2013 NAILE Jersey Open Show

Monday November 11, 2013 @

Chris Lahmers, OH Assoc. Judge Mike Berry, OR

Judge Chris Lahmers has named Stony Point Tequila Sunrise the 2013 Junior Champion! Cow classes in the ring now!


Junior Champion
Stony Point Tequila Sunrise (Tequila), 1st spring yearling, Gene Iager, OH
Reserve Junior Champion
Miss Nastias Tequila Nutcracker (Tequila), 1st Intermediate heifer, Gracie Krahn, OR

Heifer Results

Junior Heifer Class

1.  DKG Motion Beauty (Motion), Mill Valley Farms, Sidney, OH
2. Ryans Louie Polly (Louie), Janelle Renee Remington, Juneau, WI
3. Xanadu Konspiracy Theory (Konspiracy), Sam, Angela, & George Colpetzer, Greenville, PA
4.  Miss Comerica Gorgeous (Comerica), Shelby Rader, Atlantic, PA
5. DKG Motion Blinky (Motion), Mill Valley Farms, Sydney, OH

Winter Heifer Calf

1. Miss Nastias Tequila Nutcracker ET (Tequila), Gracie Krahn, Albany, OR
2. Meadow Ridge Bart Betsy, Roger Riebe & Family, Cumberland, WI
3. Edges Rita (Edge), Rider Jersey Farm, Tim Cummings, and Triple T Holsteins, North Lewisburg, OH
4. Blackview Guapo Terrific (Guapo), Amber Black, Howard  City, MI
5. M Signature Nevada EPIC (Nevada), Katelyn, R. Taylor, Allenwood, PA

Senior Heifer Calf
1. SAY KC Dee Verbatum Lady Buget (Verbatum), Patrick Youse, Ridgely
2.  SSF Tequila Fantasia (Tequila), Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma, WI
3. Shulte Bros Tequila ShotET (Tequila), Landree Fraley, Muncy, PA
4. DKG Vindication Passion (Vindication), Mill Valley Farms, Sidney, OH
5 Miss Triple T Sure (Tequila), Kyle McGuire, West Liberty, OH

Summer Yearling
1. Avonlea BC Kept Secret, Stein Ridge Jerseys, IA
2. Reward Upper Chalant, George Colpetzer, PA
3. Bolleacres Fire Erin, Max Bollenbacher, IN
4. Meadow Ridge Fire Jackpot, Roger Riebe & Family, WI
5. Tower Vue Lil Whiskey, Duane & Bailee Cole, Calla and Mason Mazzaro, OH

Spring Yearling
1. Stony Point Tequila Sunrise (Tequila), Gene Lager, OH
2. Meadow Ridge Mac Kaitlynn, Roger Riebe & Family, WI
3. Tumbleweed Tequila Beyonce (Tequila), Burkhardt Nugent and Nugent, MI
4. Sikmas Tequila Sunrise (Tequila), Duane, Dusty, Cole, and Mazzaro Schrim, IL
5. ZJF, Jaysa Melton, IN

Winter Yearling

1. Payneside Red Solo Cup, Morgan Betti, CT
2. Maker BRC Aloe, Matt, Ruth, Harold Boycephillis, OH
3. DKG Tequila Coffee (Tequila), Mill Valley Farms, OH
4. Edgebrook Tequila Knight (Tequila), Delon Mortimer, UT
5. Demmers Furor Magical (Furor), Rick and Amy Demmer, MN

Cow Class Results

Milking Yearling

1. Meadow Ridge Roosevelt Marlie, Roger Riebe & Family, WI
2. Edn Ru Tequila Lilaes Lilac (Tequila), Marisa Reitnouer, PA
3. Ratliff Tequila Shotglass-ET (Tequila), Ron & Christy Ratliff, KS
4. Smoking Hot Rendition Letitia, Austin Nauman, WI
5. Harmony Corners Socrates 11086ET (Socrates), Kilgus Dairy, IL

Junior Two Year Old
1.  Misan 2 Veratim Effortless (Verbatim), Nic, Jeni, Ben and Andy Sauder, IL
2. KCJF Motions Can Do It (Motions), Keightley & Core Jerseys, KY
3. Meadow Ridge Roosevelt Susie (Roosevelt), Roger Riebe & Family, WI
4. DKG Motion Oreo (Motion), Mill Valley Farms, OH
5. KCJF Latola Attitude, Keightley & Core Jerseys, KY