2013 Northeastern National Milking Shorthorn Show

Tuesday, September 17, 2013, 9:00AM @ West Springfield, MA

Seth Johnson

Lake Effect MD Lauren 7215 takes the Senior and Grand Champion titles!


Junior Champion
J-Lo-Jo Royal Jello -EXP (Royal), winter heifer, J-Lo-Jo Milking Shorthorns NY

Reserve Junior Champion

Jerbie RRuben Hicky Hump-EXP (Ruben), fall heifer,  Jerbie Farms NY

Intermediate Champion
Cold Springs GSR Lucky, Junior 3-year old, White, Mitchell, John Tryon, ME

Senior Champion & Grand Champion
Lake Effect MD Lauren 7215, aged cow, J & K Anderson, G & E Clark, NH

Reserve Senior Champion & Reserve Grand Champion
Innisfail JO Lady 824,5-year old, Brooke Morgan Clark NH

Honorable Mention Champion
Cold Springs GSR Lucky, Junior 3-year old, M White, J Tryon, ME

Class Results

Junior Heifers (9)
1. GMC Huck Reese, Lindsey Clark, NH
2. Cold Spring Storm Sapphire-EXP, Bill Bartlett, Cheryl Kostka MA
3. Morning Dew Mega Sweet, Morning Dew Farm MA

Winter Heifers (8)
1. J-Lo-Jo Royal Jello-EXP (Royal), J-Lo-Jo Milking Shorthorn NY
2. Cherrywood Lo Jasmine 1212-ET, J & K Anderson NY
3. SLCC Millionaire Blue Ivy, Madison Stevens MA

Fall Heifers (9)
1. Jerbie RRuben Hicky Hump -EXP (Ruben), Jerbie Farms NY
2. Jerbie Genesis Hush Puppy (Genesis), Jerbie Farms NY
3. Elmhurst Farm Snoopy Monstah, Cody Pearson MA

Summer Yearlings (7)
1. GMC Ruben Delight-EXP (Ruben), Brooke Clark NH
2. GMC Logic Denise ET (Logic), Brooke Clarke NH
3. Cobyrock PPA Lizzy, Bonnie Tryon NY

Junior Yearlings (11)
1. Cates Muddy Quincy, Peter Cate NH
2. Carys Prince Scarlet (Prince), Barb Bemis MA
3. Jerbie Nitro Hickory (Nitro), Jerbie Farms NY

Winter Yearlings (4)
1. Innisfail CY Lady 212, Lailah J Clark NH
2. Innisfail RU Lady 203-EXP (Ruben), Morning Dew Farm MA
3. Echo Farm JP Shush, Chelsea Kruse NH

Fall Yearling Not in Milk (4)
1. GMC Kaiser Lily (Kaiser), Lindsey Clark NH
2. Elmhurst Farm Prncss Pine-EXP, Brittany Pearson MA
3. Jerbie Nitro Bella (Nitro), Jerbie Farms NY

Fall Yearling in Milk (3)
1.  Morning Dew Remi Sydney (Remi), Katelyn Adams MA
2. GMC Zues Joan-EXP (Zues), Courtney Gould MA
3. GMC Zues Debelle-EXP (Zues), G&E Ckark NH

Futurity (5)
1. Cold Springs Logic Patience (Logic), Courtney Gould MA
2. Gold Springs Logic Peri (Logic), Bill Bartlett, Cheryl Kostka MA
3. Echo Farm McCoy Shelby (McCoy), Echo Farm, Gordy Schofield NH

Junior 2-year old (14)
1. GMC Red Ruben Passion ET (Ruben), Justin Clark NH
2. GMC-W-V Zues Skyhigh-EXP (Zues), G&M Clark, Doug Wherry, Keith VanCamp NH
3. Cold Springs Logic Peri (Logic), Bill Bartlett, Cheryl Kostka MA

Senior 2-year old (7)
1. Garys Liriano Sasparilla-EXP (Liriano), Barb Bemis MA
2. GMC Zues Rosanne-EXP (Zues), Lindsey Clark NH
3. Innisfail ST Princess 063-EXP, G Clark, John Stuart Rowe NH

Junior 3-year old (5)
1. Cold Springs GSR Lucky, Mitchell White, John Tryon ME
2. Innisfail KO Lady 032, G&M Clark NH
3. GMC Zues Princess 1022, Brooke Clark NH

Senior 3-year old (2)
1. Blue Spruce Famous Mallory, Brooke Clark NH
2. Echo Farm Diam-Jack Andromeda, Echo Farm, Bethany Hodge NH

4-year old (6)
1.  Innisfail CY Lady 931, Bill Bartlett, Cheryl Kostka MA
2. Cates Ruben Mayberry (Ruben), Peter Cate NH
3. GMC Logic Redrose (Logic), Lindsey Clark NH

5-year old (4)
1. Innisfail JO Lady 824, Brooke Clark NH
2. Echo Farm Ted Memphis-ET (Ted), Echo Farm, Courtney Hodge NH
3. Innisfail St Princess 825 EXP, Bartlett & Kostka MA

Aged Cow (1)
1. Lake Effect MD Lauren 7215, J & K Anderson, G&E Clark NH