2012 Jersey All Canadian Winners Announced


Jersey Canada is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Purina All Canadian Contest

Jersey Canada is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Purina All Canadian Contest! Nominees in each category were selected in December and judging took place over the last few weeks by judges who also judged All-Canadian qualifying shows throughout 2012.

2012 Purina All Canadian Judges
Gerald Coughlin
Michael Heath
Vincent Landry
Jack Lomeo
Carl Phoenix
Mark Rueth
Jeff Stephens

The Champion Cow of the 2012 Purina All Canadian Contest is Arethusa Response Vivid-Et, bred and owned by Arethusa Farm, Litchfield, CT, USA. VIVID was the Grand Champion at the 2012 National Jersey Show at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair as well as Grand Champion of the 2012 World Dairy Expo.

The Champion Heifer of the 2012 Purina All Canadian Contest is Tierneys Tequila Linda Lou, bred by Tierney Farm, Malone, NY, USA, and exhibited by Ernest Kueffner & Terri Packard, Boonsboro, MD, USA. LINDA LOU was the Junior Champion at the 2012 National Jersey Show at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Photos and full show placings of the All Canadian winners and nominees will be published in the upcoming February/March issue of the Canadian Jersey Breeder magazine.

Jersey Canada would like to thank Agri-Brands Purina for being the title sponsor of this year’s All Canadian Contest. Jersey Canada would also like to thank Barney Printing for their sponsorship.

See below for full results!

Gagnants Du Concours Purina All Canadian 2012

Jersey Canada Est Heureux De Présenter Les Gagnants Du Concours Purina All Canadian 2012. Les Candidats Ont Été Sélectionnés En Décembre, Et Le Vote All Canadian Fut Effectué En Janvier. Les Juges Ne Votant Pas Dans Les Classes Où Ils Étaient Propriétaire D’un Animal.

2012 Purina All Canadian Judges
Gerald Coughlin
Michael Heath
Vincent Landry
Jack Lomeo
Carl Phoenix
Mark Rueth
Jeff Stephens

La Vache Championne Du Concours Purina All Canadian 2012 Est Arethusa Response Vivid-Et, Élevée Et Propriété Par Arethusa Farm, Litchfield, Ct, Usa. Vivid Était La Grande Championne De La Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2012 Et Aussi La Grande Championne Du World Dairy Expo 2012.

La Génisse Championne Du Concours Purina All Canadian 2012 Est Tierneys Tequila Linda Lou, Élevée Par Tierney Farm, Malone, Ny, Usa, Et Propriété Par Ernest Kueffner & Terri Packard, Boonsboro, Md, Usa. Linda Lou Était La Championne Junior De La Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2012.

Les Photos Et Résumés Complets De Tous Les Gagnants Et Candidates All Canadian Seront Publiés Dans L’édition Février/Mars De La Revue Eleveur De Jersey Canadien.

Jersey Canada Veut Remercier Notre Généreux Commanditaire Titulaire, Agri-Brands Purina, Et Aussi Barney Printing Ltd Pour Leur Générosité.

4-H Calf / Génisse 4-H

All Canadian: Huronia Rbr Cherish 18, Courtney Ray
Reserve: Gladale Sweet Baby G, Martha Mackinnon
Hon. Mention: Homeridge B Honey, Brooke Mckinven
Nominated: Leachland Kit Kat K, Colin & Karen Leach
Nominated: Glenholme Request Triumph, Curtis Ruta
Nominated: Garhaven Getaway Daytona, Sydney Summers
Nominated: Avonlea Tequila Krush, Taylor Vander Meulen

4-H Yearling / Taure D’un An 4-H

All Canadian: M-Signature Verbatim Tia Marie, Alana Mckinven
Reserve: Enniskillen Tequila R Daisy, Melyssa Sargent
Hon. Mention: Golden Grand Prix Miracle, Alisha Burgess
Nominated: Bridgeview Money Impala, Colton Oughtred
Nominated: Enniskillen Tequila Mamie, Daniel Sargent
Nominated: Enniskillen Nevada Nuggy, Bruce Sargent

Junior Calf / Génisse Junior

All Canadian: Morningside Bs Charlotte, Lookout, Frank & Diane Borba
Reserve: Sikmas Tequila Sunrise, Dusty & Nicole Schirm, Duane Cole, T&C Mazzaro
Hon. Mention: Homeridge Reward Violet, Belfontaine Genetics
Nominated: Kingsdale Request Krums, Kingsdale Jersey Farm
Nominated: Avonlea Mischief Made U Look – Et, Avonlea Genetics Inc.
Nominated: South Mountain Verb Sublime, Ernest Keuffner & Terri Packard

Intermediate Calf / Génisse Intermédiaire

All Canadian: Scottiere Marika Verbatim, Ferme Scottiere
Reserve: Zjf Tequila Betsy, Lookout & Purple Fever
Hon. Mention: Elliots Tequila Senorita-Et, Ernest Keuffner
Nominated: Buckland Tequila Lexicon, Scott & Nathan Honey & Sandra Osborne
Nominated: Four Hills Tequ Cris 3800, Megan & Elizabeth Hill
Nominated: South Mountain Comerica Sassy, Ernest Keuffner & Terri Packard

Senior Calf / Génisse Senior

All Canadian: South Mountain Socrates Lavish-Et, Raymond Anthony & Matt Bean
Reserve: Huronia Rbr Cherish 18y, Hollylane Jerseys
Hon. Mention: Charlyn Reagan Rosebud, Charlyn Jerseys
Nominated: South Mountain Verbatim Savvy, Ernest Keuffner & Terri Packard
Nominated: Avonlea Gator Kimber –Et, Avonlea Genetics Inc.
Nominated: Leachland Kit Kat K, Colin & Karen Leach

Summer Yearling / Un An D’été

All Canadian: M-Signature Verbatim Tia Marie Lookout & Fjs
Reserve: Drentex Reagan Satin Michael & Monique Bols
Hon. Mention: Charlyn Perennial Tequila Nite Charlyn Jerseys & Brian Weldrick
Nominated: Ronada Viv Peggy, Belfontaine Genetics
Nominated: Paullor Carrier Justina, Paul & Lorraine Franken & Mike Sleegers
Nominated: Lookout Away Zena, Lookout Fjs

Junior Yearling / Un An Junior

All Canadian: Tierneys Tequila Linda Lou, Ernest Kueffner & Terri Packard & Callum Mckinven
Reserve: Rapid Bay Indiana Grace, Rapid Bay Jersey Farm Inc.
Hon. Mention: Enniskillen Tequila R Daisy, Enniskillen Jerseys
Nominated: Charlyn Tequila’s Evil, Charlyn Jerseys
Nominated: Avonlea Reagan Venus, Avonlea Genetics Inc.
Nominated: Tj Classic Minister Legacy Lookout, Purple Fever & Greg Bourne

Intermediate Yearling / Un An Intermédiaire

All Canadian: Golden Reagan Evonna, Glen & Sheila Burgess
Reserve: Buckland Bs Babydoll, Lookout & Buckalnd
Hon. Mention: Avonela Cf Silk, Avonlea & Cybil Fisher
Nominated: Select Ress Milina, Select Jerseys & Melanie Potvin
Nominated: Maker Vivitar Sassafrass, Maker Jerseys
Nominated: Rjf Excitation Charisma, Robert Jarrell

Milking Yearling / Un An En Lactation

All Canadian: Milo V R Summer – Et, Avonlea Genetics & Tom Breakell
Reserve: Rjf Unique Ontime Marathon E, Robert Jarrell & Unique Stock Farm
Hon. Mention: Joeleebeth Hg Katie Karma, Joeleebeth Farm & Ernest Kueffner
Nominated: Scottiere Talina Max, Ferme Scottiere
Nominated: Lookout Jade Alice, Lookout
Nominated: Dutcholm Excitation Lucita, Jim & Cathy Mason

Junior Two Year Old / Deux Ans Junior

All Canadian: Arethusa Ontime Vogue Et, Pleasant Nook & Whiskey River
Reserve: Oakfield Amedeo Vanity-Et, Belfontaine Genetics
Hon. Mention: Enniskillen Bv Suzy, Enniskillen Jerseys
Nominated: Lookout Blackstone, Treasure Lookout & Fjs
Nominated: Lookout Reagan Glo, Lookout, Rapid Bay & Courtney Mclean
Nominated: Paullor Giller Rilee, Paul & Lorraine Franken

Senior Two Year Old / Deux Ans Senior

All Canadian: Page Crest Excitation Karlie Piggot, Martin & Eaton
Reserve: Marynole Excite Rosey Ernest Kueffner
Hon. Mention: Lookout Iatola Gloria Et Lookout & Fjs
Nominated: Ratliff Minister Ruthie-E, Avonlea Genetics Inc. & Nelson Eduardo Ziehlsdorff
Nominated: Voigtscrest Attitude, Avonlea Genetics, Cybil Fisher, Patty Jones & Tim Staring
Nominated: Rapid Bay Socrates Ruffle, Rapid Bay Jersey Farm

Junior Three Year Old / Trois Ans Junior

All Canadian: South Mountain R Master, Jamaica Arethusa Farm
Reserve: Hidden Dream Connect Micky Et, Bridon Farms Inc.
Hon. Mention: Blue Star Olly Et, Ferme Scottiere
Nominated: Rjf Blackstone Illusion, Robert Jarrell
Nominated: Rapid Bay Gorgeous Giggle, Rapid Bay Jersey Farm
Nominated: Oblong Valley G Jasmine, Campbell Jerseys & Trailblazer Jersey

Senior Three Year Old / Trois Ans Senior

All Canadian: Pleasant Nook, Giller Caprice Pleasant Nook Jerseys
Reserve: South Mountain Ringmstr Justify, Arethusa Farm
Hon. Mention: Paullor Giller Glinda, Paul & Lorraine Franken
Nominated: Trent Valley Rose, Trent Valley, Jason Mell & Cybil Fisher
Nominated: Avonlea Socrates River, Avonlea Genetics Inc.
Nominated: Rjf Bella’s Jewel Et, Robert Jarrell

Four Year Old / Quatre Ans

All Canadian: Arethusa Response Vivid –Et, Arethusa Farm
Reserve: Charlyn Nevada Emma, Charlyn Jerseys
Hon. Mention: Rjf Iatola Sadie, Robert Jarrell
Nominated: Kingsdale Comerica Taco, Gary & Maureen Bowers & Nelson Ziehlsdorff
Nominated: L’ormiere Bellerine Comerica, Belfontaine Genetics
Nominated: Enniskillen Mct Suzy Iv-Et, Enniskillen Jerseys

Five Year Old / Cinq Ans

All Canadian: Big Guns Jamaica Vanilla, Madison Fisher & Josh Mckay
Reserve: Lencrest Giller Belle, Gary & Maureen Bowers
Hon. Mention: Drentex Amedeo Gloria, Rapid Bay, Cory Dickson, Riview Jerseys
Nominated: Lookout Res Bella Lookout & Fjs
Nominated: Bridon Jade’s Achieve, Bridon Farms Inc.
Nominated: Avonlea Comerica Bacardi, Rapid Bay Jersey Farm

Mature Cow / Vache Adulte

All Canadian: Milo Vindication Season-Et, Arethusa Farm
Reserve: Extreme Electra, Triple T, Cybil Fisher & Entourage
Hon. Mention (Tie): Glen Caro Nan 2, Trent Valley, Jason Mell & Cybil Fisher
Hon. Mention (Tie): Shamrock Giller Glo, Lookout & Fjs
Nominated: Enniskillen Respect Suzy, Enniskillen Jerseys
Nominated: Brenbe Giller Zambuca, Rapid Bay Jersey Farm

Junior Herd / Troupeau D’éleveur Junior

All Canadian: Charlyn
Reserve: Ernest Kueffner & Terri Packard
Hon. Mention: Scottiere
Nominated: Avonlea
Nominated: Enniskillen
Nominated: Robert Jarrell

Breeders Herd / Troupeau D’éleveur

All Canadian: Arethusa
Reserve: Pleasant Nook
Hon. Mention: Lookout
Nominated: Enniskillen
Nominated: Avonlea
Nominated: Robert Jarrell