2013 Ohio Spring Dairy Expo – Red & White Holstein Show


Photos Added! 4 year old Advent daughter, Greenlea Advent Maemsy-Red owned by Richman Farms, OH is the Red & White Holstein Champion

Individual class results are below Champions

Junior Champions

Junior Champion
Carhol Redliner Karypee-Red (Redliner), Winter Yearling, Doeberierner, Bown,
Heath and Davis, MD

Reserve Junior Champion
Starmark HP Ry Ry-Red-ET (Classic), Fall Calf, Starmark, OH

Intermediate Champions

Intermediate Champion
Macs-Acres Dy 523-Red (Destry), Senior 3 year old, McMahan Farms -Brookhollow Farms, OH

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Ray-Jo Advent Selest-Red-ET (Advent), Senior 2 year old, Bickel Family Farms,

Senior Champions

Senior Champion
Greenlea Advent Maemsy-Red (Advent),4 year old,  Richman Farms, OH

Reserve Senior Champion
Macabob Jazi Bookman-Red (Bookman), Aged Cow, Call-Del, OH

Grand Champions

Grand Champion
Greenlea Advent Maemsy-Red (Advent), 4 year old,  Richman Farms, OH

Reserve Grand Champion
Macs-Acres Dy 523-Red (Destry), Senior 3 year old, McMahan Farms – Brookhollow Farms, OH

Winter Calves (2)

1.  Leip-Ches Picolo Go-Red-ET (Picolo), Gunkelman Farms, OH
2.  Lah-Dale Acme Samoa-Red (Acme), Lah-Dale Holsteins, OH

Fall Calves (8)

1. Starmark HP Ry Ry-Red-ET (Classic), Starmark, OH
2. Windy Knoll View Malo-Red (Picolo), Richman Farms, OH
3. Starmark HP Regina-Red-ET (Classic), Starmark, OH

Summer Yearling (10)

1. Starmark HP Razzle-Red-ET (Barbwire), Starmark, OH
2. Maiz-Blu Advent Scarlett-Red (Advent), McGuire Holsteins & Jerseys, OH
3. Wabash-Way Chris Asti-Red (Chris), Wabash Way Holsteins LLC, OH

Spring Yearling (5)

1. Daydreamer Deuce Claire-Red (Deuce), Gunkelman Farms, OH
2. Wabash-Way Chris Harlee-Red (Chris), Wabash Way Holsteins LLC, OH
3. Toppglen Destry Marquit-Red (Destry), Toppglenn, OH

Winter Yearling (11)

1.  Carhol Redliner Karypee-Red (Redliner), Doeberierner, Bown, Heath and Davis, MD
2.  Miley Attitude Gloss-Red-ET (Attitude), Miley Holstein Farms, OH
3.  Ray-Jo CTendr Sass-Red ET (Contender), Razors Edge Holsteins, WI

Fall Yearlings (3)

1. Curt-Co Advent Misty-Red (Advent), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express, OH
2. Miss Hot Date-Red-ET (Contender), Signature Cattle, OH
3. Remember-You CTD Minnie-Red (Contender), Gunkelman Farms

Senior 2 Year Olds (4)

1. Ray-Jo Advent Selest-Red-ET (Advent), Bickel Family Farms, OH
2. Oneeda Rocco Tawny-Red (Rocco P), Topp-View Farms, OH
3. CL-Hersh Debonair DD-Red (Debonair), CL-Hersh Holsteins, OH

Senior 3 Year Olds (2)

1. Macs-Acres Dy 523-Red (Destry), McMahan Farms – Brookhollow Farms, OH
2. Pineybrook Riunite-Red (Jonah), Pineybrook LLC, PA

4 Year Olds (5)

1. Greenlea Advent Maemsy-Red (Advent), Richman Farms, OH
2. Semler Advent Scarlett Red (Advent), James Semler, OH
3. Minor Acres Childs-Play Red (Advent), Mike & Vanessa Uber, OH

5 Year Olds (2)

1. Pineybrook Cupid-Red-ET (Advent), Pineybrook LLC, PA
2. Elm Park Sofine-Red (Turvey), Cotton Spring Farm, PA

Aged Cow (1)

1. Macabob Jazi Bookman-Red (Bookman), Call-Del, OH