One Tequila Shot ... Two Tequila Shot ... Three Tequila Shot Wins

One Tequila Shot … Two Tequila Shot … Three Tequila Shot Wins

With a name like Tequila Shot, and a resume a mile long, Schulte Bros Tequila Shot-ET (EX-93) has quickly made a name for herself among dairy enthusiasts. With her latest win at the New York Spring Jersey Show, we talked with a Tequila Shot partner, Kelli Cull of Budjon Farms, WI, about her rise to Jersey stardom. 

When and where did you purchase Tequila Shot and how did the partnership form?

There was previous history with myself (Kelli) and Tequila Shot, as the Fraleys had graciously asked me to ‘strap’ her as a Fall Calf at World Dairy Expo in 2013, where she was tapped Reserve Junior Champion.  This was the first time I had met their incredible family and a friendship was immediately formed.

Shot had then calved in January 2015 in Canada at Avonlea and Fraleys had decided to take her to the New York Spring Show as a Sr. 2 year old.  The cool part was calling Adam (as they were not their yet) and asking a price, knowing that Peter and I were interested. She caught our eye being relatively fresh at the show and looked amazing, so we did not waste any time on arranging the purchase as we were not the only ones interested at the time.  We allowed Landree to continue to show her the remaining of the week, and then she hopped on our trailer to Wisconsin, and the rest is history.

David Jordan became partners with Peter and myself this past 2017 World Dairy Expo, as he has always liked the cow and feels she has a big future, not only in the show ring, but also from marketing & genetics perspective.
Schulte Bros Tequila Shot-ET

Accomplishments to date (with more to surely come):
1st 5-year-old & Grand Champion, NY Spring Jersey Show 2018
All-Canadian 4-year-old 2017
Res. All-American 4-year-old 2017
1st & Best Udder 4-year-old, Royal Winter Fair 2017
2nd 4-year-old, World Dairy Expo 2017
All-Canadian Sr. 3-year-old 2016
HM All-American Sr. 3-year-old 2016
1st & Best Udder Sr. 3-year-old, Royal Winter Fair 2016
3rd & Best Udder Sr. 3-year-old, World Dairy Expo 2016
Reserve All-Wisconsin Sr. 3-year-old 2016
HM All-American Sr. 2-year-old 2015
3rd Sr. 2-year-old All-American Jersey Show 2015
3rd Sr 2 year old World Dairy Expo 2015
1st Sr 2-year-old & HM Intermediate Champion, New York Spring Show 2015

What other shows are you planning on taking her to?
She is entered in the Wisconsin Spring Show the end of April.

Dakota FraleyWhat is her personality like at home and at the shows?
This picture with Dakota Fraley as a calf depicts true type personality of Shot all the time!  She is loving, easy to work with, low maintenance cow, yet aggressive enough to know when it is show day and she needs to get her game face on!  It is a joy to have her in our barn!

When was she last fresh? What is her current repro status?
She was fresh last September with her 3rd calf and is currently bred to Colton.  We have done some IVF work over the winter with her, but now we are focused on getting her bred back for 2019.

What offspring or pregnancies do you have out of Tequila Shot?
We just freshened our first daughter by Verbatim (Jr. 2) that sells in our Define Your Destiny Sale May 19th, and we recently bought back a full sister to this Verbatim due in June.  They both look incredible in their udder promise thus far.  In addition, we have her natural Fall calf by Shutout that is consigned to the Summer Splash Sale at Arethusa in July.

What do you think makes Tequila Shot so special in the ring?
Some cows have a strong presence in the ring…a wicked side profile, great udder,  and an unbelievable rear udder… which she has all three!  When Tom leads her, they become fluent in their movement, and when she is set, and her head is up….she demands your attention!

Schulte Bros Tequila Shot-ET

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