Olmar Farms

Olmar Farms


Location: 25894 US Hwy 14, Sleepy Eye, MN

Phone: 507-220-0730

We would like to welcome Olmar Farms to our Breeder Tour!

Olmar Farms has a deep history within the registered Holstein breed, over 75 years to be exact. Located in Sleepy Hollow, MN Brian & Jill Nelson took over Jill’s family farm in 2009. Jill is the 5th generation farmer on this land. Prior to their take over, the farm was marketed under the name Marti’s Holsteins and ran by Roger & Floyd Marti.

Olmar Colt 45 Babesy PO EX-91. She is an 8th gen EX or VG cow from the Baby family. She has a fancy Polled Solomon daughter.

Olmar Colt 45 Babesy PO EX-91. She is an 8th gen EX or VG cow from the Baby family. She has a fancy Polled Solomon daughter.After a pause for several years when the herd was going through a period of stray voltage, they are very excited to begin marketing their genetics again. Three years have passed since they discovered the stray voltage issue, but through hard work and determination, their herd has made tremendous gains in all areas of health & production. Dealing with this struggle for over 9 years, they learned a lot and have become somewhat of an advocate for dairy farmers who may be going through the same struggle, and encourage anyone finding themselves in this situation to reach out to ask about their experience. As they continue to move forward, the confidence they have in their herd will undoubtedly show when they are able to offer those special consignments in local, state and national sales.

Over 60% of their herd traces back to a cow and calf pair purchased in 1956. This was the start of the “Barbara” family, which have had several All-American nominees, offspring around the world and as well as many bulls in AI. The most prominent modern lines from the Barbara family are Bella, Baby/Bunny, Berry and Star families which are highlighted on the Olmar website.

The “Bella’s” have that show style flash, great disposition and have put sons in AI. The “Baby’s” have put many bulls into AI on at least 3 continents and are considered herd toppers in production and type. A very exciting 1st lactation Montross daughter from the Baby Bumble family has peaked at 157lbs of milk on 2x milking and was recently scored VG-86. The “Berry” family has added their 1st twelfth generation EX cow to the herd! They all boast the Olmar prefix and only one generation came from a flush. The “Star” family is well known for their show success and most recently for a son at ABS Global that topped the breed proven DPR list for an extended period of time. Alongside the Barbara family, Olmar has several other cow families that been in the herd for decades who have been great contributors to their success!

Olmar Durham Belinda EX-90 2nd lact. Belinda is from a 94 Goldwyn and is a 5th gen EX. She has 2 Doorman, a Tons of Fun and Dante daughters who are each standouts in their age groups.Olmar is currently milking 150 registered Holsteins. They raise all of their youngstock, including most of the bull calves which are to be sold as breeding bulls. Their current breeding objective is to breed profitable cows, that are beautiful enough to win shows, score high, produce high levels of milk and component’s and do so with ease. An ideal goal is for their 1st lactation cows to score at least VG, be trouble free, produce over 30,000 (2x) milk with 4.0%F and 3.3%P and breed back by 100 DIM. These are the cows they believe will go on to score EX in later lactations, produce tremendous lactations and provide many offspring to build from. As they meet these goals, it drives them to continue on with even higher goals. In order to accomplish this they go by “cow families are the rule.” Whether it is the cow families on their farm or the cow families behind the bulls they use, they have to make the cut. They currently use both proven and high genomic young bulls. The unproven bull however needs to show a consistent pattern in his maternal line. As of late, they are currently using more polled bulls in their breeding program and seeing tremendous success in making the “Olmar kind.”

“We believe breeding great cows is still an art form and you have to know a great cow to breed a great cow. We believe if you can make one great cow, there is no reason you can’t breed an entire herd of great cows!”

While they aren’t aggressively selecting for A2 at this point in time, it is a trait that they take into consideration when choosing between 2 similar bulls. Periodically, they have collected their own top bulls to use and deemed them a great success!

Recently the sires that Olmar has been using include Luster P, Drastic P, Charisma, Dante, King Doc, Providence and Helix. Some of their best young cows are from Meridian, Delta Lambda, Loyola P, Olmar Jeeves Dare, Olmar Epic Blitzer, Rambo and Montross. With their deep impressive cow families and respectable genetic values, they have taken a liking to the pedigree bulls being offered by Holstein USA.

Their most recent BAA is 109.1 with 26EX, 85 VG and 38 GP cows. Prior to their dealings with the stray voltage, their BAA topped out at 110.8 with dozens of beautiful old cows. Currently their RHA is 27,807M 1031F 903P on a very young 2x herd!


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