19th Badger Invitational Sale 2019

April 6, 2019 @ 11:00am @ UW-Madison Stock Pavillion, Madison, Wisc.

The 19th Badger Invitational Sale 2019 is taking place today at 11:00am in the UW-Madison Stock Pavilion in Madison, WI. Sale order & updates and the catalog are available on Cowsmo! An exceptional group of Holstein and Brown Swiss heifers that are sure to excel will be going through the sale ring.

UW Alumni Sales Force
Tom Morris, Auctioneer  320-267-8795
Kevin Jorgensen, pedigrees 920-210-3992
Brian Behnke, pedigrees 608-279-2016
Rick Bovre 920-960-0487
Kyle Demmer 563-451-5376
Brandon Ferry 608-335-8861
Lynn Harbaugh 920-420-1524
Jay Jauquet 920-639-6408
Norm Magnussen 414-916-2428
Chad Ryan 920-960-1449

Sale Clerk
Sandy Morris 715-410-0919

Schedule of Events
Friday, April 5
12:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Badger Dairy Club Meet and Greet & Pre-sale viewing at Stock Pavilion

Saturday, April 6
9:00 am: Pre-sale viewing at Stock Pavilion
10:30 am: Food Stand Opens
11:00 am: Presentation of Dr. David P. Dickson Hall of Fame Award
Sale Starts!
5:00 pm: Alumni Thank You Social at Sconnie’s

Sale will be broadcast live via Cowbuyer, with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers! Contact Aaron Ray Tomkins 336-363-4639.





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Sale Updates

Sale order here
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Added lot 38 

Sale Highlights

Visit the sale Facebook page for more highlights!

Lot 2: Budjon-JK Damion Eklipse’s Gold Chip Summer Yearling will not disappoint!
-Backed by 9 generations of EX!
Consigned by Lindsey, Ashlyn & Cole Sarbacker, WI

Lot 6: Sept’18 Avalanche calf sells backed by 10 generations of EX!
-+3.85 PTAT
Consigned by Todd, Mary & Cade Stanek, WI

Lot 14: Synergy AA Lucky Lou-Red sells!
-She is a Red Polled Archangel Spring Yearling from Loopalicious!
Consigned by Synergy Family Dairy

Lot 23: Addiction-P-Red Aug ’18 calf sells from the Juliet Family!
– Juliet’S 2017 Highlights:

  • Reserve All-American R&W Milking Yearling
  • 2nd Milking Yearling International R&W Fall/National
  • 1st Milking Yearling Mid-West R&W Fall/National
  • 2nd Fall Yearling Heifer Mid-West Spring R&W Show

Lot B3: Jenga’s April ’18 Knockout calf sells!
-Jenga’s 2018 Highlights:

  • HM All-American Jr. 3yr Old
  • 3rd Jr. 3yr International BS Show
  • Member Nom. All-American Best 3 females

Lot B5: February ’18 Thunder calf from the Corina family sells!
-5th Dam North Lanes Jetway Corina 2E E93 highlights:

  • All-American Aged Cow ’08
  • 1st Aged Cow Central National

Consigned by Nick Uglow

Lot B6: Stylish Twinkle-Hill Tu Starli 1344 is a Sept ’18 calf from the Star Family!
Consigned by Twinkle-Hill Farm, WI