2014 All-Oregon Holstein Show

June 21, 2014 @ Tillamook, OR

Frank Regan

Judge Frank Regan makes Crazy-For Advent Dazzel-ET exhibited by Kenny Coppini Grand Champion! See more results


Junior Champion
Ms Barsilia Atwd Beauty-ET(Atwood), Brent Roch; All-Oregon Spring Yearling

Reserve Junior Champion
Midway Atwoods Full of Joy(Atwood), Midway Dairy; All-Oregon Fall Calf

Honorable Mention
Midway Aftershock Lacy(Aftershock), Midway Dairy;All-Oregon Winter Calf


Intermediate Champion
Midway Sanchez Elaine(Sanchez), Midway Dairy; All-Oregon Sr 3

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Juniper-Haven Sanchez Dolls(Sanchez), Juniper Haven; Reserve All-Oregon Sr 3

Honorable Mention
Midway Damion Lacy(Damion), Midway Dairy; All-Oregon Sr 2

Grand Champion
Crazy-For Advent Dazzel-ET(Advent), Kenny Coppini

Reserve Grand Champion
Midway Lou F Anna(Lou), Midway Dairy

Honorable Mention
Midway Sanchez Elaine- Midway Dairy


Junior Best 3 Females
Midway Dairy

Senior Best 3 Females
Midway Dairy


Exhibitor Herd
Midway Dairy

Daughter & Dam
Midway Dairy

Produce of Dam

High Production
Midway Dundee Dazzle(Dundee), Midway Dairy

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Midway Dairy

All-Oregon Spring Calf

1.Vandyk-S Atwood Roxy Rae(Atwood), Ashlyn Dias
2.Sculpture-Of Atwood Expo(Atwood), Jim Krahn & Becky Heimeral

All-Oregon Winter Calf

1.Midway Aftershock Lacy(Aftershock), Midway Dairy
2.LJK-Acres Atwood Jo(Atwood), Mark Leauthold


All-Oregon Fall Calf

1.Midway Atwoods Full of Joy(Atwood), Midway Dairy
2.Hale-Valley Prince Star-Red(Prince), Hale Valley


All-Oregon Summer Yearling

1.Juniper-Haven Gchip Dynasty(Goldchip), Juniper Haven
2.Midway Atwood Salty-ET(Atwood), Midway Dairy


All-Oregon Spring Yearling

1.Ms Barsilia Atwd Beauty-ET(Atwood), Brent Rocha
2.Mistvale Burns Regan(Burns), Staci Sherer


All-Oregon Winter Yearling

1.Midway Masterp Shakira-ET(Masterpiece), Midway Dairy
2.Lew-Red Acme Paige-Red(Acme), John A. Lewis


All-Oregon Fall Yearling

1.Cloud-Cap Sid Rosie(Sid), Piper Armstrong
2.Midway Dickey Accent(Dickey), Midway Dairy


All-Oregon Junior 2

1.Oregon Contrast Jacquelin(Contrast), Chris Jansen
2.Hale-Valley Gldwyn Ce-Ce-ET(Goldwyn), Hale Valley


All-Oregon Sr 2

1.Midway Damion Lacy(Damion), Midway Dairy
2.Midway Atwood Murphy(Atwood), Midway Dairy


All-Oregon Jr 3

1.Midway Braxton Kat-ET(Braxton), Midway Dairy
2.Hale-Valley Contact Seven(Contact), Hale Valley


All-Oregon Sr 3

1.Midway Sanchez Elaine(Sanchez), Midway Dairy
2.Juniper-Haven Sanchez Dolls(Sanchez), Juniper Haven


All-Oregon 4 yr old

1.Ms Midway Shaquille Irish(Shaquille), Midway Dairy
2.Moretti Ramzi Cashmere(Ramzi), Michael Rogers


All-Oregon 5 yr old

1.Midway Lou F Anna(Lou), Midway Dairy
2.Western-Lite Fortune Teller(Furtune), Missy Moretti


All-Oregon 6 yr and older

1.Crazy-For Advent Dazzel-ET(Advent), Kenny Coppini
2.Midway Gage Secret(Gage), Midway Dairy


All-Oregon dry cow

1.Midway Dundee Dazzle(Dundee), Midway Dairy