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Fairmont Farm Inc.

Fairmont Farms

Location: 95 Lyle Young Road, East Montpelier, VT

Phone: (802) 223-3868

In 1992, Fairmont Farm, Inc. was formed when three local family dairy farms came together to become one.  Fairmont has been recognized as a “Dairy of Distinction” by the Agency of Agriculture since 2000.  Fairmont has been committed to the community from day one, keeping respect for its neighbors and student education a high priority.  Fairmont has teamed up with it’s local elementary school to be an educational field trip destination and formed a Dairy 4-H club for additional hands-on education.

Today, Fairmont  is a 3rd generation family owned dairy farm with owners, Richard and Bonnie Hall and Tucker Purchase.  Fairmont has seen a lot of growth over the years and has expanded from the original East Montpelier location, to two East Montpelier farms and a farm in Craftsbury, Vermont.  Fairmont currently employs 30 full time and part time employees.

Here at Fairmont, we pride ourselves in being a part of our community.  We have joy in providing careers to many local families, we are proud to be good stewards of the land that provide the beautiful scenery around town, and we love our cows.  We have a Registered Holstein herd that we have grown and developed over the past 23 years that we are exceptionally proud of.  We have been able to grow and develop our herd because of the excellent employees that we have and because of our land base that we work hard to maintain.  Our people, our environment and our animals are truly the key to our success.

At our East Montpelier farm we milk 870 cows, three times a day. All of our cows calve in East Montpelier and milk here until they are checked pregnant and are later in lactation at which point they move to the “Dairy”. All of our heifer calves are raised in East Montpelier.  There are currently about 110 calves on milk. We are cropping 2600 acres in East Montpelier and surrounding towns.

At our Craftsbury farm we are currently milking 500 cows, three times a day.  The cows at our Craftsbury farm are all pregnant and later in lactation as they all freshen in East Montpelier. We crop 1,000 acres in Craftsbury and the surrounding towns.

At the “Haven”, we are milking about 60 cows in a tie stall barn twice a day.  At this farm, we keep our high genomic animals and our show type animals.  Tucker attended flush school in 2014 and we have begun doing all of our own flush work on the farm.  This facility has a heifer barn for the up and coming show animals and high genomic animals and a heifer barn for our recipient animals. The “Farm” does all the cropping for this location and provides the feed.


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