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Golden Oaks Farm


Location: 27730 W. Bonner Rd, Wauconda, IL

Phone: 847-224-7861

Golden Oaks was established in 1948 by the Crown Family of Chicago. The farm is located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, about 45 minutes from O’Hare Airport and 2 hours from Madison, WI. Each year we host not only numerous dairy enthusiasts, but also several hundred local students who are eager to learn about the dairy industry.  Here at Golden Oaks, we strive to efficiently and profitably produce both a quality dairy product and superior cattle genetics while maintaining the integrity of agriculture in a suburban setting.

The focus at Golden Oaks Farm is to breed and develop superior Holstein genetics- both Black and Red. This is accomplished through careful selection of the top genetics in our herd, and supplemented with additional superior genetics from around the world. We utilize an extensive embryo transfer & IVF program through Sunshine Genetics in Whitewater, WI. As a result of our breeding program, numerous high-value genetic females, bulls, and embryos are sold worldwide each year. We have also bred and developed numerous All-American Holstein and Red & White nominations and winners over the years. Current high profile families we are working with include Champ Rae, Locket, Alexia and Tang.

Our herd consists of roughly 720 milking females and 680 young stock, with about 99% of these animals registered. Golden Oaks Farm aims to produce 19,000,000 pounds of milk every year with solid components.

Most of our 1,600 crop acres are planted each spring and harvested by custom harvesters in the fall. Alfalfa haylage, dry hay, corn silage, high moisture corn, and oatlage are produced on the farm to feed the cows. Winter wheat is also grown to provide both straw for both feed and bedding. Additional dry hay, straw, corn gluten feed, and a protein-mineral mix are purchased to fill out the ration.



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