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Rising Star Sara Reed Making Waves in the Dairy Industry

Passionate Penn State Freshman Balances College and Family Farm Success

Sara Reed, a rising star in the dairy industry, is making a name for herself.  From a small family farm in Columbia Cross Road, Pennsylvania, Sara’s journey is marked by a deep-rooted passion for the dairy industry, a keen eye for selecting cows in high-pressure settings, and a stroke of confidence! We were excited to catch a few minutes of Sara’s time in between her class schedule at Penn State University! Sara shared with us her story, the story that helped her land high individual in  the 2023 National FFA Dairy Evaluation and Management CDE.    


Family Roots and Farm Establishment

Ravineside Farm, established in 2017, has its origins in Sara’s upbringing next to her grandfather Ike Cole’s dairy. Sara fondly recalls her early days, helping with barn chores, and her entry into the world of 4-H at the age of 9. Leasing a heifer named Heaven Scent Reagan Gladis marked the beginning of Sara’s journey into the world of dairy farming. What started with a lean-to in the backyard has blossomed into a full-fledged operation of 25 head of Jerseys, showcasing the family’s dedication and hard work.

Showcase of Success

Sara’s journey reached new heights when her senior 2, EDN-RU Gentry Carmels Carmela EX-93, secured the grand title at the county fair in 2019. This was a pivotal moment in the families success, one that encouraged them to expand their competition to next levels in the show ring. The family’s success continued with Ravineside Venetian Gypsy, a heifer born out of Sara’s first cow Gladis, winning reserve All American at Louisville in 2021. Sara’s personal favorite, Jada, holds a special place in her heart as the cow that kickstarted her passion for breeding and showing.

College, Family, and Farming

Currently pursuing her education at Penn State, Sara manages to balance college life with her responsibilities on the farm. Her mother, Erin, and sister, Lauren, hold down the fort at Ravineside while she’s away, emphasizing the crucial role of family support in her journey.

Involvement in the Jersey Breed and Beyond

Sara’s commitment extends beyond the farm. Actively participating in the Pennsylvania state breed organization, Sara served as the PA Jersey Queen in 2021. Her dedication to the Jersey breed led her to run for the title of National Jersey Queen in 2022, where she placed in the top five. In 2023, she was part of Class 8 of the Jersey Youth Academy, gaining invaluable insights into the breed’s opportunities.

Mentorship and Recognition

Sara attributes much of her success to mentors and coaches like Dr. Chad Dechow, Brooke Shucker, and Morgen Davis. Her involvement in 4-H and FFA competitions, including national contests and dairy judging, has molded her into the accomplished individual she is today. Notably, she was part of the National FFA dairy evaluation and management CDE team, achieving first place individually.

Dreams of Judging Professionally

Sara’s aspirations extend to professional judging, with role models like Terri Packard, Kevin Doeberiener, Chad Ryan, Jack Lomeo and Joe Sparrow, Kelli Cull and the late Michael Heath inspiring her. Her dream includes judging prestigious shows like The All American Jersey Show at Louisville or World Dairy Expo, showcasing her dedication to the industry.

Balancing Dreams and Reality

As a freshman at Penn State, Sara acknowledges the uncertainty about her future job. Still, her overarching goal is to make a lasting impact on the dairy industry. She envisions advancing her Jersey herd, staying involved, and potentially starting youth programs. Sara also expresses a desire to create an on-farm agritourism operation, whether it be a creamery or an event center, to educate consumers about agriculture.

In Sara Reed, the dairy industry has found a passionate advocate and a promising leader, poised to shape the future of Jersey breeding and farming practices.

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