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A farm wife’s quest for an online baby fashion boutique!

Starting in the Summer of 2008, owner Haley Maddox had the dream to accessorize the world one baby at a time.  After earning a degree in Public Relations at Fresno State, Haley’s life merged with the dairy industry. Marrying Stephen Maddox, Jr., a grandson of the late Doug Maddox, she brought her fashionista dreams along with her out to the Maddox Dairy ranch. The dream began small running her workshop from her husband’s home office. Naming her new online boutique using a nickname her father gave her as a baby, Gaboo, Haley’s dream was taking shape. After welcoming their son, Greyden Douglas, in 2011, it has since evolved and flourished into a hub for trendy and chic baby clothing.

l-r) Haley, Greyden & Stephen Maddox, Jr.
l-r) Haley, Greyden & Stephen Maddox, Jr.

As Haley had spent the first three years of her boutique’s life designing and hand-making every accessory GabooBaby.com offered, her role as a mother was now first priority. “My free-time as a mother was dwindling and finding time to sit down, design and create the labor intensive accessories was a new challenge,” said Haley. After daydreaming about designing baby outfits for their little man, Haley’s passion for fashion and her love for the online boutique pushed her to explore options; she was not ready to giveup.

Ideas sparked on a drive home from church one Sunday, led to the launch of Haley’s most popular clothing line yet, the 40:10 Collection. The bible verse Job 40:10 (Clothe yourself in honor and majesty) became the driving force for some of the cutest agriculture oriented baby clothes to hit the market. Inspirational sights and sounds are all around the workshop as the corrals of Maddox Dairy create a nice view. “Being a dairy family ourselves, I just had to design something that positively promoted the dairy and agriculture industries and would keep milk and farming on the forefront of my shoppers minds,” explained Haley. With “Drink Milk” and “Farm On” gracing the ultra soft cotton baby t-shirts and Haley’s hand paired additional pieces to make full outfits, it’s not hard to see why Gaboo Baby is gaining popularity.

Greyden Maddox wearing the FarmOn T-shirt
Greyden Maddox wearing the Farm
On T-shirt

As Gaboo Baby has transitioned from the hand-made accessory online boutique to carrying complete outfits for little ones, Haley continues to handpick each item on the site. The most rewarding part of owning and operating Gaboo Baby is the connection she makes with her customers. She picks each item as if she is selecting it for her own child and this thoughtfulness carries through. In each package shipped out, Haley includes a personal note and a ‘little something extra’ to brighten their day with hopes in giving the customer a shopping experience that she would love to receive herself.

The rewarding experience has outweighed the challenges of balancing her roles as a wife, a mother, and farther down the line, a boutique owner. Haley encourages others with similar dreams to not be afraid. The online boutique has allowed her to stay home with her family while pursuing her dreams. The goal of making Gaboo Baby a ‘one stop shop’ where a complete affordable outfit can be purchased from the comforts of the buyer’s home is still at the forefront of Haley’s efforts. With Facebook, emails and word of mouth, promotion of Gaboo Baby is working. The upbeat clothing and accessories sold on the site match the personality of the owner as Haley puts so much excitement and energy into the boutique.

Be sure to check out what Gaboo Baby has to offer and you will receive 20% off your entire purchase at www.gaboobaby.com using the coupon code: COWSMO.
Story by: Amy Schaufelberger, IL
Photos by: Lisa DeJager Photography

Greyden modelling the Gaboo Baby drink milk shirt
Greyden modelling the Gaboo Baby drink milk shirt
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