jenny 166 (Saber), RK Easterbrook, VIC
5. Riverside Ressurection Patricia (Ressurection), Riverside Jerseys, VIC

Class 13 (9), Cow, 5yrs in Milk, born 01/07/08 to 30/06/09

1. Shirlinn Grand Mary 2 (Grandslam), B & V Wilson & Family, NSW
2. Bushlea Agent S Beauty (Freeagent), Menzies Farms & M Templeton, VIC
3. Brunchilli Thunder Rose (Thunder), Brunchilli Jerseys, NSW
4. Brunchilli Visionary Cher (Visionary ), GG & JD McPhee, NSW
5. Carcoola Jasmina (Trueblue), Brunchilli Jerseys, NSW

Class 14 (7), Cow, 6yrs in Milk, born 01/07/07 to 30/06/08

1. Pasadena Comerica Olive (Comerica), J Falls, NSW
2. Broadlin Constance 2565 P (Vanahlem), Broad Family, VIC
3. Waianiwa Star Madeline (Star), Hazel Vale, VIC
4. Brakock Imperial Merle (Imperia), B & J Gavenlock, NSW
5. Homelands Sambos Silvermine 5 (Sambos), PW Hentschke & WK Shutz, VIC

Class 15 (10), Cow, 7yrs & over in Milk, born prior to 01/07/07

1. Brunchilli Sambo Priscilla (Sambo), Brunchilli Jerseys, NSW
2. Willow Dell Fancy 512 (Astound), Eloora Past Co, NSW
3. Shirlinn Icy Eve (Ice), B & V Wilson & Family, NSW
4. Jamber Jade Lady (Jade), M & R Wilson, NSW
5. Bushlea Nathan Belle (Nathan), Bushlea Farms, VIC

Best Udder

1. Shirlinn Icy Eve, B & V Wilson & Family, NSW