2013 All-American Red & White Holstein Show

September 11, 2013 @ Harrisburg, PA

Steve Shaw, PA

Lookout Advent Flicka wins Senior and Grand Champion

Throughout day show results and Photos will be added

Junior Champions

Junior Champion
L-Maples Hvezda Calli (Hvezda), Spring Yearling, Cooper Galton, NY

Reserve Junior Champion
PA Lyn-Leigh Low Rider (Mike Red), Winter Calf, Colton Hartman &  PA Lyn-Leigh, PA

Honorable Mention
Glad Ray K Rock on Red (Revolution), Summer Yearling, Glad-Ray Farm MD

Intermediate Champions

Intermediate Champion
Greenlea-TM Real Ab-Red-ET (Reality), Sr 3 year old, Cassidy Schirmer, Galena, MD

Res. Intermediate Champion
Ms D Apple Danielle-Red-ET (Destry), Sr. 2 year old, Amanda Kennedy, Columbia Cross Roads, PA

HM Intermediate Champion
Arsenal Cntndr Dizzy-Red-ET (Contender), 2nd Sr. 2 year old, Patrick Youse, Ridgely, MD


Senior and Grand Champions

Senior & Grand Champion
Lookout Advent Flicka-Red (Advent), 4 year old, Chris & Jennifer Hill, Richard Green & Trent Valley Holsteins, Thurmont, MD
Res. Grand Champion
Greenlea-TM Real Ab-Red-ET (Reality), Sr. 3 year old, Cassidy Schirmer, Galena, MD
Res. Senior & HM Grand Champion
Greenlea Adv Cara-Red-ET (Advent), 5 year old, Richard Green, Middletown, DE
HM Senior Champion
Ms Trplt Rock of Love-Red-ET (Destruction), 2nd 4 year old, Richard Green, Middletown DE

Spring Calf (13)

1. Schluter Sydney Lee-Red, Cooper Galton, NY
2. ST-YLE-SA is Springtime (Redburst), Stephanie Aves, WI
3. Glen V DF Annabelle Red (Attitude), Madison Swope & Jennings Gap Dairy, Va
4. Sunnylodge Delcreek Bar-Red (Reality), She-Ken Holsteins, PA
5. Midas-Touch Rasberi (Destry), Jennifer King & Midas-Touch Gentics, NY

Winter Heifer Calf (16)

1. PA Lyn-Leigh Low Rider (Mike Red), Colton Hartman &  PA Lyn-Leigh, PA
2. Maview Del Destry (Destry), Michael Strowd & Maple View Farms, NC
3. Glad-Ray-K BW Saina (Barbwire), Lusk Farm, PA
4. Oakland-View Cherry (Destry), Patrick Touse & Oakland View, PA
5. Penn-Gate Finelli (Picolo), Analise Stover & Stover Famrs, PA

Fall Heifer Calf (13)

1. Greenlea P Carrie RGA (Picolo), Greenlea, NY
2. Maple Nook Redial Red (Destry), MD Hillbrook, MD
3. Ovaltop Picolo Rojo (Picolo), Ovaltop Holsteins, NY
4. Peck-Hill Dentntor Sinnabun (Detonator), Peck Hill Farm, PA
5. Miss Contender Paisley (Contender), Atley Miller, MD

Summer Yearling (12)

1. Glad Ray K Rock on Red (Revolution), Glad-Ray Farm MD
2. MS by-acres Advn Sophia (Advent), B & L Dairy, NY
3. MHF Empire Hope-Red (Empire), Mowry Homestead Farm, PA
4. Headline Deuce Fun (Deuce), Headline Farm, NY
5. Bella-Ridge Marlayna (Destry), Dean Sharp, NY

Spring Yearling (11)

1. L-Maples Hvezda Calli (Hvezda), Cooper Galton, NY
2. Tiger-Lilly Aaron Sheila- Red (Aaron), Cael Hembury, PA
3. Ovaltop Picolo Ronda (Picolo), Ovaltop, NY
4. Greenlea RR Marlene (Reality), Pineybrook LLC, PA
5. Cooperstown Sherry 4743 (Lucky), Haley Groat, NY

Winter Yearling (5)

1. Roll-N-View Jet-R Tessa (Jet-red), Allison Galton, NY
2. Willow marsh Sundance Red (Redliner), MD Hillbrook, MD
3. Peilas Sttitude Vivan (Attitude), Elizabeth Peila, NY
4. Pheasant-Echos  RL Rosie (Redlinger), Harper Dell Farms, PA
5. Confidence Camden Holly (Camden), Graham Dairy, PA

Fall Yearling (7)

1. McWilliams Torch-Red (Picolo), Brook-Corner Holsteins, PA2. Pheasant-Echos RE Diego (Reality), Rinity Miller, MD
3. Woodfield Acme Marty (Acme), MD Hillbrook, MD
4. Ferre Redliner Suprina (Redliner), She-Ken Holsteins, PA

Fall Yearling in Milk (3)

1. Maple-Hill-Farm Dawn-Red-ET (Reality), Jordan Anderson, Centre Hall, PA
2. Mish-Ro ARU Chardonnay-Red (Arudolf), Rose Morian, Atlantic, PA
3. Brooms Bloom Deuce Direne-Red (Deuce), Belle Dallam, Bel Air, MD

Junior 2 year old (10)

1. Miss Lucky in Love-Red-ET (Redliner), Richard Green, Middletown, DE
2. PA Lyn-Leigh Mariana-Red (Landen), Colton Hartman, St. Thomas, PA
3. Spungold-MVU Seabreeze-Red (Redliner), Bendig & Geiron, Gettysburg, PA
4. CS Redvue Detox Pepper-Red (Detox), Douglas Wolfe, Richfield Springs, NY
5. Windsor-Manor Rose-Red-ET (Destry), Robert Johnson, Dickerson, MD


Senior 2 year old (5)

1. Ms D Apple Danielle-Red-ET (Destry), Amanda Kennedy, Columbia Cross Roads, PA
2. Arsenal Cntndr Dizzy-Red-ET (Contender), Patrick Youse, Ridgely, MD
3. Long-Brook RL Sweety Pi-Red (Redliner), Carly Sherwood, Meshoppen, PA
4. JoBo Per Winnie 5377-Red (Perseus), Julie Hess, Gettysburg, PA
5. Whit-Hart Shaq Ruby-Red-ET (Shaquille), Katie Soucy, Hopkinton, NH

Junior 3 year old (5)

1. Gloryland-HM Candy-Red (Royce), Mikayla Bailey, Harrisonburg, VA
2. Lakevue Absolute Tiger-Red (Absolute), Travis Couch, Huntingdon, PA
3. Leeland Apple Sider-Red (Apple), Ryan Morrill, Penacook, NH
4. SRP Absolute Fantasy-Red-ET (Absolute), Kevin Beiler, Elmer, NJ
5. Milksource Cntndr Diva-Red (Contender), Megan Kulp, Menheim, PA

Senior 3 year old (7)

1. Greenlea-TM Real Ab-Red-ET (Reality), Cassidy Schirmer, Galena, MD
2. M-Riverview Audra-Red (Contender), Austin Yoder, Montezuma, GA
3. Rob-Sara Rustler Tina B-Red-ET (Rustler), Laura Emerson, Middletown, DE
4. A-Sure-Bet Deb Daisy-Red (Debonair), Blake Crothers, Pitcher, NY
5. Budjon-Vail Dejore-Red-ET (Advent), Peila & Kulp, Perry, NY

4 year old (6)

1. Lookout Advent Flicka-Red (Advent), Chris & Jennifer Hill, Richard Green & Trent Valley Holsteins, Thurmont, MD
2. Ms Trplt Rock of Love-Red-ET (Destruction), Richard Green, Middletown DE
3. Foltzbrook Advent Janie-Red (Advent), Bryce Gingerich, Millersburg, IN
4. New-Vision Tenley-Red-ET (Advent), Martin Meila, Perry, NY
5. MD-Valleyvue SQ Lily-Red-ET (Shaquille), Kara Savage, Accident, MD

5 year old (2)

1. Greenlea Adv Cara-Red-ET (Advent), Richard Green, Middletown, DE
2. St-Yle Itz Joytime-Red-ET (Advent), Stephanie Aves, Poplar Grove, IL

Aged Cow (3)

1. Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red (Talent), W. Cyrus Conard, Sharon Springs, NY
2. Leland Lpt St Sugar-Red-ET (Talent), Ryan Morrill, Penacook, NH
3. Plum Nearly Farm LBoy Dory-Red (Lawn Boy-P), Tara Sleeman, Russell, PA