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Palmyra Farm


Location: 18811 Wagaman Rd, Hagerstown, MD

Phone: (301) 739-2729

Palmyra Farm is located in Historic Western Maryland in the United States and is owned and operated by the Creek and Shank Families and is owned by Ralph and Teresa Shank and Mike and Mary Creek.

They currently milk 185 cows (100 Ayrshires/80 Holsteins/ 5 Jerseys & Brown Swiss) and there are approximately the same number of young stock as well as bulls raised for AI. Palmyra Farm focuses on breeding an animal that will compete in the bulk tank as well as in the genetic and type arenas.

They are currently using Palmyra Berkley Reagan, Palmyra Berkley, Sunny Acres Lochinvar, Dou Star Gentleman, De La Plaine Vicking, Forever Schoon Predator, Palmyra Reality Gibbs.

Notable cow families include: 2X World Dairy Expo Grand Champion Palmyra Berkely P Ruth, Hazecroft Berkley Gabreilla, Palmyra Burdette Rayna, Palmyra Reality Bonnie, Forever Schoon Real Pretty.

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