Springhill Holsteins Guernseys

Springhill Holsteins and Guernseys


Location: Big Prairie, Ohio

Deep in the rolling hills of Holmes County, OH, lies Springhill Dairy, home of the Lang family. Visible from the road are the farm’s large red barns and Guernseys, Holsteins and Ayrshires speckled throughout the pasture. The Lang family has much to be proud of after celebrating their bicentennial year in 2019.In 1819, President James Monroe deeded the land to the Lang family. Chris Lang, the current owner and operator, grew up on the farm working with his parents Tom and Karen, sister Kendra, and grandfather Wendell Lang.

The first Registered Guernseys were established in the early 1900s and over the last 200 years, the farm has been home to every breed at one point, and today the focus is on Guernseys, Holsteins and Ayrshires.

Managing multi breeds has never been much of a challenge for the farm. “The main reason we chose Guernseys, and now a few Ayrshires, to go with the Holsteins is because we want them to be able to compete in the same environment.  We chose cows that are similar in size, and that utilize their feed the same [we have the same rations for all of them]. That is why these breeds have worked well for us,” said Chris.

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