Pine Tree Dairy

Pine Tree Dairy


Location: 8586 Benner Rd., Marshallville, OH

Phone: 330-466-8916

Located in Marshallville Ohio, Pine Tree Dairy is operated by Matt Steiner and his family. Construction of the new dairy facility was finished in 2012 and houses 650 milking animals. It features a parallel parlor and sand bedding. The heifer raising facility is housed down the road at the home farm (previous milking location). Their 200 cow Certified Organic herd in Ashland is located about 40 minutes away. In 2016, milking began at a 250 cow Jersey herd in Spencer, Ohio.

In 2003, Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy was purchased at an auction in Wisconsin. Through numerous matings, Missy has left a large amount of descendants in the Pine Tree herd, many of which have made an impact on the herd, both through milk production and genetic progress.

The breeding program focuses on cheese merit (CM$) for each breed, lbs & % components along with health traits.

Pine Tree Dairy occasionally consigns to auctions around the country, but the majority of sales are done privately. Feel free to inquire about anything.


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