2014 California Holstein Convention Report


The 2014 California Holstein Convention was another success this year with much participation from the Junior members, the future is looking positive for this dairy industry!  Thanks to Sarah Zonneveld for sharing these photos with us!

Photos from the CA Holstein Banquet

Photos from Dairy Bowl

Photos from the Junior Banquet

Industry Speakers

Mike McMahon  – Compliance Advisor for AG COMPLIANCE

Talked about the new EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations in regards to SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control, Countermeasures).  This is a government program to prevent oil spills from reaching the waters and adjoining shore line of the US.  Any facility with a total storage capacity over 1320 gallons needs to have a Site Specific Plan.  As of April 2013 the EPA is enforcing and fining any facility not in compliance.

Diane Coderniz – Attorney with Baker, Manock & Jensen in Fresno, CA.  Diane grew up on her family’s dairy in Dos Palos, CA.  She was very active in the CA Holstein Association and now practices law specializing in agribusiness, civil litigation, water law and employment law.  She talked about succession planning and its importance.  Noting that 70% of the people in agriculture have no plan.

Open Forum – Several California dairymen talked about different topics that have been affecting CA dairymen over the past few years.

Dino Migliazzo (Dinomi Holsteins) – Talked about their family farm’s succession planning

Joey Airoso (Air-Osa Holsteins) – Talked about the Dairy Task Force.  Dairy Task Force has been meeting for a year and a half.  Their goal is to strategize on how to best benefit the most dairymen.  There has been much talk about whether to stay with the California pricing system or to create a Federal Milk Marketing Order for California.  The Dairy Task Force is looking into a Hybrid Proposal that would price California’s milk in-line with the Federal Class III price.  There is still much talk on how to de-pool California’s milk and the impact on the California quota system.  Joey also talked about his family farm’s history.

Stephen Mast (Calori-D Holsteins) – Talked about moving forward in the registered cow business and how their farm uses registered cows instep with their business goals.  It is a business and no matter how much you love your cows you need to be profitable to stay in business.

Men’s Luncheon

James Gardener – Dairy CARES.  Dairy Cares mission statement “Dairy Cares strives to ensure the long-term sustainability of California’s farming families through strong environmental stewardship, responsible animal care, and adherence to the core values of honesty, ethics, diligence, and community.”

James gave an update on what Dairy Cares has been doing lately to promote sustainability.