2014 All-Wisconsin Red & White Show

July 13, 2014 @ Mineral Point, WI

Paul Trapp

Judge Paul Trapp makes Paulo-Bro SP Shar-Red exhibited by Milksource Genetics Grand Champion! See results & pictures highlighting the sale!


Senior & Grand Champion and Best Udder
Paulo-Bro SP Shar-Red, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna, WI (5 Year Old)

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Greenlea TM Des Bea-Red-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna, WI (4 Year Old)

HM Senior Champion & Grand of the Junior Show
Critter Ridge Reba-Red(Contender), Siemers Holsteins, Newton, WI (2nd 4 Year Old)


Intermediate Champion
Siemers Destry Joy-Red-ET(Destroy), Siemers Holsteins, Newton, WI (Sr 2 Year Old)

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Milk Source Dty Tammy-Red-ET(Destroy), Wendorf & Nickels, Ixonia, WI (2nd Sr 2 Year Old)

HM Intermediate Champion
Paulsoncrest Stormy-Red Paulsoncrest(Deuce), Paulsoncrest Columbus, WI (Jr 3 Year Old)


Junior Champion(Open Show)
Ovaltop Reality Ronnie-Red (Fall Yearling), Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna, WI

Reserve Junior Champion & Junior Show Junior Champion
Siemers Defnt Great-Red-ET (Winter Calf), Siemers Holsteins, Newton, WI

HM Junior Champion & Junior Show Reserve Junior Champion
Ms Absolute Glory-Red (Fall Calf), M & C Coffeen, & B Pollack, DePere, WI


Senior Champion & Grand Champion -Junior Show
Critter-Ridge Reba-Red-ET, C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers

Reserve Senior Champion & Reserve Grand Champion-Junior Show
Siemers Destry Sunny-Red-ET(Destroy), Gage Lisowe, Owen & Kendyll Kress & Jan Newton

Honorable Mention-Junior Show
Siemers Destry Joy-Red-ET(Destroy), C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers


Spring Calves, exhibitors 10 & under

1.Summer Dream Abs Love-Red(Absolute), Zimmerman & Harbaugh, Marion, WI
2.Booth-Haven A Mocha-Red(Action), C, A, C & R Booth, Plymouth, WI
3.Woodfield Detox Catania-Red(Detox), Grady & Lane Wendorf, Ixonia, WI


Spring Calf Class

1.Heatherstone Redhot-Red(Barnie), Heatherstone Enterprises, Baraboo, WI
2.Booth Haven Moolatte-Red(Always-Red), C, A, C & R Booth, Plymouth, WI
3.Overland Alwys Gorgeous-Red(Always), McKenna & Coltin Coffeen, DePere, WI
4.Summer Dream Abs Love-Red(Absolute) exhibited by Zimmerman & Harbaugh, Marion, WI
5.Booth-Haven A Mocha-Red(Action), C, A, C & R Booth, Plymouth, WI


Winter Calf class

1.Siemers Defnt Great-Red-ET(Defiant), C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton, WI
2.Ms Paltzer-JT Tulsa-Red-ET(Contender), Joe Paltzer & Jon Thurk, Seymour, WI
3.Ms AOL Contender Rory-Red-ET(Contender), Mike & Laura Rammer, Sheboygan, WI
4.Gildale Abosl Hammered-Red(Absolute), Charlie Richards, Linden, WI
5.Willow-Marsh Macey-Red(Attitude), C, A, C & R Booth, Plymouth, WI


Fall Calf class

1.Ms Absolute Glory-Red(Absolute), M & C Coffeen & B Pollack, DePere, WI
2.Siemers Dfnt J-Dream-Red-ET(Defiant), C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton, WI
3.Pamprd-Acres Holly-Red-ET(Absolute), C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton, WI
4.Lyn-Vale Redburst Molly-Red(Redburst), C, A, C & R Booth, Plymouth, WI
5. Miss Hot Mama-Red-ET(Armani), Smith, Majestic-View & Kueffner, Watertown, WI


Summer Yearling class

1.Siemers Defiant Juby-Red-ET(Defiant), Siemers Holsteins, Newton, WI
2.Tower-Ridge GC Mimi, Peterson & Pfaff, Alma Center, WI
3.Go-Make Landmark-Red, Brandon Smith
4.Ms Toaster Waffle-Red-ET(Contender), Wayne DeBuhr, Cottage Grove, WI
5.Berryridge Defian Merlo-Red(Defiant), Elizabeth Endres, Waunakee, WI


Spring Yearling class

1.Morrill Heztry Clover-Red(Heztry), Hammertime, Poynette, WI
2.Tree-Hayven HH My Julia-Red(Destroy), Hannah Hensel, Auburndale, WI
3.V-View Merlot-Red-ET(Destroy),Grady & Lane Wendorf, Ixonia, WI


Winter Yearling class

1.Lyn-Vale Cherrypepper-Red(Barbwire), William A Schultz III, Waldo, WI
2.Booth-Haven Classy Lady-Red(Classic), C, A, C & R Booth, Plymouth, WI
3.Milk Source Alwys Loca-Red(Always), J, L & M Harbaugh, Marion, WI
4.Redline Bon Bon-Red(Contender), Steven W. Maier, Jim Falls, WI


Fall Yearling class

1.Ovaltop Reality Ronnie-Red, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna, WI
2.PRH Spectrum Savannah-Red(Spectrum), Reggie Kamps, Belmont, WI


Junior 2 Year Old class

1.Rosedale Eye Candy-Red(Absolute), Jenna Langer, DeForest, WI
2.Vons-Zast Deuce Diva(Duece), High Life Holsteins, Alma Center, WI
3.A&M Bushman Sunburn-Red, Milksource, Kaukauna, WI
4.Lyn-Vale BW Phoebe-Red(Barbwire), William A Schultz, III, Waldo, WI
5.2nd-Look Bwire Dorito-Red(Barbwire), K, K, K & K Hodorff, Eden, WI


Senior 2 Year Old class

1.Siemers Destry Joy-Red-ET(DestrOy), Siemers Holsteins, Newton, WI
2.Milk Source Dty Tammy-Red-ET(Destroy), Wendorf & Nickels, Ixonia, WI
3.McWilliams Torch-Red(Picolo), Peter Vail, NY
4.Bossir Absolute Star-Red-ET(Absolute), Jordyn Kamps, Belmont, WI
5.Erickson Farm RL Sylvia-Red,Trent Hendrickson


Junior 3 Year Old class

1.Paulsoncrest Stormy-Red(Deuce), Paulsoncrest, Columbus, WI
2.Milk Source Cntdr Lovely-Red(Contender), Cassy & Carley Krull & Bard Griswald, Lake Mills, WI
3.AM-Acres Drble Chipotle-Red(Durable), Tom & Angie Hermsen, Fennimore, WI


Senior 3 Year Old class

1.Siemers Destry Sunny-Red-ET(Destroy), Lisowe, Kress & Jens, Newton, WI
2.Valley River Contend Moka-Red(Contender), Ryan Smith, Monticello, WI


4 Year Old class

1.Greenlea TM Des Bea-Red-ET, Milksource, Kaukauna, WI
2.Critter-Ridge Reba-Red-ET(Contender), Siemers Holsteins, Newton, WI
3.Miss Real Hot-Red(Reality), Grady & Lane Wendorf, Ixonia, WI
4.Sellcrest S Candy Apple-Red(Samar), Andy Sell, Watertown, WI


5 Year Old class

1.Paulo Bro SP Shar, Milksource, Kaukauna, WI
2.Valleyriver Jup Rudy, Milksource, Kaukauna, WI
3.AM-Acres Debonair Chili-Red(Debonair), Tom & Angie Hermsen, Fennimore, WI


Aged Cow class

1.Winterfield Trenda-Red-ET(Rampage), Bethany Marcks, Seymour, WI


125,000 lifeyime Production Cow class

1.Bri-Mel-Acres Adv Arika-Red(Advent), Heatherstone Enterprises, Baraboo, WI
2.Swiss Acres Morris Ubi D-Red(Morris), Nick Schuster, Fond du Lac, WI


Best Udder
Paule-Bro-SP Shar-Red-ET, Milk Source Genetics

Best Bred & Owned of Junior Show
Sellcrest S Candy Apple-Red, Andy Sell

Premier Breeder
Siemers Holsteins

Premier Exhibitor
Milk Source Genetics